How to Develop a Medicine Delivery App for Your Pharmacy to Sell Online

How to Develop a Medicine Delivery App for Your Pharmacy to Sell Online

As a pharmacist, you know how challenging it is to keep up with the competition and keep your pharmacy brand moving forward. There is a wide range of business development strategies employed by pharmacy owners nowadays. Advertising, promotions, and a strong web presence are all part of their strategy. They are all geared at enhancing customer connections and boosting revenue.

Prescriptions are increasingly being purchased online, according to market research. Pharmaceutics delivery applications are becoming more and more popular.

In the following sections, we’ll go over the steps involved in creating a medication delivery app. Get better with programming and start building your own drugstore delivery app from scratch.

This is a game-changer for the pharmacy business.

Using an online medicine delivery app, customers may order pharmaceutical supplies online and have them delivered right to their front door. A pharmacy delivery app is a major changer in the market. Until recently, there was no alternative to purchasing medicine from a typical pharmacy.

Shoppers can access a number of pharmaceutical categories via an app. Once they’ve found what they’re looking for, they can add it to their basket and check out. Users can then make secure payments and get delivery information in real-time.

Customers who require prescriptions but do not wish to stand in line at a pharmacy will benefit from an app that delivers pharmaceuticals. A pharmacy can keep existing consumers and get new ones by improving the purchasing experience.

However, avoiding long lineups isn’t the sole reason for the popularity of pharmaceutical delivery applications. Check out the list of reasons below to find out why customers prefer these apps.


There are five reasons why pharmaceutical delivery applications are becoming increasingly popular

Our research team looked into why people utilize pharmaceutical delivery apps. The following are the five main causes we’ve discovered:

Privacy. Customers buying prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals in traditional pharmacies may feel self-conscious about doing so in front of others. They like the anonymity of online shopping.

Notifications through push. A scheduled notification feature in an online medicine delivery software prevents customers from running out of medicine and forgetting to refill their prescriptions.

There are no travel expenses. Customers save money by not having to go to a brick-and-mortar pharmacy because prescriptions are delivered to their houses. This is particularly useful for buyers in rural locations.

Medication-related information Customers can look for extensive pharmaceutical information and read all of the directions.

More affordable rates. Customers can immediately find a more cost-effective generic for their expensive prescription prescriptions while shopping online.

In a pharmaceutical delivery app, there are four basic user roles.

Role-based user permissions should be included in your pharmaceutical delivery software. Each permission category should grant access to a distinct set of features.

Customer, pharmacist, admin, and in-house courier are the four user roles we recommend. A complete list of the features necessary for each role can be found below.


The top six applications for delivering drugs

Let’s have a look at how all of these features can be bundled into a single mobile app. We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 pharmaceutical delivery apps that have grown in popularity over time and continue to improve to provide consumers with the greatest possible shopping experience.


The capsule is a drug delivery app headquartered in New York that offers free same-day delivery. After a horrible experience waiting in a long line to acquire his medication at a local pharmacy, Eric Kinariwala created the app in 2016. He made the decision to improve the medicine-buying experience for millions of New Yorkers.

The app was a lifesaver back when there was no COVID. It is now an unquestionable instrument for the most vulnerable individuals and those who do not wish to get infected with the virus.

A user can transfer their prescription from a traditional pharmacy to Capsule after registering a Capsule account. They do so by filling out an internet form. Then they get a text message inviting them to schedule a free delivery. Their medication is delivered the same day to their home or business.


CVS Pharmacy delivers orders within hours to over 9,600 locations across the United States. Users can have their allergy, cold, and pain relief drugs delivered through the app. Personal care items, vitamins, and first-aid kits are also on their list. Recently, the pharmacy has started partnering with an autonomous car startup Nuro to deliver orders in Houston.

Users can access a variety of purchasing and administration services through an easy and user-friendly mobile interface. Users have more options than simply shopping at home or on the road. They can also have their medicines refilled, drug interactions checked, and medication reminders sent to them. They can also identify pills by adding descriptive pill characteristics such as shape, color, and imprint.


NowRx is a significant drug delivery business in the United States that operates through a mobile app. This application provides doctors and clinicians with a variety of useful tools. Users can upload images of their actual paper prescriptions and place delivery orders through the app. They can arrange for delivery at a time that is suitable for them, as well as manage prescriptions for their family members. The app sends notifications to users when it’s time to take their pills or replenish their prescriptions.

Users can book video calls with pharmacists in addition to using certain standard functions. Pharmacists can access statistics, prescription statuses, and insurance information through their app.


Amazon is the only owner and operator of the drugstore. PillPack, like other comparable programs, offers certain additional functions in addition to the regular order and delivery features.

Users with active pill pack accounts can grant access to their profiles to their caregivers (family members and loved ones). This tool allows their family members to stay informed and contact a pharmacist if they have any questions.

Plus, customers of the PillPack app don’t just get their pills delivered. All of the medications are organized by the period and dosage that was prescribed. Patients will be less likely to overdose or miss a dose as a result of this.


Users navigate through the list of pharmaceuticals on the PharmEasy app, submit prescriptions or directions from recognized physicians, and specify the delivery address. In most cases, the order is delivered within 24-48 hours.

Users can order OTC and healthcare products, as well as medical equipment, through the app. Every order receives at least a 15% discount, and they are frequently presented with additional special deals. They can also find useful information regarding the medications they order when placing an order, such as the directions for use, recommended dose, interactions, contraindications, adverse effects, and cautions.

Additionally, the app allows users to schedule diagnostic testing such as blood tests, preventative, and full-body checks.

  • Log in
  • Log out
  • Reset password
28–42 hours
File uploading
  • Upload prescription
  • View prescription
20–30 hours
Profile completion
  • Add profile information
  • Add photo
23–29 hours
Profile editing
  • Edit profile
  • Change password
  • Edit credit card information
47–68 hours
  • Basic search
  • Search by categories
13–18 hours
  • Push notifications from pharmacists or administrators
25–32 hours
In-app purchases
  • List of transactions
  • Add credit card
60–70 hours
User and payment management
  • View and edit user lists
  • Block and delete users
  • View and refund payments
68–90 hours
  • Get a user’s location
  • Get a courier’s location
75–111 hours


  1. The pace of development each hour. This is dependent on where your pharmacy app developers are located. Take a peek at the map below to see global average rates.
  2. The number of platforms available. Developing an app for one platform costs about the same whether you’re working on iOS or Android. The cost of developing an online pharmaceutical delivery app will climb if you design a mobile app for both platforms. In terms of market share, Android and iOS are different. To select a platform for your app, you must first determine who you want to reach.

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