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    Rakuten Clone Development– Best Cashback Rewards Script

    Get in hands with an international cashback rewards script, and embrace the massive userbase. By using all the advanced technology with exceptional features, get ready to be the king of cashback rewards.

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    Launch Your Own
    Rakuten Clone Script Development

    The majority of the websites and apps are offering E-Commerce business services, but nothing can be compared to cashback rewards. Discount generation is one of the best ways to generate revenues with a unique experience. Rakuten is one of the biggest platforms for cashback rewards generation, which ensures the best possible experience of online shopping. Every entrepreneur should embrace this futuristic strategy for business. Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script will ensure the expanding user base of your business. It is a mixture of various responses functionalities that offer shopping rewards

    Best Features of
    Rakuten Clone Script Development

    A business application can be much easier with cashback rewards. Get to know about all the features offered by Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script.


    Cashback Websites

    Get to have the best quality cashback website infused with the latest features and technologies.


    Loyalty and Reward Points Website

    Embrace affiliate marketing by offering reward points and loyalty points to ensure a massive user base attraction. This increases the engagement level of every customer on the website.


    Discount and Coupons Website

    Offering deals and exclusive offers ensure the engagement of online shopping customers. Customers will be able to get the best possible discount and coupons through the Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script

    Price Comparison

    Price Comparison Website

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    Product Feeds

    Product Feeds

    Get the complete integration of product fields from a third-party merchant into your Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script. With the increased number of the merchant, revenue income will also increase.


    Personalized Affiliate Network

    Be the best among the competitors with all the exclusive coupons, offers, and discounts from Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script.


    Charity Donation Cashback Solution

    Promote the offerings to the charity from your revenue from the cashback in your Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script.


    Cashback Browser Extension

    Get personalized cashback browser extensions, which will explore and locate all the cashback offers. The extension is supported by all the major web browsers available in the market.

    Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Apart from websites and extensions, we will offer developed mobile apps for cashback. Apps will be supported by both the major smartphone platforms iOS and Android.

    Basic Reasons to Choose
    Rakuten Clone Script Development

    We have enlisted all the basic reasons to choose Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script.

    Latest Technology
    Advanced Technology

    You are determined to use all the advanced technologies to offer a robust project outcome. We ensure responsiveness in every project we develop as Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script.

    App rejection support
    360° Support
    We extend the support to all the clients even after the deployment of the project. We give dedicated service along with free bug removal support for a short period.

    Our team of experts are having tons of experience in web development and designing. We ensure high-quality delivery using all the advanced technology.

    Strict NDA adherence
    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    We will find the non-disclosure agreement and will be bound to it until the project is deployed. We respect the privacy of the client and we ensure the confidentiality of the project.

    On-Time Delivery-2
    On-Time Delivery
    We are focused on delivering the project within the promised deadline. We are determined to complete the project without any quality defects.
    White Labeling

    Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script is completely white-labeled and can be customized and personalized according to the preference of the client. Any setting and bending can be changed without any issues.

    Guide to Development of
    Rakuten Clone Script Development

    Get to know about all the development procedures of Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script.

    Requirement of Analysis

    Before we head down to develop any project ensure the complete analysis and research. We communicate with the client to have the complete in light and Idea requirement of the client.

    Full-Fledged Planning

    We plan our project in a precise manner with keeping the deadline in mind. During the planning process, we ensure the development period and the design.


    Our developers work hard on creative ideas which will introduce the brand to the world through the user interface. We ensure the best experience for the customers once it is been deployed.


    Next Big Technology’s Rakuten Clone Script is developed with complete advanced technology and tools. We offer the best possible security to the app to ensure privacy and protection.

    Quality Assessment

    Every project is being tested by the engineers to eliminate all the bugs and glitches. We check thoroughly to ensure the best possible experience for the client and also for the customer.


    The final stage is being approached to ensure the installing of the app to any servers of the preference. We are always ready to submit to all the major platforms to ensure the global presence of the brand.

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