Angularjs Http Post Service Example

Angularjs Http Post

1. Introduction

Google’s AngularJS is indeed a JavaScript MVC or otherwise Model-view-controller architecture that allows developers to create well-structured, quickly testable, as well as manageable front-end applications. Angular Ajax is particularly one of the many out-of-the-box utilities provided by the Angular library.

The $http resources are provided by the angular platform and are used to perform the HTTP request to access the requested information from the server. That server will then create a database call to collect the necessary JSON format.

1.1 What is HTTP service?

  • $http is the main angular utility that is used for sending HTTP requests to the particular remote servers as well as retrieve data via the browser’s XMLHttpRequest attribute or otherwise JSON. Developers must use the $scope attribute for accessing Angular Ajax throughout a controller.

1.1.1 AngularJS HTTP Post Service methods

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Calling the particular $http service has many purposes. The following is a specific list of the built-in features that are included in this service.

  • $http. get(URL, config): This mechanism is commonly used for reading records from the database.
  • $, data, config) as well as $http.put(URL, data, config): Both implementations accept the input argument for being submitted to the server as a JSON string.
  • $http. delete(URL, config): This particular method erases the server’s record or details.

Developers should connect to this page for more details on the $http service. These new APIs truly make the lives of developers simpler! However, without an instance, it would indeed be hard for a novice to grasp this. As a result, let us build a simple application that sends data to the specific web server by using the $ form.

2.Angularjs Http Post Service Example

Here is the particular guide for using the $ function in Angular applications.

2.1 Tools Used

We are operating with Eclipse Kepler SR2, JDK 8, as well as Maven. Having just said, we checked the code against JDK 1.7 and found it to be functional.

2.3 Project Creation

This segment will demonstrate how to use Eclipse to build a Java-based Maven project. Navigate to File -> New -> Maven Project in the Eclipse Ide.

3.Application building

Let us develop an application to learn the fundamentals of the $ function in the specific angular library.

3.3 Creating an AngularJS Controller

The ctrl function is used as the “controller” in the particular Model-view-controller model inside the JavaScript file and HTTP post data.js. This JavaScript code includes a feature called validate credentials(), which has the following parameters:

  • A data object containing the encoded value from the particular HTML form’s login id as well as login pwd fields.
  • The $http. post() function is used for sending an asynchronous request to the site server at the given URL, and then the specific response data is stored in the $scope.output msg property.

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4. Run the Application

Let us build the project and then deploy the program on the Tomcat7 server now that we are ready for all of the updates. To execute the program on Tomat7, right-click upon the project and select Run as -> Run on Server from the context menu.

Tomcat would deploy the program in its web-apps directory and begin execution for deploying the project, allowing us for testing it in the browser.

5.Project demo

Launch your preferred tab and navigate to the following URL. The angular ajax output page would be shown.


Developers learned particularly how to build a basic application by using the $ method throughout this section. In the Downloaded portion, developers could get the sample program as an Eclipse project.

7.Download the Eclipse Project

This was a walkthrough of the angular library’s $ process.

AngularJS Development Services

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