Everything You Need to Know About the Cost & Features of Massage App Development

Cost & Features of Massage App Development

As of late, the idea of on-demand application development acquiring extraordinary consideration in the entire business, since Uber has become fruitful.

We can say that the on-demand delivery services, for example, staple delivery, food delivery, medication delivery have extraordinary market fragments. Presently, discussing the on-demand Uber knead is additionally a productive endeavor, in view of the ascent of the on-demand massage app services.

Today, this is the most mainstream trend on the grounds that in the quick and occupied life individuals need a massage when they are very drained and wish to unwind. Individuals scorn or don’t in the mindset to go to a spa or back massage parlor.

With the Uber Massage application, individuals can book massage services with few taps of a fasten and complete the services at the doorstep. So, let’s know the cost and features of developing massage apps as mentioned by the mobile app developers.

Features Included in Uber for Massage App Development

For the User App:


A client can sign in through their social record, for example, Facebook, Google, or by means of Email.

Timetable Service

Subsequent to choosing the help, clients can plan services dependent on their requirements.

Installment Option

A client has an adaptable installment alternative, for example, money, card, or wallet to pay for the services.

Oversee Profile

A client can deal with their profile data, for example, name, secret key, address, and profile picture.

Simple Call

If a client has any inquiry in regards to the services, they can call a supplier inside the application.

Audit & Rating

After complete the services, the client can give audits and evaluations to a supplier dependent on their offered support.


A client can see the administration history with all subtleties. Likewise, they can re-demand the help with a solitary tap.

For Provider App:

Oversee Services

A supplier can deal with their services, they have the choice to acknowledge/reject another help demand.

Oversee Profile

A supplier can deal with their profile data, for example, name, address, administration sweep, and profile picture.

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Procuring Report

A supplier can see their procuring report with all total, drop, running, and forthcoming help demands.

Oversee Bank Details

A supplier can deal with their financial balance subtleties, for example, charge/credit data to pull out money.


A supplier has the alternative to see their criticism given by the client with all the subtleties.

Cost to Develop Uber Massage App

The Uber knead application development cost is reliant on different factors, for example, highlights, innovation stages, and most significant things in which area you need to build up your application.

If you need to create both Android and iOS for the spa application, the development cost is expanding. Likewise, in the event that you need some redid highlights in your application, the development cost is raised.

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