On-Demand Zocdoc Clone App Development

Developing particularly an application like Zocdoc for iOS, Android and also for the web is now actually possible by using our best Zocdoc clone application.

zocdoc clone development

Zocdoc Clone App Development Services

The days of lingering at the doctor’s office or perhaps even standing in a line at a pharmacy store are long gone. Dedicated apps have also made it easier for patients to communicate with physicians and collect medicine on schedule. Not only is this a handy choice, it also helps in saving time, additional money, and otherwise even lives. Our best Zocdoc clone scripts allow you to open a healthcare portal that is fully personalized and otherwise white-labelled. Our applications are very much user-friendly and perhaps come with the latest security protocols.

Zocdoc Clone App Key Features

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Telemedicine App-screen-03
Filter Options-1

Filter and Sorting

Users can find the right treatment support by looking for unique physicians, medical problems, clinics, pharmacies and places.

Appointment Booking & Cancellation

Ability to somehow book/cancel meetings or deliveries without any difficulties.

Scheduling Events

Patients somehow can arrange monthly check-ups or otherwise shipments of medicines. Alternatively, physicians or even just pharmacies may alert patients once again to the increased availability of their particular services.

Cross-platform Support

It works perfect on kind of devices and different platforms. We build solution all platform compatible, it always works perfect everywhere.
Admin Dashboard-1

Interactive Admin Dashboard

Enables the admin to monitor the site effectively and to further track user activity as well.

Export Data-1

Export Data To CSV

Allows the users to import data in.csv or otherwise .xls formats.

Easy Login-1


Users can enter the app instead by logging in via their particular email ID or otherwise mobile number or even some social media accounts.

CMS Feature

The software of NBT is available instead on Android, iOS, and also the internet.Content Management System Administrators can post blogs or otherwise news to inform users upon emerging trends instead in health care.

How Zocdoc Clone App Is Useful?

Experts estimate that the particular global healthcare industry somehow will grow to 11 trillion dollars by 2021. The emergence of the Internet has indeed helped to really revolutionize this field by just making healthcare available by aggregators. Applications like Zocdoc are reimagining how people will make use of resources from medical providers, clinics, pharmacies and even testing centers. In addition, the applications of NBT  help save some time and even money while also actually helping to further open the healthcare delivery network to a broader audience. We have a leading clone app provider that will indeed help you create an appointment scheduling application that can really help you set up your own particular healthcare services website in no time.

How The Zocdoc Clone App Actually Works?

Like Smartphone doctor solutions, Zocdoc helps patients to communicate with physicians, clinics, hospitals and labs in an effective manner. The Clone Application built by us has now 2 portals, one for the customer and otherwise the other somehow for now the service provider.


User App of ZocDoc Clone App

Via this particular portal, patients can browse for disease-specific resources that can be indexed using a range of choices, such as with geographic area, pricing, ranking and more. The patient may also review the availability of facilities and plan appointments or otherwise deliveries accordingly. In addition to that, a calendar of appointments will be drawn up and updated on a timely basis. At the end of the day, a patient should also rate perhaps the services which they redeemed and otherwise also provide feedback of their experience.

Service Providers App Of Zocdoc Clone App

Physicians, clinics and pharmacies can indeed update specifics of their particular specializations, facilities and prices through this site. They will also monitor their services here when confirming or canceling orders on the basis of their convenience or otherwise availability. In the meantime, physicians should create an interactive schedule that informs patients of every application. At the end of the day, service providers should also develop and manage customized programs for their clients.



Yes, since our offerings are 100% flexible, you can adjust and customize the product to suit various needs as your company develops.

You will release promo codes for consumers to encourage users or improve the operation of the app. This somehow can also be used to hold special events. You may also introduce a loyalty service that helps you to encourage users to promote your app as well as monitor their activities.

The applications of NBT are enhanced with a range of security enhancements to secure users’ privacy and otherwise transactions. This includes 2-factor encryption, OTP authentication process, social media login, verification of email and more.

Yes, you can check the features of the app.

Yes, Our company offers the customers with every requisite technical support.

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