Next Big Technology’s PayPal Clone App – Development Solution to International Payments

PayPal Clone App is the best way to open up financial services online. Next Big Technology offers the best possible solutions with easy scalability and customization of the app. Reach the entrepreneurship heights with PayPal Clone App from us.

PayPal Clone App Development
by Next Big Technology

Get an effortless online payment solution for next Big Technology’s PayPal clone app. It helps all the businesses to accept every kind of payment the customers. This app is much helpful for receiving payments after providing products or services. Users can use the app for a transaction directly from a bank account, debit card, credit card, and e-wallet. PayPal clone app will give you the much-needed opportunity to grow your business in the digital finance sector. Every major feature is integrated into this app, and ready to be one of the best competitors in the digital wallet market. Next Big Technology will offer the services to customize and properly launch your PayPal Clone App.

Major Features of Our PayPal Clone App Development
by Next Big Technology

Several major features are included in the PayPal clone app by Next Big Technology.
Quick Account Setup
Users can quickly register using an email id and phone number. OTP verification is required to complete the verification process. You just need to include all the necessary information to complete the account setup. Government verified documents are also required to be uploaded to initiate the money transfer process.
Multiple Factor Authentication
Multiple authentication systemsare available in this app, which verifies the identity of the user. The app security will ask you for your fingerprint biometric system verification, PIN Code, or Password to confirm your identification.
Transfer Money Instantly
Instantly send money to any person you win the app directly from your bank account, debit card, credit card, or wallet. Bill payment is also accessible using the PayPal Clone App.
Linking Bank Account and Debit Card
Debit card and bank account linksare mandatory for every transaction. Get a confirmation message after every transaction from the app.
In-app Wallet Integration
PayPal Clone App allows users to add money tothe wallet from their debit card and bank account. This will allow the user to transfer funds or pay bills without any extra authentication barrier.
Quick Purchases
Online shopping made easy by PayPal Clone App by Next Big Technology. Pay for any service or product purchased directly from the application.
Request Payments
The App allows users to request money from anyone in the contact list for fund transfer. The app is having chat box integration, where they can request money from any contact. The other end-user will get a notification into their app regarding the fund transfer request.
Share Payment Receipt
After every transaction, the user can easily share the receipt of the payment. PayPal Clone App is also having social media integration with other third-party apps to share payment receipts.
Invoice Generation
Every invoice generation will be sent directly to the phone number or email address that is available in the profile. Users can use those payment details for future reference.

Reasons to Choose Next Big Technology’s
PayPal Clone App Development

We have enlisted all the reasons to choose our PayPal Clone app for your entrepreneur will succeed. Read the complete details before choosing from our projects.
User-Friendly User Interface
Next Big Technology ensures a user-friendly interface. Every app is developed using advanced technology and tools. The interactive and responsive user interface allows the user to navigate to the App easily.
Saved Card Details
The app allows users to save the card details for future reference. This allows the user to fill in all the card details without input every time for transaction purposes.
Seamless Integration
PayPal Clone App allows easy integration to all web and mobile platforms without any issue. This enables any business to expand quickly without any drawbacks.
Enhanced App Experience
Use the app to transfer money to any business or individual at your convenience. Bill payment is now much easier to be done using the app. This gives the most enhanced app experience to the users.
Admin Dashboard
The app is having an admin dashboard section where all the transactions and activities can be recorded. It allows the admin to get all the transaction history, every registered business, user details queries at a single window.
Multi-Payments Options
PayPal Clone App allows users to use multiple payment options in any transaction. It will give options to choose between UPI Payment, bank transfer, Debit Card & Credit Cards. This feature allows the user to transfer money quickly and easily.

Useful Monetization Strategies from Next Big Technology’s
PayPal Clone App Development

PayPal Clone App offers the best monetary strategies for P2P online payment. We have listed a few of the monetary strategies offered by Next Big Technology’s PayPal Clone App.
01. Credit Card Transaction Fees
Every transaction done through debit cards are free of charge. Although Credit Card payments are having transaction fees to complete every transaction. This transaction fee is one of the most stable incomes for your digital wallet business. The income process will not matter even if the transaction through a credit card goes down.
02. Merchant Fees
PayPal Clone App using the payment gateway for any kind of transaction. The percentage of money is being transferred to the app owner as a commission for every transaction. PayPal Clone App will help you to promote your business quickly.
03. Instant Money Transfer Fees
Initially, money transactions required 3-4 days to complete the transfer into the bank. Instant money transfers require transaction fees, which need to be paid by the user. Quick money transfer allows the businessman along with the user to have a reliable and stable transaction process. This will help in growing the business module easily.

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