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    Impact of machine learning on our regular life

    Impact of machine learning on our regular life

    Amit Shukla

    Machine learning is the basic technology that reinvents machines to personalize human experiences. In today’s digital world, the branch of AI has created a strong buzzword. Basically, it is based on the programming machines that infuse the ability of self-learning by developing Big Data. The information generated from different sources is analyzed and used to predict intentions for actionable intelligence. Today, it has become a daily reality of our lives in different sectors including:

    1. Social Media

    The AI social media market is expected to grow in the next 5 years. With the growing importance of artificial intelligence and social media in people’s lives, the intersection of the two has also become more popular.

    Social media networks mainly use AI to advertise more effectively to users. Most social networks enable marketers to run massive paid ad campaigns. However, artificial intelligence technology can write creative social media ads on its own. These ads are optimized to generate clicks and conversions and can include shortened links and hashtags.

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    2. Digital Assistants

    Digital assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa have detonated in popularity in the last few years. Users can now access digital assistants for a wide variety of purposes, including Message dictation, Internet searches, Alarms and timers, Scheduling, Reminders, Media playback, Calculations, etc.

    Also, some digital assistants offer home automation that enables the users to use the technology that can control your thermostat, lights, garage door, and other devices. Many digital assistants use AI to understand the complexities of human language. This enables the devices to process full sentences spoken by the user and respond with natural speech. The natural language abilities will get better and better over time with the introduction of the next big technology app development services. Without apps, nothing like this can happen.

    3. Web Searches

    Most people use search engines infinite times a day. They have existed since the 1990s, but artificial intelligence has recently started to change the web searching experience. It helps businesses to create their search rankings algorithms. AI also helps in quality control. Marketers are always trying to increase the search rankings of their websites. Today, search engines use AI to find and penalize sites that use these practices. Therefore, it does not let search results contaminate the poor-quality pages.

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    4. Online Stores and Services

    Artificial intelligence plays an important part in online shopping and further grows your e-commerce experience. Also, it affects digital assistant technology, web searches, and social media advertising that are considered major components of online shopping. In online shopping, also includes chatbots, which are typically available 24/7 to answer questions and offer solutions to common problems.

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    Nobody can deny the fact that artificial intelligence is now a part of our daily life in different ways. A targeted ad on social media, asking a question to a digital assistant, technology to search the web for your answers, getting product recommendations while shopping, your music recommendations from Spotify, and your social media friend suggestions, etc are all influenced by artificial intelligence.

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