How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse

There are more than 4.66 billion people who use the internet, and 92.6% of them use their phones or tablets. This makes online apps very useful and profitable.

In the past few years, many new social media companies have made it easier for people to connect with their peers, favorite celebrities, and other people with similar interests. Some sites for social media have become very popular. “Clubhouse” is the name of one of these.

It doesn’t seem right to call it a “clubhouse.”

In March 2020, a Clubhouse app lets people talk to each other over audio. Pitchbook says that Clubhouse is worth a staggering $1 billion right now. Initially, the software was only made for Apple’s iOS. But it is now available on Android as well. As of February 16, 2021, more than 9 million people worldwide have downloaded the Clubhouse app on their phones.

How to Make a Voice Chat App That Can Compete with Clubhouse

The clubhouse is currently unavailable through the usual ways to get apps because you have to be invited to use it. The app’s creator personally greets new users and shows them how to use it by sending them a link to TestFlight. If you want your app to be like Clubhouse, here are some of the most essential parts to include:

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When you use Clubhouse for the first time, you’ll be asked for your name and a profile picture. First, you can go into any room you want. Every new user is automatically muted, but they can unmute themselves whenever they want.

Types of People

Each user’s profile has a name, a picture, and a short bio. You can see who’s talking and what account they use when you’re in a room. You can also look at the clubs a person belongs to and when they were invited to chats.


When you go to your feed for the first time, you’ll see a list of rooms like chat rooms. Also, the names of all the rooms and everyone who lives in them are easy to find.


A closed-off space is used to talk. You can go into other people’s rooms, chat with them, or make your own. You’ll see a button in the bottom right corner of your screen that says “Start a Room.” Click this button to begin. Raise your hand if you want to talk over the speaker or ask to speak.

This feature is helpful for every social media platform that streams live events. The Clubhouse app lets people look for conversations and people they want to follow.

Instructions on how to make a voice chat app like Clubhouse

If you want to make a voice chat programme like Clubhouse, you should follow these six steps:

Gather Market Intelligence

You want to make a handy app that will change how people do things. The next step is to find out as much as possible about your potential customers. You should check out what your competitors are doing and how they attract customers. Look at what’s good and bad about their applications to figure out how you can make yours stand out.

A well-done study will help you determine how your competitors have been successful with their marketing, so you can use those strategies to reach your own goals.

See who you’re talking to.

How well you know your users will determine whether or not your app does well. Please learn more about the people who might use the app by learning about their likes, dislikes, and problems. Don’t rely on statistics to learn about your target market. Instead, go out and talk to real people.

Doing in-depth interviews with the people who use your app can teach you a lot about improving it. Set up a time to talk with customers about their problems and brainstorm how to solve them.

Make a layout that looks good and is easy to use.

There are also a lot of other apps that do the same thing. Because of this, your app should be made with the satisfaction and involvement of its users in mind. The way something looks is not enough to get and keep users. Before you can meet your customers’ needs, you need to know what those needs are.

To Choose a Way to Make Money

Choose a way to charge users for access to your app, like a clubhouse. If you know what your customers want, you can determine how to price your products to attract and keep them as paying customers.

Make the team make an app.

It’s time to start looking for a group that can help make apps. In the first development phase, stakeholders will evaluate the business, set technical specifications, estimate costs, and map the project.

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Choose the most important player.

You might have a long list of features to add when making voice chat software. But not every feature should be made from scratch. It costs money and takes time. Instead, you can build a minimum viable product quickly and test its basic ideas.

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Cost of Making a Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse.

The clubhouse is a programme with many features, and its price can be very different. And each business and operating system has a different price tag. The cost of making an app for iOS may be higher than that of an app for Android. You can pick an OS from the list above based on your market, your company’s needs, and how much money you have.

How long would it take to make an app like Clubhouse?

Just like the price, the length of time varies a lot. For example, it can take up to 520 hours to build the back end of a secure messaging service.

A low-complexity application will take almost three months to process. If it’s not too hard, it could take up to five months. Making an app as complicated as Clubhouse can take up to six months.

To Sum Up

During the epidemic, the number of people using voice chat apps has gone through the roof. Only in the business world has the use of mobile apps grown by 220%. So, people who want to start businesses are trying to make apps like Clubhouse.

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