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Trulia Clone App Development Services

Nowadays, Real Estate has consistently becoming an evergreen business. In today’s era, this industry is encountering another spray of development. Presently, its simpler for real estate owners to interface with imminent purchasers to negotiate costs and close the deals. Our clone application acts as an advantageous stage that permits these trades to happen. Utilizing our services, business people can rapidly dispatch applications for Android, iOS and the web. We have unrivaled involvement with application development that permits us to make creative platforms that are profoundly adjustable and 100% white label.

Trulia Clone

Trulia Clone App Functions

Various elements become an integral factor when utilizing the clone app. These factors help out one another to make an amazing real estate experience for the client.

Registration And Login

Enrolment & Login

The client can get to your administration by selecting on your platform. Diverse login alternatives are available, such as – Email, social media, etc.

Sell And Rental

Sell & Rental

Real Estate property owners can list their resources for sale and purchase. They can add subtleties and photos of the property too.

Buy And Lease

Purchase & Lease

Clients can figure out the property postings to discover resources that they are eager to buy or rent.

Loans And Mortgage

Loans & Mortgage

This gateway permits clients to apply for loans, while the land owners can mortgage their resources.

Agents And Builders

Builders & Agents

Clients can negotiate with dealers while land owners can examine with land owners about upcoming projects.

Saved Properties

Spared Properties

A storehouse where clients can spare subtleties of properties they are interested in and return to them at a later stage.

Trulia App Clone Key Features

Our app development services are the products of comprehensive industry analysis and are designed to give the application a competitive edge.

Property Catalogue

Property Catalog

Build an exhausting database listing property that leaves your customers spoiled for options.

Premium Services

Premium Service

Introduce paid plans for your clients looking for additional features or customised programmes.

Region-Based Filters

Area-Based Filters

Enable your customers to easily locate their dream homes or office spaces using a range of search options along with geofencing philtres.

Bargaining Option

Bargaining Options

Room for the consumers to discuss prices with the owners of the house.

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Bookmark Searches

Bookmark Quest

Enable your consumers to save specifics of their favourite property options.

Auction Function

Auction Function

Land owners will host bidding for residential and business premises. This method can also be streamlined in order to save time.

Reviews And Ratings

Reviews and Ratings

Users should express their assessments or views on various service providers and partners in order to create a dynamic forum.

Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators

Tool to measure various metrics, e.g. land value or depreciation, debt redemption, mortgage schedules, etc.

Benefits Of Using Trulia Clone App

Our services have been established by bearing in mind the interests of your customers.

Unlimited Add-ons

The ability to add new pages, functionality and resources to the website without any limitations.

Scalable Design

Requires you to change the design & structure and face up to emerging industry problems head-on.

Esthetic UI

Access to a website that is both appealing and user-friendly.

Integrating SEO

Helps you to sell your platform and services effectively.

White-Label Platform

Allows you to maintain full possession and management of the website and services.

Trulia Clone App


When you buy our clone software, you do not need any experience of app creation, programming or coding. Our offerings are user-friendly and our team is always available to assist you with any questions you might have.

Yeah, our cloud app offerings are highly scalable and come with multilingual support. We may change the language settings to suit your target area and user base.

We’re proud to produce your custom software within a fast deadline. Once we’ve got all the updates, enhancements and specifications from your end, we’ll start working on your app right away.

Yes, we have support for the server installation of the software. Alternatively, we’ll help you update and even redesign your app to accommodate your business scalability.

We use a broad range of tools to create a clone app. We use the programming language for Android, Java along with the Optimized Development Environment, Android Studio. Similarly, we use the open-language platform, Swift in combination with Xcode, an acclaimed programming suite for the iOS platform. Finally, for the application platform, the clone app PHP system uses Laravel and MySQL for the database. Apart from these, we use other common technologies to build an application that is stable, attractive and optimised.


Why Choose Us

Real Estate has consistently been an evergreen business. In the Internet age, this industry is encountering another spray of development. Presently, it’s simpler for landowners to associate with imminent purchasers to arrange costs and close arrangements. NBT Trulia clone app development goes about as a helpful stage that permits these trades to happen. Utilizing our administrations, business people can rapidly dispatch applications for Android, iOS, and the web. We have unmatched involvement with application fabricating that permits us to make inventive stages that are profoundly adjustable and 100% white mark.

Properties of Trulia Clone App Development

Trulia Clone app development services are affordable and your app would be ladened with features. Here are some of the features

Property Catalog

Make a debilitating property posting database that will leave your clients spoilt for decision.

Premium Services

Present paid designs for your clients searching for additional highlights or customized administrations.

District Based Filters

Permit your clients to discover their fantasy homes or office spaces quicker utilizing distinctive inquiry choices alongside geofencing channels.

Haggling Option

Space for your clients to arrange costs with landowners.

Bookmark Searches

Empower your clients to spare subtleties of their preferred property decisions.

Closeout Function

Landowners can have offering for private and business spaces. This procedure can likewise be robotized to spare time.

Audits And Ratings

Clients can impart their evaluations or insights on various specialist organizations and partners to make a unique stage.

Money related Calculators

Instrument to compute various measurements like property evaluation or devaluation, credit reimbursement, contract plans, and so on.

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