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Are you interested in launching app similar to that of Clubhouse app? Then NBT is here to serve your needs!
Clubhouse Clone for iOS and Android, an audio based social networking app! Instigate an interactive Clubhouse Clone app!
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Clubhouse Clone Script
Launch an Audio Based Social Media App

Clubhouse is an audio based social networking application where an invite is sent to the user by the existing user to join and thereby you can join the discussions.

It’s a new trend in the current days and if you want to own a Clubhouse Clone application then it is the right time and we can assist you.

Prominent features of Clubhouse Clone App


Hallway exhibits audio meeting rooms published by the groups the user follow.


The user fabricates a meeting room and sets a time and the discussion topic.


Reminders are being sent to the user related to the forthcoming sessions which the user has marked “interested”.


Based on the user’s pursuits such as number of meetings conducted by him/her, invites are being sent. The user can also look at the number of invites from the feature.

Alert Notifications
Instant Notifications

Notifications are sent to the user if his/her followers are talking and so on. Moreover, if the user is followed by any other user, alerts or notifications are sent.

Join Club

The person can fabricate and can join clubs which he/she is interested in. The clubs can construct rooms for the people to talk over in private or in public.

We Proffer
Audio Based Social Media App Solutions

We construct tailor-made invite only social media apps regarding your cause of business.

Social Networking
Social Media Application

Build an app where the users associate with each other, make groups, communities and share the information.

Community Application

Build an app for a specific community or people staying in the same locality for instance apartment, etc.

Business Network
Business Channel Application

Build an app where executives associate and conduct meetings to talk over and discuss topics connecting to business and so on.

Women’s Social Networking
Women’s Oriented App

Build an app completely for women which can be useful for them where meetings can be conducted and discussions can be held on various topics.

Social Publishing
Social Sharing App

Build an app for the users to publish, share information etc. Much alike to podcast.

Shopping Oriented

Build an app for people who are fascinated regarding shopping where they can hold meetings and discuss shopping experiences, rate products and also trade products.

Our Approach of Clubhouse Clone App Development

01. Astounding Design

Our professional and experienced developers concentrate on designing a brilliant UI which enthralls the user every time.

02. Simple Integration

Integration of various social media profiles in the Clubhouse Clone is built uncomplicated and made simple. Assists the users to get connected.

03. Secure

Security and Privacy is the prime priority for us and we build the app incorporating all the secure and privacy features.

04. Select the Right platform

We work on platforms which embraces all devices to have an unbroken functioning and therefore create a pleasant experience for the users.

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