eWallet Mobile App Development – Essential Features & cost to consider

eWallet Mobile App Development – Essential Features & cost to consider

The world is fully powered by technologies today. Mobile app development company can ease everything including taxi booking, shopping, ordering food, or more. On the other hand, the rise of the internet and mobile devices has paved the way for easy accessibility of goods and services.

Smartphone technology and innovations have completely changed the way customers interact with brands. It leads to faster economic growth. The convenience and innovative product/service offerings of the customers are the primary goals of technological innovation.

Essential features eWallet Mobile App Development

1. User Perspective

1. Registration

The user first has to register his account by using his mobile number and email id. Upon receiving the verification code, his account gets registered.

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2. Linking the Banking Account

Link your bank account details with an eWallet to smoothly make the transactions and other payments. Users can add their card details, CVV number, and date of expiry of the card.

3. Adding the Money into Account

Use the card details, a 3D secured pin, password, or ATM’s pin to add money.

Essential features eWallet Mobile App Development (User Perspective)

4. Fund Transfer or Receive Fund

The eWallet helps you send money to someone either by typing the number of the recipient or by scanning the QR code.

5. The eWallet Passbook

Developers allow the users to check their transaction history through an eWallet passbook. For the advanced search, you can use the filter option.

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The Admin Panel

After discussing the spectrum of user-related features, the next big technology app development company focused on what aspects are important from an admin point of view.

1. The Dashboard

The Admin panel comprises a single dashboard, which allows you to get information and data related to all the registered users. Also, an admin can view the real-time app analytics and keep an eye on the notifications that are being sent.

Essential features eWallet Mobile App Development (The Admin Panel)

2. Managing the User Profile

The admin of an application can manage the profile of the user along with all their daily transactions occurring through the eWallet.

3. Strengthening the Security Element

The owner of an eWallet app lets you enhance in offering robust security without any compromise on any cost. The security tools and features need to be reviewed from time to time and it must be ensured that all confidential data is highly protected.

4. Real-time Analytics

An admin must always remain updated with real-time analytics to plan further strategy. In other words, you will know how many people are actively using the app and monitor the performance of the app at regular intervals.

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The Cost of Developing an eWallet App

The cost of eWallet app development depends on various factors. Some of the highly affected ones are the platforms. Before developing the app, you must be clear whether the app is for a single platform or multiple platforms.


In the modern era, Digital payment applications have completely changed people’s behavior while paying for goods and making cash transfers. Many things are being paid via the help of mobile money from the electricity invoice charge, account stability tests to money switches.

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