How python is the best programming language – Goods or Bads?

How python is the best programming language – Goods or Bads?

Python is basically a high-level and general-purpose dynamic programming language. It focuses on code readability. The syntax in Python can be done in few steps as compared to other languages like Java or C++. It has a combination of automatic memory management and dynamic features.

Python Programming Language: Goods or Bads

Goods of Python

The Python language is used by the top python development company in some applications like gaming, web frameworks and applications, prototyping, language development, graphic design applications, etc. This provides various languages over other programming languages to the language used in the industry.

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  1. Extensive Support Libraries

It offers large standard libraries that include string operations, Internet, web service tools, operating system interfaces, and protocols. Most of the highly used programming tasks are added to it to restrict the length of the codes to be written in Python.

  1. Integration Feature

Python includes the Enterprise Application Integration that makes it easy to develop popular Web services. It has some powerful control capabilities like C, C++, or Java via Jython. Also, it processes XML and other markup languages to run on all modern operating systems through the same byte code.

  1. Improved Programmer’s Productivity

The language has extensive support libraries and clean object-oriented designs that can increase the productivity of programmer’s multiple folds while using the languages such as Java, VB, Perl, C, C++, and C#.

  1. Productivity

The strong process integration features enhanced control capabilities, and the unit testing framework of Python language contributes towards the increased speed for most applications and productivity of applications. It is a perfect option for building scalable multi-protocol network applications.

Bad’s of Python

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Python solutions has various features, and programmers prefer this language to other programming languages due to its easy learning and coding capabilities. However, this language has still lacked in some places like Enterprise Development Shops. Therefore, this language may not solve some of the company’s solutions, and limitations include-s

  1. Difficulty in Using Other Languages

The Python lovers face problems in learning or working on different programming languages. The language professional may see the declaring of cast “values” or variable “types” along with the syntactic requirements of adding curly braces or semi-colons as a difficult task.

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  1. Weak in Mobile Computing

Python has made its presence on various desktop and server platforms, but it does not work with mobile computing. Due to this, mobile applications are built into it.

  1. Gets Slow in Speed

Python works with the help of an interpreter instead of the compiler. It will slow down because compilation and execution help it to work normally. On the other hand, it is fast for many web applications too.

  1. Run-time Errors

The Python language has many design restrictions faced by developers today. It requires more testing time and shows errors when the applications are finally run.


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Python is a robust programming language that offers easy usage of the code lines, handles maintenance, and easily debug it too. It has gained importance all over the world as computer giant Google has made it one of its official programming languages.

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