How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Hotel Booking App Like Agoda?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Hotel Booking App Like Agoda

The usage of smartphones is increasing rapidly in the current online world. According to the statistics weekend completely assumed that majority of the global citizens are using smartphones. Regardless of their location, power, reputation, employment, gender, etc they are following the innovation. Due to the increasing number of users in smartphones majority of the industries are going for digital transformation.

The applications which are being used in the smartphone at the software run on various operating systems. Due to the increasing popularity of smartphone devices, most of the services are being availed through the apps. Applications offer streamlined services and connections between individuals and organizations. In the current world, smartphone applications have overtaken the traditional approaches in every business.

The services like booking a cab, scheduling doctor’s appointments, booking restaurants, and various other important roles can be easily completed by mobile app. In this article, we will discuss mobile applications which will offer a hassle-free experience. An app called Agoda is much popular for hotel booking services, and we will discuss the cost to develop a similar app.


Details on Agoda the Hotel Booking App:

Agoda is considered as the Google for finding hotels, vacation stays, and rental homes. The app is one of the major bridges that help in connecting hotel owners and customers. The application was co-founded by Mr. Michael Kenny and Mr. Robert Rosenstein in the year 1998. They’re having headquarter in Phuket and they have adopted various detailed transformations throughout the years. The application is much operational for the digital era along with the continuation of traditional methods. The application is available on all mobile platforms including Android and iOS devices. It is having a high potential for you can connect it with the target audience along with boost the revenue.

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Key Features Much Needed in App Like Agoda:

We have listed all the required key features which need to be implemented in apps similar to Agoda. In case you are thinking about developing a similar app it would help in understanding the estimation to build a similar app.

• Log In and Log Out:

The user needs to have the ability to use their ID and password for logging in and logging out of the account.

• Account Creation:

Users need to create an account to use all the features in the app. Various credentials can be used for creating an account including email ID, phone number, and social media account credentials.

• User Profile:

A user profile is a specific and dedicated space for every user with relevant data. They will have the ability to edit and manage according to their preference. Relevant data includes contact number, profile name, email ID, and various other sections.

Key Features Much Needed in App Like Agoda

• In-App Messaging:

The application needs to happen in-app messaging services which will ensure the proper engagement between customers and hotel owners. The service will help in booking and various other process-related confusion to be cleared out.

• Deals and Promotions:

Deals and promotions will help in enhancing the customer experience with personalized service. The customer will have the ability to choose any preferable deal which is going to be the best for them.

• Account Settings:

Account settings need to have a lot of featured options which include currency settings, language settings, distance settings, notifications, etc.

• Booking History:

This exclusive section will have a dedicated section for the entire booking history. It will have the complete details about past, present bookings along with various other details.

• In-App Payment:

The user will have a secure payment gateway to make payments directly through the application. It will ensure a hassle-free world-class experience for the customers.

• Wishlist:

This functionality will help in filtering the various properties according to the preference of the user. This enhances the search experience with a more productive outcome.

• Enhanced Search Filters:

In its search filters need to be added which will help in filtering according to the ratings, location, property features, pricing, etc. It will help in finding the perfect requirement by the user.

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• Hotel Review:

Users will get to express their experience as a customer in the hotel according to their ratings. This will help in providing their reviews and ratings to improve the service.

• Flight Booking:

It will also have the functionality of booking flights along with a resort or hotel. This is one of the most usable demands of the user.

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Cost to Develop a Hotel Booking App Like Agoda:

The estimation of the cost for developing a hotel app like Agoda needs to consider various factors. These factors are the main reason for the increasing rate of the development process. The first and prime factor for the development cost is to determine the platform for the app. Any mobile app can be developed for Android, iOS, and windows.

Although developing for every platform could increase the development rate rapidly. We would recommend you to go for a hybrid app development process which will help in saving the amount of development cost. And Another factor that needs to be considered is technological integration into the air.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most important integrations which needs to be added along with blockchain technology and machine learning. It is much important for having third-party integration to ensure the high-end quality of the service video the selection of functionalities and custom functions will help in determining the development cost of the hotel booking app.

Although it is important to understand that you cannot blindly follow every step which would increase the cost of the development. The functions are entirely dependent on the customer service which are being provided by the company. Most importantly not every app will need to have all the functionalities.

Also, the app development company will have different development plans which will also have changes on the budget. App developers will ensure the high-end development process although with the proper recommendation which might require various changes. Although we can have the estimation that it would cost starting around $10,000 or more according to the requirements of the project.

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