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    Amit Shukla

    If you are a mobile app developer you would be aware of better options in the market as to which kind of database at the back-end you need to opt for storing the data of the app. Sometimes there might be confusion regarding which kind of platform you need to pick for storing the data and a lot more.

    The solution for all your confusion and chaos ends if you elect Firebase and apply its functionality to your app.

    Now, coming to Firebase. Let us know the basic minutiae of Firebase first of all.

    Firebase – Back-end as a service (Baas) assist developers along with various kinds of tools and services to aid the Firebase Mobile App Development Company to build better mobile apps. The apps built with Firebase are not only of superior quality but also generate good profit in the market. Firebase is administered by Google. Firebase database is also known as Google Cloud database. The main asset of using the Firebase database is you can preserve or store and sync the data amidst your users in legitimate times. Also, it can be used for back-end functions as well.


    Let us discuss the profits which you would achieve if you use Firebase in your app development:

    1. The app which is swift:

    As Firebase is a Google cloud service, the app responds quickly when the users operate. The servers are quick and moreover, the back-end functions also work briskly much better than the back-end service providers. When a user logs in to the app from his/her device, the screen which the user view loads with data quickly. That is when Firebase is used, the data which is carried and displayed on the user’s screen is more rapid, unlike other servers which are sluggish and heavy.

    1. Exceptional database:

    Firestore database is one the best database as more amount of data can be stored. Firestore database is a NoSQL database. To preserve or store your Firebase data, Firestore is used. Improved performance and better scalability features are promised when the NoSQL database is utilized in your app development.

    Data in Firestore is stored in the form of documents and assortments. Moreover, a NoSQL database is much better than the traditional MySQL database as a large amount of data can be stored.

    1. Complimentary to begin with:

    Initial enrolment paves way for free usage plans. If you are planning to use Firebase, you can go ahead and using your Google account you can sign up and start using your Firebase. Spark plan is provided for free initially. But at the same time, it does restrict a definite number of reads and as well writes in the database.

    As your business expands you can adopt Blaze and Flame plans as per your choice in your development projects.

    1. Time-saving:

    A lot of time can be saved if you start using Firebase. The miscommunication gap is reduced to a large extent between front-end and back-end developers which gradually reduces many errors.

    Typically, when firebase was not into the web world, the front-end developers would go and ask for some data-related information which he/she is in need of from back-end developer. There was a lot of dependence which was in need among the developers. Now if any data is needed and if Firebase is used in the project, data can be used from the Firestore database which has made the process very simple. So only a front-end developer can administer the job without depending on any other developer. So, you save a lot of time practicing.

    1. Improved Back-end function:

    Any business owner or app developer would want improved back-end functions is it not? Your back-end functions operate at a faster rate and also perform at an exceptional percentage if you use Firebase.

    If you would want to build an app using Firebase, you can avail the following functions:

    • Verification/Authentication
    • Database
    • ML Kit
    • Cloud Storage
    • Hosting
    • Functions

    The package comes up with a quality test lab that can be utilized to test the app on various kinds of devices:

    • Crashlytics
    • Performance
    • Test lab
    • App distribute

    You will be able to view tools for analytics too:

    • Dashboard
    • Events
    • Conversions
    • Audiences
    • Funnels
    • User properties
    • Latest release
    • Retention
    • StreetView
    • DebugView
    • Remote config
    • Cloud messaging
    • Google analytics

    Many other assets also dominate in Firebase such as A/B testing, AdMob, etc. Apart from all these scaling is done automatically if the number of users who use your app has heightened over time. There are two-tier plans – Flame and Blaze which can be opted and your scaling will be done unquestionably. So, no worries.

    All these features are definitely an advantage for any Firebase Mobile App Development Company or any app owner because they provide the maximum benefits.

    1. Works smartly on all platforms:

    Firebase works anywhere you prefer. There are server-side libraries and REST APIs from which you can access.

    Firebase Mobile App Development Company

    1. Support:

    You can get good support and all your queries will be answered through email as you get a free email backing. There are Google developer experts and also Firebase team who can support you when you are in need of help.

    All these above-discussed factors are generally a great boon for any developer as you can build the best mobile app using Firebase.


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    As discussed, you can definitely proceed with developing better mobile apps using Firebase as the benefits are enormous. Effortless assimilation on iOS, Android, and Web too. The APIs present in the Firebase is packed into an individual SDK. This helps to broaden your app and extend it to many other platforms and computer languages too which involves C++ and Unity.

    Scaling is not at all a worry if your users are increasing rapidly as the scaling function operates automatically by the firebase. Also, if your company is growing you also can use google analytics for knowing the statistics of your app and the traffic.

    If you want any assistance you can get the help of a mobile app developer and for knowing further information you can contact Next Big Technology, the best mobile app development company, and  Firebase Mobile App Development Company in India as there are many experts who can help you with. All the best!


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