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    Online Taxi Booking Software Development

    We develop high quality, interactive and fully functional taxi app like UBER Taxi Mobile APP.
    People tend to travel from place to place and they might travel on various purposes. To travel, people need some mode of transport. Public buses follow timings and the most convenient form of travelling is taxi. When a person books a taxi through the app, within few minutes taxi would come to pick up the person and then drop to where the person is intended to. The ease of booking taxi has attracted more individuals to utilize the facility.

    The prominent role played here is the taxi booking software. These software when downloaded and installed in the mobile is used by the user to book the taxi. Hence the process is easy and simple. Due to greater number of people preferring taxi over other modes of transport systems, more taxis are being deployed in order to serve the needs of the people.

    Taxi Booking Software Development Company

    Next Big Technology is the best taxi booking software development company in India. Our taxi booking software development solutions would benefit your customers and as well as your business. We have ample experience in developing and building taxi mobile applications. We can build on which ever platform you require. We can customize as you want.

    Our expert developers will make sure that your online taxi business would obtain an exceptional position in today’s market and the customers would also be satisfied by utilizing the app.

    We are ready to assist you with any kind of your taxi booking app requirements as there are various taxi applications serving their purpose such as hospital related taxi booking applications, children or college goers – drop and pick up, common taxi booking and grandeur taxi booking applications too.

    Whatever your requirement might be, just contact Next Big Technology and we will do it for you at reasonable cost as we value every penny!

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    Common features

    User Panel

    1. User-Registration: The user can register by giving all the information and can then access the app.
    2. Book a Ride: The user can book a ride from the respective place to the destination place.
    3. Track the driver: The user can track the driver using the feature.
    4. In – app call/chat: The user can either chat or call to driver using these features.
    5. In – app payment: The user can make hassle free payment as we can integrate various payment gateways to ease the payment process.
    6. Selection of vehicle model: The user has also the freedom of choosing the vehicle model according to the number of travelers who are going to ride with the main user.
    7. Discounts/Coupons: The user can make use of the offers or discounts and can reduce their bill.
    8. History: The user can refer to the past information using the attribute.
    9. Multi – language: The user can set the preferred language in order to have better interaction.
    10. Push Notifications: Push notifications can assist in notifying the user regarding updates.
    11. Comments/Feedback: The user can rate the app and the driver as well for the service.
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    Driver Panel

    1. Sign up: The driver can register by feeding his details.
    2. Upload documents: The driver can upload relevant documents such as proof of id, etc.
    3. Accept/Reject ride: Based on the scheduled rides the driver can either accept or reject the ride.
    4. GPS: The driver upon accepting the ride would come to the customers location. The integration of GPS to the app would assist in directing the route and can also help in identification of the customers location.
    5. Receive payment: The driver can choose the mode of payment made by the rider – cash or online payment.
    6. Earnings: The driver would know the earnings made by him through this element.
    7. Offers: There are offers or discounts made to the drivers as well.
    8. In app call/chat: The driver can call or message the customer in order to find the customers location.

    Admin Panel

    1. Managing accounts of users and drivers: The admin can manage and look in to the account of the users and drivers.
    2. Managing payments, discounts/offers: The admin has the responsibility to circulate discounts/coupons to preferred users and drivers.
    3. Managing rides, bookings and conformations: The admin can monitor bookings and can confirm them based on the availability of the driver and as such.
    4. Maintenance: The admin can monitor if the taxis are in good service and are maintained. If there are any issues with the vehicle the admin sees to it that appropriate measures are taken.
    5. Analytics: The admin using this feature can get an elaborate picture of the taxi venture.

    Distinctive features

    1. Specific request: This attribute can assist the user in case if there is much luggage or whatever the need might be. Through this the customer can convey what exactly they need.
    2. Retain user’s destination place: The location can be saved especially some users who would want to travel to the same destination daily and is utilizing the same taxi service.
    3. Pre-booking: The user can also book the ride in advance.
    4. Status intimation: The user can receive the status and details like the drivers contact info and name and moreover the timing of arrival of the driver can also be known.
    5. Selected drivers: The users can also choose the drivers if they have liked the service of the driver previously and can request in opting the same driver in forthcoming rides.
    6. Emergency: The user and driver can use this attribute to contact emergency department if there is any major issue during the ride.
    There are many more features which we have successfully implemented according to the client’s needs.
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    Why us?

    1. We identify and analyze the exact clients demands.
    2. We develop your mobile application using latest technologies.
    3. Our developers start working on the project as soon as the requirements are gathered and analyzed thoroughly.
    4. We test several times and due to our extensive testing processes, we detect errors at the early stage itself and fix them in timely manner.
    5. We offer maintenance and support service also so as to assist our clients and in case you want to safe guard the proposal, we sign nondisclosure agreement too.
    We are here to offer our services and we can customize your requirements as required.

    Don’t worry! We are here for you to build your vision! We have already delivered superior taxi booking app development solutions for our clients and contact Next Big technology if you are looking for the best taxi software app development company.