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    PHP Development Company

    We Provide High Quality Php Development Services, our PHP Developers are

    well experienced and skilled in PHP Development.

    PHP Web Development Services

    We are experienced in PHP Development, Next Big Technology delivers high-quality and creative Web solutions using Php and its Frameworks and CMS. We build eye-catching and powerful custom Web Applications using PHP. We are well versed and skilled in PHP Development, we are awarded and recognized as a Top PHP Development Company over the years.

    We work on all PHP Frameworks which include Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePHP, YII, ZEND, Django etc. PHP Frameworks mostly used to create powerful custom Web Applications. We create highly customized Web Applications using PHP Frameworks. PHP Frameworks are secure, safe and very light weight. Framework based application are reliable and high performing. Hire Php Framework developers to get done any kind of Custom Php Web Application as per your requirements to grow your business. Our developers are experienced enough to use Framework for Mobile App Backend development as well. We use these PHP framework for backend solution with Javascript frontend framework like with Reactjs, Angularjs, Vuejs etc.

    We have experienced database administrator and developers. We use Mysql and MongoDB with PHP Web Application Development. While using any PHP CMS it works perfect with Mysql, and while using any Framework we prefer to use MongoDB. Mysql is always best option for any php web application is application belong to small and mid size businesses. Same time for large custom Web Portals MongoDB is always best option to handle large database for any PHP Web Applications. Hire MongoDB & Mysql Developers at Next Big Technology for all your Database Development needs.

    PHP have many popular content management systems. Which use to create small and mid size web applications as per your requirements. These CMS are easily customizable and very easy to manage. These CMS provide cost effective solution for Web Application Development. Some of popular CMS are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento. WordPress is mostly used and popular CMS which is used to create all kind of Web Applications. WordPress cover most of market as you can find most of websites has been built using WordPress. This is because WordPress provide complete solution for your Web Application needs which includes eCommerce Websites using WooCommerce plugin, Subscription based websites, small and large websites. It have very easy to use admin panel and WordPress is always a best option for small websites, it can be develop fast and as per your needs. If we talk about other cms like Magento, Opencart these are best eCommerce solutions which cover all of your eCommerce needs. Each PHP cms is famous for one specific feature like WordPress famous for blogging, Magento famous for eCommerce, Opencart famous for eCommerce too, Drupal and Joomla are famous for content based websites. Hire CMS Developers for any web application development using any of the PHP CMS including WordPress, Magento, Opencart, Joomla, Drupal etc.

    Our team of PHP Web Developers are experienced and skilled to create Web Services or Api for your Mobile app development project. We create backend and api using Php or any php cms and frameworks. We create backend to cover all Mobile App data easily. We allow all options to manage complete app data and push notification. You can easily manage products, users, content, images, payment gateways, shipping and discount etc from backend panel. We create backend panel as per our mobile application needs we structure it in a way so we can manage all app data easily from backend. We develop custom rest api from backend so it can be link with mobile app and data can be smoothly synchronize with apps. Hire backend & Api Developers to cover all your web service development requirements.

    We have HTML, CSS and JS experts in our team. Our developers create pixel perfect html/css layouts including responsive designs which works perfect in all devices like Iphone, Android Phone, Ipad, Tab and all Desktop Devices. We make layouts all browser compatible and SEO friendly. Our team has experienced team have experience in Javascript, Ajax and Jquery. We are experienced in working with Javascript frameworks as well including Reactjs, Angularjs, Vuejs which provide best frontend development solutions and used with PHP backend platforms as well. We create eye catching frontend web applications using HTML, CSS and JS.

    Next Big Technology Design and Development Team Expertise

    We provide high quality PHP Development services. We listen client very carefully and provide them best suggestion for their requirements, we suggest which CMS or Framework would be best for their web application. Our team of graphic designers provide live prototype of web application which gives client proper idea of design and flow of web application. As a top PHP Development Company We deliver power web applications, we never hesitate to go above and beyond of client requirements. We provide cost effective solution and we believer in long term working relationship with clients and provide complete support and maintenance always.

    • Expert PHP Web developers
    • Excellence in high quality development using Reactjs, Vuejs, Angularjs, Ajax, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Smarty, JSON, XML,Flash, Javascript and Photoshop.
    • Backend and Api Development.
    • Enterprise custom web application with large database.
    • Quality AB testing and user testing.
    • Best Server Administrator having experience using AWS, GOOGLE Cloud, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, Hostmonster, Wpengine and many more.

    PHP Web Development Process


    Understanding the Project

    We listen client carefully, gather all information and ask all our queries and provide suggestions.


    Wireframing and Planning

    We create wireframe and live prototype of Website as per all discussion. It gives client complete idea about flow & structure.


    Graphic and Web Designing

    We create mockups and designs for all pages which get finalized with help of client. We create creative, innovative and unique designs.


    Web Application Development

    We do complete developement using finalized design, we develop website fully dynamic, responsive, speed optimized and seo friendly.


    Quality and Tesing

    We test all our work in terms of functionality, design, responsiveness and seo tests. We solve all bugs comes to our way.


    Deploy on server and live

    We deploy site on to live server and link with domain and after site is live we test all website. We provide full support after site is live.

    Why Choose PHP and how we build Best Php Custom Web Applications using it?

    PHP is undoubtedly Best server side scripting language. We can create custom, complex and high performing Web Applications and Portals using PHP. PHP can be as a back-end solution for Mobile Applications. Also it can be used as a back-end with some best frontent solutions like Angularjs, Reactjs, Vuejs.

    PHP is here since a long time it has a large community and lot of CMS and Frameworks. Now if we comes to Platforms it support, we can run PHP in all kind of platforms which includes Windows, Mac os, Linux and all type of Mobile OS. It support all kind of servers. Which makes it easy to use and run.

    We create all type of Web Application using PHP. First we create different design ideas to give client proper idea of look and feel of website. As design finalized by client we develop fully dynamic custom web application using PHP. We are working with PHP since last 12 years we have done hundreds of custom and complex websites using PHP.

    We have experienced team of PHP Web Developers and Designers who knows how a web application get started and how to achieve goal. We work as per client ideas and provide him result as per his desire. We always male web application as per client business requirements, so It can help client to grow their business.

    PHP have many CMS and Frameworks built in it. Which gives user a fast and better option to create any kind of Web Application. There are specific CMS and Framework available in PHP for specific needs.

    If you are looking to create a blog or small websites then WordPress is best option, any website using WordPress can be develop in some hours. It is cost effective and very much user friendly. WordPress can be used to create custom web applications as well for mid size and large size organization as well.

    At the same time if you are looking to create eCommerce portal Magento and Opencart can be best option, as these provide complete inbuilt eCommerce features.

    Now if we come to large and enterprise web applications then Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePHP can be best option. These works best with MongoDB to handle large database.

    We always listen client requirement carefully, comes up with wire-frame and live prototype as per client requirements. We get finalize all requirements with client first. As requirements finalize we create designs for each screen and get finalize design. After design finalize we do complete development with fully manageable from admin panel.

    We create complete back-end panel to manage all data. If we are using any CMS or Framework we can use their inbuilt back-end and their inbuilt features.

    We always focus on client satisfaction, we don’t hesitate to go above and beyond to requirements. We always provide quality work in vert competitive price.

    We are rated as Best for What We Do

    We got many awards from the best platforms, it proves our identity and our existence. We are verified and authenticated by top reviewed websites that follow a tough verification and review process.

    The Best of Our Latest Development

    We have done many Web Applications for different industries all over the world. We are doing Web Development using PHP over 12 years. We are confident to covert any idea in to live custom Web Application.

    Experienced and Skilled Team for your service

    We provide timely, quality-oriented and requirement-specific PHP Web Development services to our Customers.

    Hire PHP Developer

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