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    Next Big Technology (NBT) Thrives With Powerful Ethos of Customer Services and Robust Solutions: GoodFirms

    Amit Shukla

    Offering high-quality mobile application development services employing native and cross-platform trending technologies endows Next Big Technology to thrive as one of the top mobile app development companies in Jaipur at GoodFirms.



    Incorporated in 2009 and based in Jaipur, Next Big Technology (NBT) has been a premium web development and design firm. NBT always aims at the immersion of the most advanced technologies for advancements in website development.


    As a website applications development company, the professionals know how a website can take off with the conventional design, programming! With 50+ professionals having assorted skill sets, NBT serves society by providing Web products and IT services.


    As an ISO-certified company, NBT has extensive experience working with different clients and industries worldwide. It holds a talented in-house team of web and mobile app developers who are well-acquainted with how a web or mobile app operates and how to complete it with quality.


    GoodFirms Research Process:

    GoodFirms is a B2B analysis and review portal that appraises different service providers by confirming their overall performance based on three criteria- Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Similarly, the investigation team at GoodFirms evaluated Next Big Technology and found it the most reliable mobile app development, web development, and software development companies in Jaipur, Australia, and India, respectively.


    Mobile App Development:

    Next Big Technology delivers a complete automated solution to keep the entire life-cycle of clients’ mobile devices efficient. As per customer ideas, NBT is a services provider that manages and develops mobile web applications and mobile applications (Android and IOS) and provides complete maintenance and support for various mobile services.


    Mobility has become essential for any firm to grow and reach more people fast and efficiently, allowing employees and customers on a single platform to interact and find solutions fast. The team, therefore, develops much more beyond mobile apps and gives clients apps that focus on a ‘mobile-first approach.


    Mobile app developers at NBT are well-versed in producing mobile apps that are appealing and flexible, agile, and scalable, which work on both iOS and Android platforms. The developers cater to clients with the services to the customers as per the requirement of the patrons and the evolving trend of the mobile industry. Thus, rendering quality services have enabled NBT to lead amongst the top app developers in Jaipur listed at GoodFirms.


    The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality of apps developed at NBT.

    Customer Review Goodfirms

    Web Development:

    NBT holds very skilled and experienced PHP developers for all clients’ custom web application needs. As a leading web development company in Australia, NBT delivers complete end-to-end custom web application design and development services that cover all kinds of PHP development services.

    The in-house expert team is committed to giving the best quality work and does consistent follow-up to improve it. The team at NBT emulates the best industry standards along with guidelines in project management, web design, and software development.

    Moreover, the developers provide a full range of web development services, encompassing website design, development, maintenance, website redesigning, offshore outsourcing services, and a few others. The developers have adequate knowledge of turning the websites efficiently with new structured ideas.

    Thus, creating user-friendly, pixel-perfect, and compatible web solutions for all browsers endows NBT to thrive at GoodFirms.

    The review below proves the potential of web developers at NBT.

    Customer review Goodfirms

    Software Development:

    Whether back-end, front-end, mobile apps, etc., NBT provides software development services that combine various software works, comprising designing, testing, programming, planning, and bug fixing, allowing the development & maintenance of applications or software.

    The software engineers aid both small & large businesses to scale higher success by maintaining agility, path-breaking innovation, and effectively managing marketplace dynamics and constants.

    NBT works closely with customers during the analytical and functional testing to ensure that the quality standards are sustained to satisfy the clients by giving them the best results.

    Thus, equipped by such a proficient engineers team delivering high-end outcomes with quality endows NBT to burgeon as one of India’s best software development companies at GoodFirms.

    The review given by Kshitij Goswami at GoodFirms reflects the quality service offering rendered by NBT.

    Customer Review Goodfirms3

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