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    Understanding Cost & Features of Packers and Movers App

    Amit Shukla

    In recent years, the packers and mover’s app industry has seen exponential growth. This brings the need for Packers & Movers Mobile App development company. With this, domestic packers and movers can own a superb moving service app. It will assist businesses and people in the shifting process through online platforms. Each customer has different requirements. Having offered the best mobile apps for different industries, NBT is the best choice.

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    Features to develop packers and mover’s app

    1. User panel

    This basic feature will enable the customers to place the order, request, communicate with the support team, performing the basic tasks, and so on. This involves-

    a.Sign up or log in The first section of your app requires login details for the user profiles in the form of email addresses or other social media platforms.

    b.Server request – Users can easily request for check for the civilians to inform the service provider about the transported goods or materials.

    c.Notifications and managing requests – It allows the users to maintain and obtain confirmation of their assigned shipment. In this, the users can easily contact the service provider to discuss terms and conditions.

    d.Payment gateway – This action allows the users to easily make the transaction with their credit or debit cards, once the shipment is finalized.

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    2.Admin panel

    a.Dashboard and panel – It allows the admin to easily manage the user-related activities or driver activities, completion of the request, orders within the same time frame.

    b.Management of customers – With this, an admin can monitor the user activities on the account and their placed orders.

    c.Driver management – The admin can easily track the driver and handle all on-duty or off-duty drivers along with them prepare schedules.

    d.Payment manager – This feature manages and tracks the payments or possible transactions made by the user.

    Custom Packers and movers app development services

    3.Driver panel

    The packers and mover’s development application can be designed through assistance provided to the drivers while transporting goods from one place to another. Some of the features of the driver panel include:

    a.Sign up or log in – It allows the drivers to ask logging-in to the application with their respective email account on the social media platform to gain access to the order.

    b.View history – Drivers using the application can view or edit their profiles whenever required. The users can check for the tasks as well as other relevant information.

    c.Payment received – Once the order is placed by the user, the equipment for goods has to be delivered accordingly by the driver at the required location.

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    The estimated cost of developing the Packers and Movers app

    Finding out the exact cost of a mobile app is a complicated task. The application is developed as per the custom business needs. Therefore, the overall development cost is subjected to the scope of work. However, there are several factors that may affect the cost including the geography of development, the number of features, and a number of app platforms (Android, ios), etc.

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