How to Design the Perfect Contact Us Page

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Great website design may be presented in many different ways. What does it even mean to have a great website design? As a very broad question, we can look for the answer by analyzing different web design elements. Each element contributes to a web page on its own, creating a full website. From the standpoint of features that are very important for a business, the Contact Us page plays a crucial role. However, to design the perfect Contact us page, you need to understand a couple of things.

How to approach the process of designing the perfect Contact Us page?

Once you hire a web design service to help build your website, you must let them know what you want. However, it all comes down to asking yourself the right questions to understand your needs. First, you need to know what elements should be on the Contact Us page. Second, ask yourself, what makes a difference between a bad and a good design? And finally, what should the page accomplish?

Let’s find answers to these questions together.

What elements should be on the Contact Us page?

To answer this question, you must first determine what kind of Contact Us page you want to build. Would this be just a page with general information, or would it be a contact form?

Caption: Consider researching various website designs to find the contact form that will suit your website needs.

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Contact form page

A Contact form page has a couple of different elements:

  • the name of the customer;
  • email field:
  • description box;

These are the three main elements of a contact form. Furthermore, depending on the nature of your business, you might have a dropdown with the most common reasons why someone would contact the company. This is very common for customer support. Also, you can add an Attach option if someone needs to submit a document. This also depends on the nature of your business and the reason for contacting you.

Informational Contact Us page

An informational Contact Us page should have all possible forms of contact listed. This includes:

  • company email;
  • phone number;
  • address;
  • working hours;
  • links to a business profile on social media;
  • live chat option(if the website has one);

However, just having these elements on your Contact Us page is not enough.

What makes a difference between a bad and a good Contact Us page?

In the section above, we saw some of the essential elements you should include on your Contact Us page. However, here is how you can go the extra mile to ensure the contact form performs satisfactorily.

Caption: You should aim to impress your clients whenever possible. That is why creating the contact page has the same importance like the rest of your website.

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The most crucial part to think about is user experience. For example, if you are building a contact form, make sure to include a couple of things:

  • after the user submits a message, leave a note that their request is submitted, and let them know when they can expect the answer. Furthermore, you can always send a copy of the message to their email address and provide additional information about the company;
  • if the company allows more forms of contact besides just the contact form, ensure it is clearly visible on the page. Sometimes customers want to choose the method, so do not force the contact form on them;
  • provide a link to the FAQ page. The user might find the answer to their question before they even submit the contact request and wait for your reply;

In case of an informational Contact Us page, you can:

  • provide emails and phone numbers for different departments;
  • also, provide locales if you have multiple departments;
  • link your address to Google Maps;

You should always strive to provide more information that will make the contact process easy and simple.

What should your contact page accomplish?

To answer this question, ask yourself, why are the users contacting my business?

Are they seeking information? Do they want to schedule a meeting? Are there any complaints they wish to submit?

There are many reasons why someone could contact your business. Make sure to consider all of those options. One of the worst things that can happen to a customer is that they are constantly transferred from one department to another.

Let your clients know where to go for a specific request. This will make the contact process much quicker, and it will eliminate unpleasant conversations.

The aesthetics of the Contact Us page

You need to be very precise when designing the Contact Us page. Users already know what to expect out of it. From that perspective, you cannot deviate from the design. It still needs to be easily recognizable.

However, from the standpoint of Movers Development, you can still make your Contact Us page unique in many ways.

Think about minor details. For example, you can display your company slogan on the page as a small reminder of what the company is about. This will also work as motivation for the user to proceed with contacting the business.

Caption: Do not take contact page design lightly just because it seems like a generic contact form. It matters more than you think.

An illustration showing how people all over the world are connected

Another thing to do is to show social proof on the same page. That is another positive element that will support the consumers’ decision to reach out.

The overall design of the page should be very simple. That is the best way to shift focus to the information on the page.

Optimize the contact page for mobile users

Keep in mind that the majority of potential customers use mobile devices when browsing the internet. That is why you need to optimize your website for smartphones. On top of that, you can offer more to potential clients by creating an app that allows your users to contact you in a more detailed and direct way. Still, have in mind that building a mobile app is different from building a website.


Consider that when creating the contact page because the functionality may be the same, but the UI will be different.

Think about website speed

One thing to have in mind is that the speed of your website significantly affects the user experience. When it comes to the contact page, this is a crucial moment. If the page loads slowly, the consumer might change their mind because they don’t want to wait. This is why the contact page should only have the essential elements and nothing else.

Design the perfect Contact us page by following these tips

There are many ways to design the perfect Contact us page. As a last piece of advice, it is important to always have the user experience in mind. As long as you are following that formula, your design will deliver.