How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS or Android App?

How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS or Android App

There are umpteen apps in this era. Mobile app developers are developing and releasing as many apps in the software market. If you want to know how much it cost to make an app then you must read this article. It will definitely help you to get a basic structural idea and accordingly you can plan your projects.

Mobile app development companies are continuously working on numerous app development projects. The apps are of many kinds.

Cost depends on numerous factors. It may range from 0 to a million dollars. It all depends on the functionality and features of the app.

Below are the factors, which affects the costs while developing an app: How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS or Android App

  1. Type: Cost varies on the kind of app which needs to be developed such as a business app, social networking. Health and fitness, gaming, entertainment, fashion and beauty, kitchen and cooking, etc.
  2. Platform: On which platform do you need the app to be developed such as for iOS or Android or windows.
  3. Complexity: Whether the design is going to range as simple, medium, or complex.
  4. Structure, pages, and features: Database, which needs to be incorporated while developing an app, is also a consideration. Along with features which must be installed such as audio, camera, gallery, calendar, clock. Etc. and the list goes on.
  5. Kind: Whether the app is going to be native, hybrid.
  6. Versions: If the version of the app is basic or advanced.
  7. Database: If the app is going to fetch the data using MySQL, MongoDB, etc
  8. ERP: Which kind of integration is necessary for the app such as ORACLE, NETSUITE, etc
  9. API: If the app requires NodeJS, Ruby, or some other coding platform, the developer may charge accordingly.
  10. The cost of developing an app depends on the kind of CMS, Analytics, e-commerce integrations, and few other features, which the customer would like to incorporate into the app.

Cost also depends on the geographical factor that is location.

Let us know broadly discuss the “costs” based on complexity:








Cost at ($)50 rate


Cost at ($)100 rate


Simple There would be no integrations, back-end computing. Basic features such as calendar, social browsing, email logging, etc would be present 450 25000 35000
Medium API integrations, payment features, UI features, back end computing, etc would be present 850 40000 80000
Complex Third-party integrations, animations, multi-language support along real-time features would be present 1500 75000 150000


Above mentioned figures just help you to get an overall basic idea and structure on costs for the apps. Android and iOS apps take almost the same time for development. Android apps take a little longer time for app development due to variations in the screen size, which makes it harder for developers.



As discussed above, you would have got a clear picture of the factors, which affect the pricing of the app development. Cost remains the same for iOS or Android apps. You can get the help of Mobile app developers if you need app development on the iOS or Android platform. Mobile app Development Company assists in delivering seamless apps across. Then why worry! Good Luck!