Everything You Want to Know About Tech Stack for Your Web Development Project

Web Development Tech Stack

If your app development project needs to be a success then it is based on the tech stack. Choosing the appropriate Web Development Tech Stack for your project is really very significant as the whole application operates on the basis of the tech stack.

By the way, the term “tech stack” means crucial technologies such as software, tools, and the framework which empowers the application, be it web or mobile-based and complete structure is based on the stack. The term tech stack might be familiar to any technical person. But a non-technical person might find something new.

Full-fledged tech stack embraces the programming languages and the essential software which aids the developers to do the coding and thereby develop the application.


Significance of considering the explicit Web Development Tech Stack

  • The complete web/mobile application’s performance would very much depend on the tech stack.
  • Moreover, the app’s scalability and security elements are also based on picking up the right tech stack.

So, selecting the right tech stack and using it to develop your applications is a pleasant idea, instead of considering changes at the last minute where you definitely lose your time and cost. Hire web/mobile app developers to get your application fabricated according to your needs as developers would know the right stack that fits your kind of business.


  1. Backend server-side:

The back-end architecture is the structure of the app. It is the foremost prior step before constructing any application. The code runs on the server and all these processes happen at the back and it is unseen by the users.

In the web world and development, the common term LAMP is predominantly used – it is defined as Linux OS, Apache, HTTP server, MySQL database system, and lastly PHP.

The Back-end stack comprises Ruby on rails framework too rather than PHP core.

Nowadays there is another contemporary term into usage in the web application development known as MEAN – an acronym – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js. MVPs can be very flexibly fabricated utilizing MEAN.


  1. Front-end:

The front-end is the front screen which is evident to the users. Using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS which are the most frequently used programming languages for developing front-end applications.

The Front-end stack requires the appropriate elements and tools for developing applications.

JavaScript – Aids the web page to look bilateral.

HTML – particulars or information is conveyed.

CSS – aids in adding fonts, colors, and styles for the content.

There are many new modern front-end frameworks that are in usage in recent days namely Angular.js, Backbone.js, React.js.

Applications for phones comprise Objective C/SWIFT for iOS apps and Java for Android apps.

Apart from these frameworks, there are many other new ones that focus on developing web applications and also you can integrate tools that ease the process and makes the job of the developers easy.


How do you pick up the appropriate Web Development Tech Stack?


  • Application goals

Before starting off your project the developer must be clear as to which kind of industry sector is he/she going to build the application. As we all know there are different sectors of businesses. For instance, be it banking, e-commerce, or any other industry for that matter.

The project structure must be initially designed to serve the purpose of the business or enterprise so that the web application which is designed works accordingly.

So, after complete consideration of which kind of technology suits the type of business that tech stack must be picked up and must be worked upon.


  • Cost and flexibility

If your web/mobile application requires any changes or modifications in the future it is always better and safe to go in for the tech stack which permits for making any changes in the code structure. This is also a better option because according to the latest updates and trends the changes can be easily made so that there are no problems even after the application is handed over. Also, the cost can be adjusted accordingly.

If you require a well-developed web/mobile application that is flawless, scalable, and secure, it is better to consider the best tech stack even though it might cost you few bucks as cost and quality move hand in hand.


  • Enterprise-scale and focus

You would know about your enterprise. Your business stage is another aspect to choose the right tech stack. MVP might need to be released in a much quicker duration of time especially for beginners.

Select the best language, framework, or CMS which permits you to construct a well-developed app prototype in the shortest time possible.

Java and PHP are some of the best options to pick up to match the kind of business structure in order to build a good web/mobile application.


  • Projects capacity and duration

If your project deals with any kind of live interaction then such features like chatbots, messengers, etc. need to be integrated. There are many more attributes that are project-oriented and might need to be added. So, accordingly, they must be incorporated. For such kind of features that needs to be added in, you can use node.js which is a concurrent stack.

You can go for WordPress or Drupal which are good for blogging and stuff. Moreover, Angular and React aid in developing the best UI’s as these tech stacks can withstand complex problems too while developing the applications.

Web Development Tech Stack

  • Resources and skilled persons

You must go to selecting the best developers who are having good experience and skills so that they are able to tackle the development in a smart way. Hire web/app developers who can work and perform well within your stack.

Hunt for skilled persons and who are having good talent.

Don’t opt for the tech stack which suits only a particular kind of project. Instead, opt by choosing the tools and framework which are preferably utilized by a large community of developers.


  • Development costs and maintenance

There are a few factors which you must consider regarding costs. Within your budget, you must be able to select the best tech stack, and accordingly, the price would be distributed for developers and their skills as well.

Always it is a good idea to go for maintenance as well after the application is developed. Determine the cost factor for maintenance and product improvement as these two are also vital for any applications sustainability in the future.


  • Time

It is one of the crucial factors which aids in the successful completion of the project. If the project gets completed within the planned time frame then there would be no issues. If not, you might have to wait and so the cost would also increase.

Selecting the right tech stack would make you safer as there would be sharp testing tools that can identify the bugs and hence the bugs would be fixed in a much shorter time. Hence you can save a lot of time.


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As discussed, you must choose the appropriate tech stack to get your application designed that is flexible, quick, and admiring. You can hire web developers from Next Big Technology as you can find the best professionals who can handle your project with the utmost dedication and care.

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