Python vs PHP in current era Difference You Should Know

Python vs PHP in current era Difference You Should Know

Python and PHP, as we all know both are programming languages.  Today we are going to discuss briefly each of these programming languages.

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Let us start with the history of Python.

Python came into existence in the year 1991 and was found by Guido van Rossum. Guido van Rossum was interested in developing programming languages and he assisted in the python development of ABC scripting language, after which Python was known to the world. ABC scripting language was connected to amoeba operating systems. It had astounding attributes which were liked by him but there were few issues related to the ABC scripting language. He corrected those issues and took over the astounding attributes and applied them to the new language. He thought he must name the language in an interesting manner. He was a regular viewer of the humorous TV show – Monty Pythons Flying Circus. He wanted to name the language in a short and attractive manner. So, he named his new scripting language “Python”.

Python is used extensively for building web applications and development and much more. The language is much easy to learn and hence preferred by many developers. Moreover, it integrates well with other programming languages.

Attributes of Python:

-It is an easy language to learn and excel.

-As it is open-source and free. Any interested developer can easily download and learn the language.

-It integrates well with other computer languages.

-Python can operate on any platform.

-Presence of libraries is a great asset.

Why you must choose Python?

Python Programming

  1. Python is easy to handle and debug.
  2. The libraries hold many functions, modules, etc and there is no need to code by yourself. You can use the libraries.
  3. Python functions based on OOP – object-oriented programming language.
  4. Python embraces GUI – that is by utilizing modules present in the language one can build GUI applications.
  5. Frees the garbage and the process is done in an automated fashion.
  6. Python connects to the database in a straightforward manner.
  7. Vast community support.

Let us see few examples where Python is used. Many software giants are using Python.

  • Google.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Spotify.
  • Quora.
  • Netflix.
  • Dropbox.
  • Reddit.
  • Stripe.

Python is used substantially in recent days to develop and build many applications.

Overall Python has become the most admired language as many complex issues can be smartly handled. Increased productivity with fewer efforts is another advantage of using Python.

Now, we are going to look at the history of the PHP language in brief.

PHP – Hypertext Pre-processor was found in the year 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Rasmus initially developed the language to trace the visitors and so on. PHP was given the abbreviation as Personal Home Page during the beginning days. Later successive versions of the language were released. And two developers in the year 1997 namely Israelis Andi Gutman’s and ZeevSuraski incorporated many other attributes to run their e-commerce site. The PHP we are using now is the similar one with constantly updated versions.

Attributes of PHP:

-The language is simple and easy to grasp.

-It is quick.

-PHP can also operate on many platforms.

-An interpreted computer language.

-Constants which assist in reporting errors. (error reporting constants).

-Access of the users can be kept track of.

-It’s flexible and secure.

Using PHP one can build applications that are dynamic and it is an HTML embedded programming language.

Why you must choose PHP?

PHP Development Services

  1. PHP is an open-source and free scripting language and simple to learn.
  2. Dynamic web applications can be built.
  3. There are many frameworks of PHP which can be utilized to develop appealing web portals and so on.
  4. It renders high performance as PHP is a robust scripting language.
  5. Huge community support.

Let us look at some of the companies which use PHP.

  • Slack.
  • Vox media.
  • Stack.
  • Etsy.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Dailymotion.
  • Mailchimp.
  • 2do.

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Let us look at the differences that exist between Python and PHP:

  1. The complexity of learning the language:

Undoubtedly Python is much simpler than PHP when we compare the level of complexity to learn the language. Python is easier to understand and master than the scripting language. Any person who is not a developer too can try to learn the language in an uncomplicated manner. The code existing in Python is easy to understand and anyone can learn easily.

Whereas PHP language even though it is termed as a general-purpose language it is quite difficult to master the language. The code flow and the structure of the language are strenuous when compared to that of Python.

  1. Community:

The vast community exists for both languages and there are many Python developers and PHP developers to support whoever is in need of it.

  1. Guide-documentation:

Extensive documentation exists for both of the scripting languages.

  1. Cost:

Both the languages are free and open-source.

  1. Libraries:

Python libraries hold substantial functions, modules, and much more when compared to PHP’s, and hence it is easy for the developer to make use of the library while writing codes and so on.

  1. Debug:

Both Python and PHP impart debugger. Python consist of PDB and PHP consists of XDebug.

  1. Frameworks:

There are web frameworks subject to Python and PHP. Python frameworks: Django, Flask, etc.

PHP frameworks: Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc. Both the languages bestow frameworks that developers can make use of.

  1. Speed:

When speed is considered Python is quick but PHP is very much fast when compared to Python and PHP wins the race.



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As discussed, when Python is compared to PHP both stand equal in most of the parameters. Python has become the most popular and developers friendly programming language in recent days.

Already there are numerous web applications functioning with PHP.

Both scripting languages hold their own positives and negatives and it is up to you to re-think and decide as to which programming language to opt to build your applications.

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