How Much Cost to Develop a Local Restaurant Delivery App Like Postmates?

How Much Cost to Develop a Local Restaurant Delivery App Like Postmates

Food delivery services are not a new concept, as it is being here for ages. Internet and innovation of technology have revolutionized every industry. Online food delivery apps emerged for convenience within the reach of the customers. With the increasing number of smartphone users, it is a great opportunity for food companies to deliver the service.

There are multiple apps available in the market which offers food delivery services. The app includes getting connected with multiple restaurants to offer food ordering. There are wide choices of food available that can be ordered and delivered to the doorstep. A dedicated app like Postmates will enable quick delivery of food in a matter of clicks.

Customers will be getting a seamless food ordering procedure which is much similar to reheating a frozen dinner. The trend of online food delivery systems is increasing rapidly in the online market. According to reports it is expected that the industry will have a valuation of more than $200 billion by the year 2025. If you’re thinking about investing in this industry of food delivery apps then it will be a wise decision.

Although we will recommend you to analyze about the industry. With the continuous growth of popular online food delivery services, there is a great scope in the future. Proper analysis will help in making better decisions regarding the progress of the online business.

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Major Features Affecting the Development Cost of the Local Food Delivery App:

While we are talking about the calculation of development cost for local food delivery app, we need to understand that features are a major factor. Features and functionality play an important role in the development of smartphone app. Local food delivery app captures a large segment of the development budget in the functionalities and features.

It completely makes a huge difference along with the adaptability of the app in the market. It is well established that the more functionality is being implemented into the app and the uniqueness is being imposed it is having the higher chance of success in the market. We also need to understand that the more complex features that will be imposed will take more time along with increasing the cost.

Although we will recommend getting unique and attractive features for the high-level success of the local food delivery. We have listed a few of the most needed features for the local food delivery app along with the cost for the development in each platform. We need to understand that the local food delivery app is divided into 3 categories.

The first one is the customer app, the second one is the restaurant owner app and the third one is the management app of the system of the admin.

App Users Customer App Restaurant Owner App System Admin Web
Search Menu Sign Up/Login Login Process Payment Management
Food Items Customizer Catalog Management Restaurant Management Profile Management
Easy Checkout Menu Management Courier/Delivery Management Content Management
Customer Review Order Management Payment System Management Order Management/Order Tracking
Staff and Profile Management Tech Support
Cost to Develop App for Each Platform $10,000+ $10,000+ $12,000+
Cost to Develop Cross-Platform App $12,000+ $13,000+ $15,000+


Advanced Features Affecting the Development Cost of Local Food Delivery App:

There are major advanced features that will also affect the development cost of the local food delivery apps. We have listed a few of such features which will give unique functionalities to the app.

  • Chatbots:

Adding chatbots to the local food delivery app will offer AI functionality. It will help in speeding up the complete delivery and ordering process for the customers. They will also help in the selection of restaurants and food for the users. This functionality will also help customers in making orders along with tracking the order in real-time. It helps offer a unique level of experience to order beverages and food using the app.

  • Voice Search Command:

Adding voice search commands such as Alexa will help in increasing the functionality of the app. Various food delivery apps have already implemented voice search commands. This helps in searching for restaurant food along with the proper recommendation to the customers. Most importantly they will offer voice estimation of delivery time along with other recommendations.

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Cost of Developing Local Food Delivery App Like Postmates:

Proper calculation of the exact cost for app development could be a difficult job. In the market, there are various software development companies that will offer cheap development services. They will even claim the completion of the project within the range of $10,000 to $25,000. Although we need to understand that it is a marketing trap that most enterprise and start-up businesses face.

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We need to understand that the proper estimation of the restaurants app development is including on different stages of development. It includes the back-end development component in development user interface design, a server part, admin panel, location of the development team, cost of hiring an app development team, app testing, etc.

Although we can go for any MVP basic local food delivery app which is entirely based on the time implemented the estimation of the cost. We have listed that requirement of time along with the development process to understand the proper requirement of the working hours. This calculation is entirely connected to the estimation of the total cost for the development of a local food delivery app.

Development Part Hours Required
Research & Planning 30+
Basic Features 150+
Visual Prototypes 40+
Design for Android & iOS Platforms 120+
iOS Development 650+
Android Development 690+
Backend 225+
Admin Panel 60+


According to the table we have presented above and approx. time for developing an iOS local food delivery app would be around 1300 hours. According to that calculation of the time, the developer cost will be around $50 per hour. According to this calculation, the total amount should be around $63,000 or more depending on the functionalities.

It can also be reduced down to $22,000 or more in case the project is being outsourced to the developers in India. According to reports, the development of the app could be hired for as lowest as $18 to $30 per hour.

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