Shopify vs Big Cartel

Shopify vs Big Cartel

Shopify and Big Cartel are excellent e-commerce systems since they enable you to create an online retail shop complete with CRM tools, invoicing, shipping, and marketing capabilities.

Shopify is a fantastic platform for all types of internet companies. Big Cartel allows you to sell for free on the internet.

Read on to find out how Shopify compares against Big Cartel in terms of specific features.

Comparison between Shopify and Big Cartel

Without sales tools, an e-commerce firm would be incomplete, as they allow you to accept online payments. Shopify accepts online payments and has over 100 payment channels to choose from. You may add anything you want to any element of your e-commerce website thanks to the outstanding app store.

Shopify’s scalability capabilities assist companies of all sizes. The characteristics of Big Cartel are ideal for small enterprises who offer one-off items.

The following are the most important Shopify eCommerce features:

Products are limitless.

Bandwidth is limitless.

Coupon codes

Accounts of employees

Financial statements

Customer service

Recovering abandoned carts

Mobile Point-of-Sale

The following are the key features of Big Cartel’s eCommerce platform:

Depending on the plan, 25 to 300 goods are available.

Bandwidth is limitless.

Themes that are available for free

Coupon codes

Tracking of shipments

Inventory management

Editing in bulk

Options for payment

Google Analytics is a free application that enables you to monitor and analyse your website’s traffic.

Apple Pay, Amazon, Stripe, and PayPal are among the more than 100 payment channels available on Shopify. Shopify Payments is a payment gateway provided by Shopify. It is the only method of payment that does not need you to pay additional transaction or credit card fees.

Big Cartel accepts a variety of payment methods, including Square, Stripe, and PayPal. You won’t have to pay transaction fees, but you will have to pay a credit card charge. Because Big Cartel isn’t PCI compliant, you’ll need to use caution while accepting and processing credit card payments on your website. Because Shopify is PCI certified, all cardholder information is safe and secure.

Here are the comparisons based on certain characteristics:


Recovery of Abandoned Carts

You will save time by using Abandoned Cart Recovery.

You will save time by using Abandoned Cart Recovery. You may send automated emails to re-engage consumers who enter information and leave baskets at checkout. To win over 15% of consumers, you need feature “abandoned cart recovery” in your online business.

You may re-engage those consumers and reclaim purchases with Shopify’s “Abandoned Cart Recovery.” You may also look into abandoned checkouts to see why some items were left behind or why customers didn’t complete the transaction.

Big Cartel does not support “abandoned cart recovery,” making it ideal for firms that sell single goods. With the free plan, you may sell a maximum of 5 goods and up to 300 with the premium plan. Rather of maintaining large inventories and adding items one by one, it is easier to upload products.

Shopify has a large selection of products. You may add one or more goods to the platform, which makes it more scalable than Big Cartel.


Types of Products

Big Cartel has a feature called “product categories.”

Both Shopify and Big Cartel allow consumers to categorise their items into several groups. Shopify online shop owners may divide their items into categories like trousers and shirts using the “product types” option. Customers can easily find the products they want with just a few clicks.

Shopify features product tags to assist owners track their production and differentiate every product and vendor feature that buyers can’t see.

Big Cartel has a feature called “product categories” that works similarly to Shopify product kinds. When you add an active product to a category, the links to the store’s Products page become active. Product tags are available on this platform.

Shopify provides versatility by categorising sellers, product kinds, and tags. Big Cartel’s product navigation, on the other hand, keeps small business owners pleased.


Which is the Better Option for Your Online Store: Shopify or Big Cartel?

Shopify vs. Big Cartel: What’s the Difference?

Shopify is ideal for all types and sizes of businesses. It’s an all-in-one e-commerce platform with a wealth of functionality and customization choices. Shopify is the way to go if you want extensive functionality.

Big Cartel is a great choice if you simply need simple functionality and don’t want to code. It’s usually a good idea to start constructing an internet store from the ground up, but it limits your options.

Now that you understand the differences between the two online businesses, you can select the best option for your needs.

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