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    Five Ways to Protect Your Software from Hackers

    Amit Shukla

    The pharmaceutical industry makes considerable profits every year. As this industry is developing, it depends mainly on the latest technologies to manage its business and everyday sales. The pharmaceutical companies create vast amounts of delicate data and records like staff records, medical information, economic statistics, research works, etc. Because of this reason pharmaceutical companies are now at high risk of cyber-attacks.

    Pharmaceutical companies store all their medication formulas on computers. Apart from that, their business plans, supply chain managing plans are all stored in the system. So, they should protect their software from hackers, as they can’t afford to lose them. Here, we will discuss five ways to protect your software from hackers. Let’s begin:

    • Never operate your company system with public Wi-Fi:

    Whether you are in a coffee shop, or at a railway station, or the airport, or in a hotel, you will get Wi-Fi access everywhere for free. People also grab this opportunity and utilize it to complete their pending tasks. Never do this, as your data security can be at risk for this activity. Hackers will quickly get access to your essential documents, and they can breach your security. So, it would help if you were extremely careful while operating your company’s delicate information and always using your company’s internet connection.

    • Log out from the sites properly where you logged in:

    Sometimes you may need to look for research for manufacturing medicines, which medicines go best for what diseases, medical journals, and many more. It requires you to log in to various websites. Sometimes after completing the study, people forget to log out properly. This makes your data vulnerable, and it can be easily hacked. So, never forget to log out from the websites after using them.

    • Use strong passwords, codes, and encryption:

    Your company’s data should be locked with strong passwords, and never disclose the passwords to all staff members. Keep changing the passwords every month and set strong passwords that hackers can’t guess easily. You can use codes for protecting your software and data, and your documents should be encrypted.

    4) Don’t accept emails from strangers and don’t open any unknown link:

    Suppose you receive an email from a stranger on your company’s mail id; never open this because the email may be from the hackers. Similarly, don’t open any unknown links because if you click on such links, your documents can be hijacked instantly. For better protection, you can install software that can prevent hackers’ email and make you aware before opening unknown links.

    5) Install security software:

    Pharmaceutical companies have such delicate data stored in their computer that they can’t afford to lose. Cyber-attacks may still take place after taking all precautionary measures. There is much security software available that can keep the records safe in the system. It will be best if pharmaceutical companies install such software for protecting their files.

    Wrapping up:

    These cybercrimes are also very common in India. Indian pharmaceutical companies suffer from cyber-attacks every year. The Indian government is also taking the matter seriously and taking every possible measure to protect pharmacy companies. Indian pharmaceutical companies can follow the ways recommended here to safeguard their software from hackers.

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