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    Fashion E-Commerce App Development

    Start your online fashion store send a style statement with fashion eCommerce app development.

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    Boost Your Business with
    Fashion E-Commerce App Development

    E-commerce is the leading and profitable business around the globe with all advanced technologies. Revolutionize the fashion industry with the help of technology. With the increasing number of smartphone users, potential customers are also increasing in the E-commerce market. The online world is the best way to flourish any business, and fashion is one such industry that needs to be done. Easily capture the global user base with the help of Next Big Technology’s Fashion E-commerce app development.

    Features to Make a Style Statement with
    Next Big Technology’s Fashion E-Commerce App Development

    Get to know about all the highlighted features available on Next Big Technology’s Fashion E-Commerce App Development.

    Smart Look Book
    Smart Look Book

    Offer the customers all the latest collection of fashion accessories using the smart look book. The integration will automatically categorize various fashion products into festive and seasonal subcategories.

    Advanced Search Bar
    Intelligent Search Bar

    Advanced search will help the customers to sort and filter out various products easily. They can instantly get the search results by filtering on various categories including size, price range, etc.

    In-app Chat
    In-App Chat

    The in-app chat feature will help the customers to clear out queries customers and providing solutions to various issues on the app.

    Virtual Try-On

    Let the customers use AR view to experience the 3D version of the product in any part of their home. This is one of the best use of Technology to experience the product before purchasing the items.

    Size Recommendation

    Fashion and perfect fittings are the main concern for every customer. The app will recommend the size according to the customer’s closet size.

    Wish List
    Wish List

    Get the customers to save their favorite products in a list for future reference and purchase them later on.

    Omnichannel Integration

    Get the omnichannel integration into the app which will offer the best possible online shopping experience to the customers.

    Multimedia Support

    Allow the sellers to upload HD images and videos of products to ensure the customers about the product. This is one of the advanced ways of using multimedia support in the e-commerce business.

    Reviews and Ratings-icon-01
    User Ratings and Reviews

    Customers will be allowed to review and rate any product after using them. This will help all the future customers to get to know about the product before choosing the item.

    Payment Options
    Versatile Payment Options

    Get the multiple payments option to the customers for purchasing products from the app. The payment options include internet banking, credit card, debit cards, e-wallet, etc.

    Reasons to Choose Next Big Technology’s
    Fashion E-Commerce App Development

    We have listed all the best reasons to choose Next Big Technology’s fashion E-Commerce App Development for your business.

    We Specialize in Ecommerce

    We will be offering the best solution for E-Commerce with advanced development according to the need of the client.

    Privacy and Security
    We will stick down to a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the confidentiality of the project and provide privacy and security to the user data.
    White-label solutions
    White-Label Solution

    The client will be able to rebrand and customize the app according to their preference. The app is a completely white label solution and provides complete ownership.

    Gorgeous UI

    We are dedicated to offering a beautiful user interface to make the app user-friendly.

    Robust Solutions
    Robust Backend
    Powerful backend stacks are used in-app for making it fluent and responsive.
    Differentiating Features

    Get the most advanced features import into the app and leave the fashion e-commerce business.

    Robust Solutions
    One-in-all Solution

    Apart from fashion eCommerce app development we also offer to customize web solutions for the business

    App rejection support

    Get complete support from our regarding all the technicalities. Our technical team will offer support till the deployment of the app.

    Next Big Technology’s
    Fashion E-Commerce App Development Process

    Next Big Technology’s Fashion E-Commerce App Development Services development is unique and advanced in its way. We have listed the complete procedure of a development period till the deployment.

    01. Initiation

    Our experts will get in touch with the clients to get the complete vision of the app and the brand.

    02. Requirement Analysis

    We will analyze all the requirements of the clients to completely know about the version of the app and the brand.

    03. UI/UX Design and Wireframing

    The app will be designed interactively and responsively with scalable features. The app will get adapted to all the future screen sizes without any special requirement for development.

    04. Product Development

    The development phase includes the coding of the app along with all the feedback being received from the client according to the development.

    05. Demo App

    After the development is completed a demo app will be provided to the client to ensure the final project.

    06. Testing
    Every app project will be thoroughly tested to ensure the elimination of glitches and bugs before the deployment phase.
    06. Launching

    After all the stages have been completed the app will be successfully deployed into major platforms like Android and iOS. Customers can download according to their preferred platform and enjoy the fashion e-commerce app.

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