Shared Office Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Shared Office Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Shared Office mobile app development is one of the best solutions for the young text generation. This will be the best way to find the appropriate place for planning various strategies and hiring a sophisticated premise for the office without investing the use amount for construction. This is one of the highly used concepts by the majority of the users and provides reliable options man searching in classified ads. In the current online world, the app is the best way to complete every kind of task without physically doing it.

If you are looking for the best opportunity to type into this industry then you need to hire a better team with professional and skilled developers to develop a shared office mobile app. Various functionalities need to be properly implemented into the application to have a viable source of revenue income. Give the convenience to the users to find any shared office premises directly through the mobile app which would be a great way to have budget-friendly premises.

Major Features to be Implemented in the Shared Office Mobile App Development:

The application will be divided into three different categories and these features will enable the various set of users to have functionalities and convenience. We have enlisted all the features properly by dividing them into different categories to ensure the proper implementation into the shared office mobile app development services.

User Panel:

  • Registration:

Registration is basic functionality of the app which allows the user to restore the account using an email address, phone number for the social media account credentials. This will help them to log in to the app after the proper registration of the account.

  • Select property type:

Users will be able to select any property type which includes office space in a corporate building, in-house office premises, and multi-story office apartment. This will enable the user to apply for their preference to have their shared office through the mobile application.

  • Browse by location:

Every user will have the ability to search for the officers based on location. This will enable the user to search for nearby options according to their preference.

  • Refined search:

With the advanced search feature, users can easily search for various properties in a simplified manner. They can easily filter out various categories which include property, location, etc, and get to have the appropriate shared office.

  • Map view of the property:

This feature will allow other users to give the property on the map, which will enable them to get the pinpoint location of the office premises and ensure the space properly.

  • Get Office place listing:

Users can have the entire information regarding different office places which they are searching for sharing with other companies.

  • View similar places:

If any user likes a place for sharing their office, they can also get a recommendation for similar places in the search queries. It is one of the most important functions with every user will get to search for their appropriate office premises.

  • Check unpaid and paid enmities:

Every user will get to check the paid and unpaid charges which are associated with the property along with electricity bills and maintenance Services. This is one of the important functions later which will allow them to access all the basic information of the shared property.

  • Make payments:

Every user will have the ability to pay for the office premises directly to the app using the secure payment gateway or even through cash on delivery.

Property Owner Panel:

  • Login:

Login functionality is much similar to the user panel where the property owners will need to create their account using an email address or any social media credentials.

  • Manage rent price:

This section will allow other users to manage the rent price which is set by the owner and taken change the price according to the preference Or the market standards.

  • List the property:

Every property owner will have the option to share their property details by listing them in the application.

  • Add new property:

The property owner can add new property along with all the user requirements and they can even add multiple office sharing details options and also keep the updated version into the app.

  • Property details:

Users will get the complete information regarding the property details along with the owner details and rent price from this section of the app.

  • Upload property images:

Every property owner can upload the images of the property which will help them to enable the users to get the outlook of the office ambiance. Property images are the best way to attract users to get interested in the shared office.

  • Connect to users:

Every user will have the ability to get connected with the property owners to get a proper understanding of the basic details, negotiation on the rent prices, and the location.

  • Manage availability:

Property owners can update the status of the available property of the multiple listing in the app. We can update the availability of the property in case it is still vacant, they can also confirm the number of users who can share the office at the same time.

  • Receive payments:

Owners can easily receive payments integrated payment system available from the app which includes payment options like e-wallet, debit card, credit card, etc.

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Admin Panel:

  • Property Management:

This particular section will allow the app admin to manage all the properties which are being showcased into the app along with all the details.

  • Dashboard:

This is the complete control panel of the app admin where they can view all the users who are registered into the app. App admin can also get to know about all the relevant searches which are being done by the users regarding the office premises.

  • Earning management:

Admin can check the complete calculation on the earnings and all the payments being made to the app. The app admin will also enable the inner subscription calculation which can also be managed directly from the earning management section.

  • Report management:

Get the complete report with proper analysis on the login of the users and all the properties are being availed. App admin can also manage the rent prices which are being set by the property owners to maintain the market standards.

  • Reward management:

App admin can allow the loyalty programs or reward programs to attract more users into the app. The entire reward management program will be managed by the admin to have control over the app.

  • Marketing:

All the marketing strategies which are being used in the app including advertisements, app promotion, and all the banners are managed and tracked by the app admin.

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