Shopify vs Amazon FBA : Quick Comparision to make

Shopify vs Amazon FBA

When it comes to selling things online, the proper eCommerce platform is essential. Two major companies in the field are Shopify and Amazon FBA. The former supports around 800,000 firms, while the latter attracts 2.5 billion visits every month.

If you want to pick one of them, read our Shopify vs Amazon FBA comparison based on their benefits and drawbacks.


Shopify vs Amazon FBA – Comparison of Pros and Cons



It is a top e-commerce platform that enables entrepreneurs to build their online stores without technical knowledge. Shopify is the perfect platform to use because of its user-friendliness, simplicity, and design features. This platform helps you to build a premium quality online store.



Free 3 months trial


Mobile friendly

Flexible design

The affordable choice to online store development

Personal ownership and more control

Access to robust e-commerce apps and tools

Unique brand identity building

Opportunity to build a solid online business

Free payments

The Shopify beneficial features keep on evolving. You can access the basic plan, build your online store and try for 90 days without charges. During those 3 months, you can Shopify payments to understand how a Shopify store functions.

As Shopify is a flexible platform offering access to e-commerce apps and tools, you can build your brand identity and grow your online store rampantly.


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Independent marketing

Increased marketing costs

Additional monthly fees with extra app usage

The basic plan does not give access to reports

Third-party payment system applies tea sanction fees

It takes time, money, and effort to promote your brand and attract sales via your Shopify store. Though you can’t view any report with the basic plan, still you need to track your data. If you don’t use Shopify payment, you need to pay a transaction fee on all sales.


Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a user-friendly e-commerce platform and thus, perfect for beginners.



Free 30 day trial with a Pro Account

Immediate access to audience worldwide

Easy setup and immediate selling

Instant reach to motivated buyers

Integrated customer service

Simple refund and return service

Sales reports data

FBA service availability

The 30-days AmazonPro trial enables you to set up your product listings and start selling immediately to a global audience. Once you list a product, you can get your first sale in an hour.

The registration and setup process is longer with FBA as you need to ship products to a dedicated Amazon warehouse.



15 to 40% payable fees to Amazon for all sales

Adherence to Amazon rules and risk suspension

Highly saturated platform

No store page control

No designing options

The extra Amazon fees you need to pay are not just worth it which causes monetary losses.


Shopify vs Amazon FBA – Conclusion

Conclusion: Shopify vs. Amazon FBA

Choose Shopify if you want complete freedom and control over your online store so you can advertise things and generate large profits.

Choose Amazon if you want to improve sales using a ready-made platform while maintaining some control over higher fees and certain limits.

Consider your time availability, degree of control, the amount of effort you’ll need to put in, and how quickly you want your business to expand when it comes to creating an online store and generating money.