UrbanClap Clone App Development

NBT Service provider Apps are the perfect platform to get an array range of services at your doorstep.

What Services Provider is?

In the present age, people have no time to spend time on home duties due to a hectic lifestyle and working hours. They can relax only on weekends. They could not find time for both things properly. In such a situation, Next big technology is a reliable time savior and offers a sigh of relief by introducing an on-demand service app development with the help of their experts. Now, the app development industry has become a boon for the modern lifestyle.

On Demand UrbanClap App Development Company

Home services app is the new big trend that has gained huge attention from investors across the globe. By looking at the ever-rising demand, if you have decided to start your home services business or startups, then you have landed at the right place.

The home app services of Next Big Technology provides a creative and innovative approach towards the home services like laundry, carpentry, home cleaning, electrical, plumbing, gardening, appliance repair, computer repair, cars & bikes services, moving and storage, home organizing, pet care, pest control, home painting. All of these activities will help businesses to manage their household work and tedious tasks.

Earlier, looking for mechanic, cleaner, etc used to be a hectic task. It forces the client to search the local store or ring the service center multiple times before the assistance arrived. But now, it has become easier for the consumers to search for services that they require on their smartphones in just a click by using the advanced technologies used in the services provider application of NBT. This allows them to search for services and become selective about the professionals that they want to hire for their company.

We offer you the opportunity to get the feedback and provide budget-friendly solutions via home services application. Like all other on-demand applications, it provides inbuilt functions and features with all the essential functionality. Working with use will help you to get greater returns in business and expand the reach of your audiences. This is because the cleaning and security service industry have realized a great need to play the stakes by using technology and boost the business.

Want to develop a next-gen app?

UrbanClap Clone Service Provider App Development

We at NBT focus on providing app development solutions to our clients. We help them to get the best possible benefits by getting an optimum utilization of the application at affordable prices. We work with an experienced team of developers and programmers who provide innovative service or app solutions according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

If you have any idea on home service app development or household services app, you must cross-verify it with us. We are one of the leading and popular android and iOS app development companies in India. Our team of professionals will help you create a branded mobile app portal to connect the service seekers with the service providers to our altered and personalized marketplace app solution for most of the local services. We will help you to integrate your task effectively.

Key Features Of Our On-Demand Home Services App

The growing and expanding business of on-demand home services has garb the top position in the market. You can earn great profits by investing in high demand business to get a success gateway for your business. To know more about the services provider app, look at our features panel section.

Want to Stand Out from Ordinary

Benefits of Home Services App Development

The benefits of home service apps for the next big technology are not limited. We provide convenience to the customers and a lot more than that.

1. Time-saving

    • Our app enables the service provider to efficiently manage and schedule appointments to save time and effort.

2. Payments

    • NBT offers multiple payment gateway options to make and receive payment more securely.

3. Multiple service providers

    • Get the best multiple service providers according to their needs and requirements.

4. Varieties of services

    • Get the benefits of different services in just one application like a maid for cleaning services, mechanic for car repairing, or beautician.

5. Redefined search results

    • We offer clone script for best and redefined services like an urban clap.

Technologies We Used to Develop UrbanClap Clone Script

Earlier, investors used to look at these projects differently. But the home services applications of the next big technology have made a drastic change in the market for all businesses. We serve our customers by providing the best online platform via applications in the form of urban clap clone, Taskrabbit, and other handyman applications. It will help you to earn handsome profits by providing high-quality, innovative services.

You can upgrade your conventional company with a one-stop software solution from your NBT Service provider. Keeping in mind the desired results for your company in the marketplace, our team of highly skilled and experienced developers provides the TaskRabbit Clone App to the customers by using the latest technologies.

On-Demand Home Service Provider Apps Solution help in providing services at your place

On-Demand Home Service Provider Apps Solution of NBT helps in providing services at your doorstep
People who wish to offer the best services to their customers; we offer an excellent forum for them. Customers can ask for guidance at any time according to their needs. Our on-demands app helps you in business development and achieves new heights.

Top on-demand home services for you


    • Complete all your household chores with our latest and innovative NBT Service provider application at an affordable price.

Car Wash

      1. Fulfill your car washing needs with our excellent app solution.


    • Customers can get done their cleaning chores efficiently by hiring an expert with our service provider app.


    • Our service provider app can help you get the best technician at your doorstep in just a click.


    • Search and hire Certified and professional massage Service Provider with the Ideal app Solution.


    • Get Health Emergency Expert Physicists or Doctors for a regular app check-up at anywhere anytime.

Find Technology that you Need

How does Urbanclap Clone Script Work?


  • 1.Users must Sign-up and enter their details.
  • 2.Search and Request for Service.
  • 3.Make Payment with any of the multiple payment options


  • 1.Admin accepts and declines the request as per their convenience.
  • 2.Check employee and service provider status to ensure better collaboration
  • 3.Communicate with the service provider for effective working


  • 1.Accept the request to enable app functioning
  • 2.Receive payment to start the work
  • 3.Approve the request with notification

Why to Choose NBT?

The on-demand services have taken control over the market in the present age. Our app is simple and flexible in working for customers, admin, or service providers. Depending upon the tasks and client requirements, we are liable to manage the services and requests on the app of NBT. You can avail of all the services of home chores like home service salon, home service massage, home service doctor, and many more. Nobody can deny from the fact that the service of doctor visits at home has now become very essential. Today, it has become big business.

If you are looking to provide these types of services or you are looking for the idea of a Home service Clone, the next big technology is there to serve you 24*7 at an affordable price in a minimum possible time. We will provide you the reliable home service app development site according to your needs and wants and helps you establish your business at the top across the globe.


Easy Registration

Payment Feature


On-time project delivery


24*7 customer suppor

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