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    Celebrities, Entertainers and Artists Hiring Mobile Application Development

    Amit Shukla

    Everyone today wants to relax and watch any movie or TV serial or any program for that matter. Entertainment is one such thing which could give relaxation for anyone. So, today we are going to look at the app development for celebrities, entertainers, and artists. Technology has entered in entertainment field too and it has proved to be very much useful.

    According to many surveys conducted it was found that the entertainment app development would grow tremendously in coming years to benefit people who are in the field of entertainment.

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    How do you think the entertainment app functions?

    The app assists people who are interested to become a part of the entertainment sector – artists to easily participate in the process of hiring so that they can showcase their talents. Moreover, previous days were very much tedious to hire and find the right talent. But now due to the introduction of the application, the hiring activity became very much flexible and uncomplicated. This platform has become very much instrumental in the modern days.

    Artists classification:

    1. Singers
    2. Comedians
    3. Dancers

    Most artists exist under the above groups who tend to be hired by the agency. If there is any live event to be conducted or any event to be hosted, these dancers, singers, and comedians are hired for a specified period of time with the help of the app.

    Some of the significant attributes of entertainment hiring app:

    1. Posts:

    This element would prove useful for the fans as such because the celebrities can publish their pursuits from time to time.

    1. Schedule:

    This kind of attribute can assist the celebrities to plan ahead and schedule posts so that their fans can view the particular content of the celebrity even if he/she is on leave or holiday.

    1. Messengers:

    These are the chatbots where the celebrities can chat with their fans to have more interaction and can hence become close to their fans.

    1. Alertness:

    This is a kind of notification feature where the fans would be alerted if there is any post or update made by the celebrity.

    1. Charity drives:

    Through this feature, they can approach their fans to collect necessary funds and use the funds for a social cause or event.

    1. Live-video:

    This kind of feature allows the celebrities to have a live session with their fans casually or due to events or so.

    1. In-app visuals/tapes:

    This element could be used to publish the trailers of approaching movies, any shows, etc.

    1. Mark calendar:

    This attribute could assist the celebrity to mark their dates so that they can be reminded to take part in the show or event, etc.

    1. Pictures compilation:

    Celebrities can compile their pictures of their liking and post in the space so that fans can either share or follow them accordingly.

    1. Collect particulars:

    This element assists the celebrities to collect the necessary information of their fans.

    Admin duties:

    Admins mostly have the responsibility on their shoulders to look for the appropriate knacks among the participants according to the needs of the clientele.

    1. Publishing the post by mentioning the date, time, and venue
    2. Publishing the category of artists as conveyed to them by the sponsors
    3. Filtering out and examining the participants
    4. Filtered artists to get in touch with the sponsors or clients

    The above-mentioned activities are managed by the admins.

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    Other beneficial features which can make the app more interesting:


    1. Login:

    Login is a common feature for either the artist or the organizer. Artists can fill up his/her details and also publish his/her talents in the form of videos, clips, etc.

    Whereas organizers would fill in the details so that they regularly post the updates regarding their needs.

    1. Reservation engines:

    This kind of element allows the artists to reserve their rates according to the event and these rates are received by the organizers at the other end. Once the organizers accept the rate then only the artist is reserved for the particular show.

    1. Notifications:

    These notifications are received by artists and organizers as well when there is any novel information or updates and so on.

    1. Geo-location:

    This sensor can help people to know the exact place or location.

    1. Dashboards:

    This kind of element assists the artists and the organizers to know the position of the particular function, show, and a lot more stuff.

    1. Chatbots:

    Chatbots or messengers can aid the artists and the clients to chat regarding any stuff. Any doubts or clarification persisting could be cleared.

    1. Reviews:

    This kind of attribute commonly would assist in knowledge regarding the quality and service extended.

    1. Multi-language assistance:

    This attribute would assist artists and clients to change the language according to one’s convenience and communicate further so that there is no language hindrance.

    Revenue model:

    1. Ads
    2. Third part commissions
    3. Component catalog

    One can expect good returns from celebrity hiring apps.

    How do you proceed to build a celebrity hiring application?

    You would require front-end and back-end developers, Android and iOS developers, Testers, and QA experts.

    UI/UX is crucial and hence focus on these aspects is much appreciated.

    Appealing user interface with eye-catching designs, color is also prominent.

    Apart from all these factors speed, performance and navigation stand vital for these kinds of applications.

    It is always good to go about fabricating and release the application on both platforms Android and iOS so as to benefit all kinds of mobile users.

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    As discussed, hope this article would provide an insight regarding the celebrity hiring app development.

    Celebrity hiring applications have made it easier for clients to find the right artist, as it was previously difficult to find the right artist mobile application.

    The technological improvements have simplified the procedure and it is virtuous thought to invest in building celebrity hiring apps.

    The overall cost to develop and build an application for one platform would cost you around 25,000$ to 35,000$ and beyond. In India, the per hour rate of the developers stands at 25$-50$ and accordingly varies in other countries.

    In case you are looking for celebrity hiring mobile app development you can approach Next Big Technology for further communication as NBT is having extensive experience in building celebrity hiring apps.


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