PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Which is Better in now?

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Which is Better in now

There are many programming languages for building web applications or apps. Today we are going to discuss the three programming languages which are very much well-liked and admired by everyone.

Anyone would want their developed apps or applications to perform well with high speed, scalability, and reliability. To fulfill all of them the programming language must be selected appropriately.

Let us discuss each of the programming languages in brief:

  1. PHP:Php Web Development Solution PHP was introduced to the world initially by Rasmus Lerdorf. Hypertext-Preprocessor assists developers in developing web applications that are dynamic in nature. The language is open source and free too and hence anyone can download and learn. The applications built using PHP are very much fast and secure too.

You may engage a PHP developer to help you create PHP-based web applications.

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  1. Python:Python Programming Python was found by Guido Van Rossum. It is also open-source and free. Python is very easy to learn and anyone can master the language. Using Python, developers can save a lot of time due to the ample libraries which are present to assist and the applications which are built are largely scalable and secure too.

You can hire Python developer to build your web applications using Python.

  1. Ruby on Rails:ruby-on-rails Ruby on Rails or Rails is built using Ruby as the base. It is also open-source and free. Many web applications are built using this framework and these applications render high performance. Moreover, there are libraries that can be used.

You can hire ROR developer to get your web applications developed using ROR.

Let us look at some of the prominent parameters below on which we are going to differentiate the three scripting languages:

  1. Simplicity and learning:

All three languages – PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails are open source and free.

Python is easy to learn as the code is pliable and easy to understand. Anyone can learn effectively. Next comes PHP and Ruby. The learning process is quite difficult as the person needs to have programming skills to learn these two languages. Whereas Python can be learned without having programming knowledge too.

  1. Motive:

These three languages were developed to serve their purpose. As already discussed, each language was built to serve its usefulness. PHP was introduced to build effective web applications by Rasmus Lerdorf. Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum to amplify the capability. Whereas Ruby was built by Yukihiro Matsumoto to master the language in a kind of flexible and lively method.

  1. Utilization in the market:

PHP is well–received in the market today when compared to Python or ROR. There are numerous applications already developed and are running well today which are built using PHP. There are many popular applications that are built using Python and ROR. YouTube, Google, and many more are built using Python and Bloomberg, Yellow pages, etc. are developed using ROR.

  1. Performance:

For any web application to perform flawlessly performance is a crucial factor. If the performance is slow then obviously the application might fail in receiving the user’s attention.

In this area, PHP is the eminent winner followed by Ruby and Python. There is umpteen number of web applications developed using PHP due to this factor.

But when we differentiate in terms of safety PHP is not considered too secure because the applications tend to get hacked. Whereas the applications developed using Python and Ruby are secure comparatively.

Moreover, another significant aspect is that PHP provides database assistance. Even though Python and Ruby’s platforms provide database assistance they cannot compete against PHP in this area.

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  1. Usability:

Usability in terms of documentation when we talk about, PHP has an elaborate way of documenting the language. Hence anyone can easily adopt the process. Whereas Python has few stern points to which the programmers must adhere but the syntax is uncomplicated to grasp. Ruby on Rails of course possesses a high usability factor which is why it stands as the developer’s friendly language.

  1. Constant developments, improvising, and support:

When it comes to the regular developmental processes – it is a vital point because any scripting language must undergo a developmental process so that it can embrace and withstand the current market trends. There are several changes happening in terms of technology and therefore when we compare the three languages, there are continuous developments and updates happening for PHP and Python. Whereas for ROR there are not many processes happening and stand back in this parameter.

Also, according to the new trends. Python is becoming the most talked about subject in today’s digitalized world.

  1. Disadvantages:

Disadvantages of PHP:

  1. If large and tedious web applications need to be developed PHP might not be the best option.
  2. A well-mastered PHP developer might not commit mistakes but sometimes as PHP is inspired by C and so on there is a high possibility of committing errors.

Advantages of PHP:

  1. If the person is well acquainted with the knowledge of C, C# it is easy for anyone to master the language.
  2. PHP assists databases across many servers such as Apache, Netscape, etc.
  3. It is the most favored language.

Disadvantages of Python:

  1. Python applications are not so quick.
  2. The application needs to be re-tested as the language is simple and hence prone to errors.

Advantages of Python:

  1. The language is simple to write and more productivity can be expected.
  2. Python consists of many frameworks which can be made use of.
  3. There are many libraries and the developers can make use of them.

Disadvantages of ROR:

  1. The applications developed using ROR are slower when compared to PHP and Python.
  2. There are no continuous developmental and update practices and hence ROR lacks in this regard.
  3. The language is quite difficult to grasp.

Advantages of ROR:

  1. The web applications that are built using ROR are error-free.
  2. The language is very object-oriented.
  3. The language possesses high usability.

We have discussed various parameters regarding each of the programming languages. Each language possesses its own positives and negatives.


Hope this article would provide informative content.

There are many benefits and drawbacks to each of the programming languages.

According to the scope and requirements of your project, you must re-think in order to decide the eminent programming language so that your web application or app would be fast, secure, robust, and scalable.

If you want your web application to be built using PHP or Python or ROR you can hire a PHP developer or Hire Python Developer or a Hire ROR developer from Next Big Technology.

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