How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like DoorDash?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like DoorDash

In recent days food delivery services are increasing rapidly due to convenience. It is clearly understood that the food delivery concept is nothing new in the market. The only thing that changed was the introduction of online food delivery applications. As innovation is happening in every industry food delivery industry is also being revolutionized by the Internet and smartphone apps.

After the launch of food delivery apps similar to DoorDash, similar dedicated applications demand development. Most importantly, they are working on connecting the majority of the restaurants to offer a wide range of choices for ordering food. People seek convenience in food delivery services, which is being obtained by smartphone apps.

They offer easy accessibility within a matter of minutes and use few clicks. Most importantly, they offer the food ordering process as convenient and simple as heating any frozen food. Due to the increasing demand, the online food delivery system would have a rapid boost in revenue income. According to reports, this industry could hit up to $200 billion by 2025.

If you are looking forward to developing a food delivery app, it is important to understand the market. Proper market analysts will be worthy of making you take the correct decision. With the increasing popularity of the online food delivery system, it is the future of the restaurant business.


On-demand Food Delivery App Like DoorDash Principles and Categories:

We need to understand that on-demand food delivery applications offer a one-stop-shop experience. The experience needs to be seamless for both restaurant owners and the customers. To boost the platform, the customer needs to order any favourite food selection easily. As a result, the availability of menu of the restaurant needs to be accessible.

The back end of the application will allow the retailers to get the product order. Similarly, the courier service will receive a notification to pick up the request from the delivery centre. Much like any other delivery service application similar to cosmetics, clothing and shopping, the on-demand food delivery application needs to have a clear concept.

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The application similar to door dash needs to have three separate layers to complete the service. The first layer needs to be dedicated to serving customers. Similarly, restaurant owners should have a dedicated app to access the order requests and dispatch. And finally, the app owner needs to have the admin panel app managed in advanced order throughout the process.


Types for Online Food Delivery App:

Two business models need to be followed and properly planned to develop a food delivery app.

  • Aggregators:

In this business model, both the restaurant owner and the user need to fulfil each other needs. This is a different kind of food application that will offer the users options for ordering their choice of food according to the restaurants. This is a particular kind of food delivery system that does not require the application owner’s support.

  • Platform and Logistics Support:

This version is the complete version of a similar app to DoorDash. That is because this on-demand food delivery application also provides logistics support. The tracking system will allow every restaurant to deliver the food to the users in real-time. The restaurant will be allowing the user to select the food item from the menu to place an order.

Most importantly, both the logistic support and the end-user will track the order status. Users can make payments through multiple payment options available in the app. After the delivery is completed, the restaurant owner, app admin, Courier service and the end-user will get the notification.


Cost to Develop App Like DoorDash:

The exact estimation of the app development could be difficult for most of us. The calculation is entirely based on different factors surrounding the development process. Initially, it focuses on selecting a software development company to complete the project. There are multiple software development companies available in the market with skills and experience in such a project.

Few of them also claimed to complete the development project under $5,000 and even the advanced one within $25,000. However, it is important to understand that it is another marketing trap that targets start-ups and enterprises. Before facing any trouble, we need to understand that the estimation depends on a few stages of development.

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The development period includes various stages such as front-end development, back-end development, admin panel, UI and UX design, a server part, cost of hiring an app development team, app testing, development team location, etc. Even if we consider the development of any basic food delivery app, we need to work on the estimation.

Initially, the actual cost depends on the number of development hours being put together for the project. We should get started with research and planning, which could take around 30 or more hours. Similarly, basic features implementation could take more than 150 hours or more. We are completing visual prototypes. It could take around more than 40 hours of development.

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The next step is selecting the platform for designing the application, which would take around 120 hours or more. The development platforms include Android and iOS platforms which need to be selected before the development process. While we are going for iOS development, it would take more than 650 hours or more to complete it.

Similarly, if you are going for Android development, it would take more than 690 hours. We need to go for back-end development in the next stage, which should take around 225 hours or more to complete. And finally, for the completion of the admin panel, it would take more than 60 hours. This complete development hours are being charged accordingly by the company’s development team.

Summing up, the development cost for the iOS food delivery app would take around 1275 hours or more. The standard rate of development cost per hour should be around $50. If we calculate those figures, the actual estimation could round up around $63,000 or more. This would be the round of figures if we hired the development company from any other country apart from India.

As India has the cheapest development rate, the cost could be reduced to around $22,000. According to studies, India offers development services at the lowest rate of $18 to $30 per hour.

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