TaskRabbit Clone App Development

Provide the best on-demand service of the marketplace with Next Big Technology’s TaskRabbit clone app. The app is having the implementation of various features and functionalities with complete customization ability. The script is completely ready to deploy on various smartphone platforms including iOS and Android platforms.
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TaskRabbit Clone App Development Service

Provide the best handyman services with various remarkable solutions with the Next Big Technology’s TaskRabbit Clone app. The app is completely white-labeled and provides instant scalability for future devices. The app is developed with advanced technology and tools to provide the best on-demand services in the marketplace solution. It will cater to millions of users along with proper transactions insecure manner.

Features of
TaskRabbit Clone App Development

These are the best possible features is being offered by Next Big Technology’s TaskRabbit Clone App to the users.
Multiple Services
Multiple Services
Get On Demand multiple services available for various selected locations with advanced search bar functionality and filtering capability.
Versatile Pricing
The app is having the ability to manage and configure videos business operations with pricing and more depending on the task and hourly manner. It is catering to the convenience of the users with various services.
Multilingual Support
The app is having the complete integration of global languages which would ensure to cater to the global user base.
Radius Pricing
City Radius Pricing
There are various pricing in the app which is being Set according to the city radius to have fixation of service regulation.
Explore Jobs
Explore Jobs
Service providers can choose from various jobs which are being available in the app to place current bids. They can choose jobs from the platform and ensure to give on-demand service.
Job Bidding
Smart Job Bidding
The service charge will be automatically in post with the selection of any selected job which will be assigned to the provider after being accepted by the customer.
In-app Chat Module
In-App Chat
Get connected with the service providers during the service or clarification any requirements for the service requirements.
Scheduled Parking
Schedule Services
Easily schedule any services for any future calendar date according to the preference of the users.
Reviews and Ratings-icon-01
Reviews and Ratings
Every user can place their ratings and reviews according to their experience with the service provided by the service provider.
Availability Toggle
Availability Toggle
Service providers will have the flexibility to turn on and off about the services which are being provided through the application. They can accept or reject any services according to their preference which are been placed through the app.

Reason to Choose
TaskRabbit Clone App Development

Next Big Technology is one of the best developers’ teams for app development services. We have listed all the possible reasons to choose Next Big Technology’s TaskRabbit Clone AppDevelopment.
Open for Massive Customization
The development of the app is completely white-labeled and can be rebranded according to the preference of the client.
Mobile Apps
Native Android/ iOS Apps
The app will be available for all the native smartphone platforms including Android and IOS devices.
Highly Scalable
Highly Scalable
The app is highly scalable and has the support for complete scalability with all future devices.
Master Admin Panel
The app and bill will have the complete ability to control and manage every task from the master admin panel.
Bug Support
Free Bug Support
We will provide free cost to technical maintenance for a limited time after the proper deployment of the app. App owners can avail themselves of the paid maintenance service after the period is over.
Our team of app developers are having several years of experience with app development and will offer does complete solutions for the project with skilled work.
On-Time Delivery-2
On-Time Delivery
We will ensure to provide the project delivery within the promised time which had been agreed upon during the project commencement.

Development Process of
TaskRabbit Clone App Development

These are the basic working process of Next Big Technology’s TaskRabbit Clone AppDevelopment which will be ensured with every development.
01. Requirement Analysis
We will completely understand the client’s requirement by engaging with the business demand in the meeting. We will properly apply to the requirement and use all the tools and technologies for implementing the development process.
02. UI/ UX Design
The team of designers will provide the best and unique creative user interface to have the most responsive and fluid experience for the user.
03. Development
Our team of developers is skilled and experienced and will use all the advanced tools and technologies for backend customization and setup. Developers will customize the app according to the business model and the requirements of all the APIs integrated into the app.
04. Testing
After the app is completely developed it will go through various kinds of testing including bugfix and glitch resolve phase before being deployed.
05. Launching
That app will be deployed into various measures platforms which will globally increase your business.

Tech Stack


Why Choose Us

Task Rabbit Clone Development is an online platform which help users to find neighbour who can do daily task like handyman, cleaning, gardening, plumbing etc. It is a kind of platform which plays a role of mediator between labour and customers. It also named as real world job provider where customer can post the services with the mentioned rates that they could pay. Admin has rights to see the background and pre certified works of labour and the same rights will be transferred to the customer so that they can select the best one from all of them.

It is very useful for customers and labours as Task Rabbit Clone Development saves time as it is the online on request outsource which is available nearby, it is very safe and sound as it provides the skilled professionals who are getting rated, in this it is very easy to post the task, it is very easy to communicate between customer and labour about the task mentioned and it has easy option to make the payment online.

Task Rabbit Clone Development also has many key features as customer can post the task by selecting the category in which they can add, select the job details and add the time when they require the job with the price details; become a freelancer; and it provides an option of online private messaging system.

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