How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Grab Taxi?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Grab Taxi

Nowadays nobody is using the traditional ways to get access to taxi services. Just like any other service, everyone is going for the online taxi hiring service. The online app service offers the convenience and quick accessibility of affordable fare. The previously used old trend is now being ignored and it has shifted towards modernization.

Most importantly the application will offer the push notification to ensure the confirmation along with various other data. Every app service which is used for the hiring gap will offer quick access and instant ride service. The majority of us are already regular customers of several popular taxi apps. We must rely on the audition process rather than relying on the driver itself.

So, it is high time to spend in this fortune-making industry to ensure proper business growth. It is the best time to look for professional and quick taxi services with massive functionalities. The majority of the users are admiring the taxi app which is why we should look forward to the development process. According to several reports in the year 2017, the introduction of the taxi booking app has reached more than $40 million per month.

The increasing success in the growth of the online taxi booking service is simultaneous to the decreasing rate of traditional taxi usage. If we consider the market share in ridesharing there are several taxi booking apps on the list. In Asian countries, Uber is highly recognized and used for taxi booking purposes. It is no doubt that a similar app will rise into every market for the taxi booking service around the globe.

Grab taxi is one of the most reliable taxis booking applications available. They announced their official website and they reached 1 billion active customer milestone by the year 2017. This is one of the important and fascinating details anyone can get for the proper development of the taxi booking app.

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Important Features of the Taxi Booking App Like Grab Taxi App:

These are the main features that are being integrated into the Grab taxi app second. The integration of the functionality is also depending on the cost budget of the development process.

  • The wide range of taxi and car options available in the app:

This functionality is available in every taxi booking application. They will be offering multiple levels of options for hiring a cab instantly. Grab taxi will offer similar functionality with different options to choose from along with the selection of car type. It is a service concept that is designed for use every day according to the requirement of the user.

The grab taxi will be offering the service into three major categories. The first one is the grab car premium which will be the traditional 4-seater car. Similarly, the two different car options include six-seater economy and six-seater premium according to the requirement of the rider. According to the reference and reviews from the users, the Grab taxi will be offering a great deal of functionality to the customers.

It also includes different license taxis and service-bearing applications. Any user can easily book any licensed and professional taxi directly through the application. Most importantly it will be offering flexible payment options for every user. Due to the integrated payment system, every rider can easily make payments through multiple payment options.

The payment option includes debit cards, credit cards, cash, E-wallet, online transfer, etc. The taxi booking services online will be offering a high number of booking chances with the less waiting time. The service includes the accessibility of three different types of taxi options including standard taxi, electric taxi, and limo taxi.

Much like any other taxi service it also offers a ridesharing option. Multiple riders can share a taxi by booking at the lowest price according to the requirement. It works as a single driver that will be connected with multiple users going in a similar direction. We also need to understand that the taxi sharing service will have a longer waiting time compared with any other mode of selection.

  • Insured and Licensed Drivers:

It doesn’t matter which model of operation or booking taxi you are using; every taxi driver will be licensed and have an insured car. This is mostly to offer a safe driving experience for every rider in their communication two different locations.

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Cost to Develop Transportation App Like Grab Taxi:

While we are looking for the development process of any application, we need to understand the budget required for it. To develop a similar app like grab taxi we need to understand all the functionalities and features that need to be implemented in it. Most importantly the selection of the app development company is the major one in this case.

They will offer services on an hourly basis indifferently great compared to any other in the similar functionality. The charge is entirely dependent on the experience and the scheme offered by the mobile app development services. We provided an estimation on the mobile app development services based on a standard charge.

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Note that the company is having a medium range of experience in the development process for similar apps. It is also depending on the platform you are looking for the development process to continue. The budget will increase if you are looking for a multi-platform development process for the app. Get the basic price idea regarding the development of the user app and the driver app.

Deliverables Estimated Working Hours
User’s iOS Application 469
Drivers’ iOS Application 226.8
Sub Total 695.8
User’s Android Application 575.4
Drivers’ Android Application 273
Sub Total 848.4
    Web Services (API), Frontend & Backend Websites 511
iOS App Grand Total 695.8 + 511 = 1206.8
Android App Grand Total 848.4 + 511 = 1359.4

We have listed all the estimated hours which will help in the proper planning and development of an app like Grab Taxi. Most importantly the selection of platforms such as Android and iOS is one of the major factors in this case. The charges may vary from developer to developer depending on their skill and expertise.

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