Online Shopping App Development

Transform your business into an online business by using online shopping app development. Enter into the most profitable business of e-commerce and retail with advanced tools and Technology.


Online Shopping App Development

With the regulation of the internet, the business has changed their way of course instantly. The Internet has helped businesses with an enormous user base with a high conversion rate. You can easily expand your business by using Next Big Technology’s Online Shopping App Development. The 21st century is all about the digital economy, and every entrepreneur needs to embrace the future of business. We will help in solving your business into an online business by integrating various upgrades. Even the majority of the industries are involved with an online business.

Detailed Features of
Online Shopping App Development

Get to know about all the highlighted features available on Next Big Technology’s Online Shopping App Development.

Easy Registration

Customers can easily register into the app by using a phone number, social media account, and email address.

Unique profile URL
Profile Management

Every you will have the ability to modify their profile detail which includes contact number, address, and name.

Product Categories
Product Categories
Every product is categorized into various categories, which will help customers to gain access to the ocean of products.
Advanced Search Bar
Search Bar

The advanced search bar will help the customers Filter through all the products find their appropriate requirements.

Add to cart
Add to Cart

Every customer will have the ability to put their products into the cart before checking out.

Add to Favourites

Customers can save the product into favorites for future reference or purchasing them in near future.

Order History

All the purchase history will be saved in the app which can be accessed anytime according to the preference of the customer.

Alert Notifications
Push Notifications

The push notification will notify the customers about various offers discounts and new arrivals.

Multilingual Support

With multiple language support, every customer can easily access the app in the preferred language. This will help the app to gain a global user base without any restriction for language.

Payment Options
Multiple Payment Modes

Customers will get the opportunity to use multiple payment modes which include UPI payment, debit card, credit card, cash on delivery, and net banking.

Real-Time Tracking-5
Order Tracking

Every order can be tracked in real-time using the GPS tracker. This will help the customers to know about the product’s location before it is being delivered.

Reviews and Ratings-icon-01
Review and Rating

Customers can rate and review the product after the purchase which can be useful for other customers browsing through the products.

Reasons to Choose
Online Shopping App Development

We have listed all the best reasons to choose Next Big Technology’s Online Shopping App Development for your business.

Complete Customization

The client will have the ability to customize and rebrand the app according to their preference.

Sleek UI-UX
Immersive UI/UX

Get the most user-friendly and creative user interface which will influence the customers into your business.

Best-in-Class Quality

We will deliver the best-in-class quality which can be the biggest competitors in online shopping.

Ownership Rights

Once the project is been completely delivered to the client all the ownership rights will be given as well.

Free Server Installation
App Installation Care

The configuration installation process of all the websites and apps will be done by offering the proper approval.

Complete Support

Get dedicated support on the app for both bug fixing and development assistance even after the deployment period.

Online Shopping App Development Process

Next Big Technology’s Online Shopping App Development Services development is unique and advanced in its way. We have listed the complete procedure of a development period till the deployment.

01. Specification Study

You are determined to spend most of the time understanding the requirement of the client to deliver the appropriate project.

02. Requirement Analysis

We will analyze all the requirements of the clients to completely know about the version of the app and the brand.

03. Product Development

Product development will include all the understanding and planning which need to be implemented into the final project.

4. Demo App

The demo app is only provided to the clients to get an overview of the final project.

05. Testing

Every app project will be thoroughly tested to ensure the elimination of glitches and bugs before the deployment phase.

06. Launching
After all the stages have been completed the app will be successfully deployed into major platforms like Android and iOS. Customers can download according to their preferred platform and enjoy the online shopping app.

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Why Choose Us

Shopping plays an irresistible part in everyday life. Shopping Cart App of the next big technology makes the shopping process simple. Real-time shopping is tiresome and time-consuming for most people. Traveling to the shopping destination, selecting your favorite product, waiting for billing consumes a lot of precious time and makes you exhausted.

Shopping Cart App Development Services of NBT offers online product catalog surfing to enhance the virtual shopping experience. Our team of experienced developers considers the perspectives of both user and admin and adapts the strategies accordingly. Our applications are remarkably scalable to serve your changing business needs.

We had introduced every possible functionalized and customized e-commerce mobile apps that make the purchases more accessible than ever. You can enjoy catchy designs, powerful control panel, and smooth operations, customized modules, and extensions with us. These extensions like payment portals and order management help the user to easily use an application. Next big technology is the most popular Shopping Cart App Development Company to provide a better chance to the users in successfully meeting their objectives.

E-commerce app development has been in trend for a few years, but it has recently gained the attention of every company that plans to buy or sell something online. The industry provides the ease to complete the transactions via our e-commerce application.

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