React Native vs Swift – Which One is the Best to Develop iOS App

React Native vs Swift – Which One is the Best to Develop iOS App


React Native and Swift are both new technologies that support app development for iOS. React Native is a framework for JavaScript, Swift is a new programming language.

What is Swift?

Swift is a modern and multi-paradigm programming language developed by ‘Apple’ to build their operating system-powered devices. These apps can be designed to run also on Apple computers(desktops), Apple Smartwatches, Apple TVs.

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What is React Native?

React Native is developed by Facebook to build device-agnostic mobile applications. It’s built on a JavaScript platform. It allows users to share the same code on different platforms like iOS and Android thus helping in reducing the development time and money and resources while making cross-platform mobile apps.

React and Swift App Development
During the development process, both react native and iOS are similar. The main advantage of React Native over Native iOS is the time of development of the app thus increasing time and resource efficiency.
In terms of design layout, React Native keeps the app running and allows injecting edited versions of files that have been edited, at runtime. This helps to preserve all of your states.

React Native is an open-source project, has a vast user community and support from Facebook. Sometimes developers have to build the required modules themselves, e.g. to make shadows work exactly as they do on iOS, there is no custom solution in React Native, so one will have to tweak and customize to get the desired results.

React Native is slightly better when it comes to CPU usage optimization. To tackle the challenge of dealing with the graphical effects, React Native enables developers to embed the native code into the app, delivering the code chimera using different tools and assets to deal with different tasks.

React Native, doesn’t produce really native app. Its work is based on leveraging the internal APIs and libraries to make the app work. While Swift produces a native app, that may access and use all the platform’s possibilities. Swift performs better than Rect Native when dealing with graphic effects and computational-heavy tasks.

Both React Native and Swift are well-documented and organized.
Both projects are relatively new to the coding scenario, Swift was launched back in 2014 and React Native in 2015 These technologies are still emerging.
Swift is a new programming language designed to be the next step after Objective C, while React Native is the new technology powered by JavaScript.

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