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Get the most reliable fundraising platform which will help you to reach the capital for any cause. This is one of the best crowdfunding businesses using the Next Big Technology’s Pledgebox Clone app.

Pledgebox Clone App Development Services

The fundraising platform is constantly in demand with amazing Next Big Technology’s Pledgebox Clone App. Give the service to those users who are looking for raising funds for various causes. Those causes can be helped with the application and website dedicated for those specific purposes. This application can be available on almost every platform due to cross-platform compatibility. This app will help to build the bridge between the donor and the campaign organizer by raising funds with complete end-to-end transparency and security. The app is equipped with various advanced tools and Technology and functionalities, which is considered as one of the best capital raising sources in the online market.

Features of
Pledgebox Clone App Development

These are the best possible features is being offered by Next Big Technology’s Pledgebox Clone App to the users.
Ultra-Responsive Layout
Get the best version of the app with an introduction and flicker-free with excellent optimized quality of performance.
Projects Manager
A dedicated project manager will be assigned for your project who will keep track of every progress.
Email Template
Status can increase their upsell rate by using various predefined email templates available within the app.
Create Surveys
Get a completely customized campaign service that will increase the community base to get connected with the creator.
Automated Shipping List
Creators can avoid all the misplaced deliveries to automatic shipping list with proper details.
Create Addons
There are various add ons to be implemented in-app to increase the promotion and boost the revenue.
Track Progress
Every creator can track the progress in real-time along with the status of the service and the results.
The app will enable the pre-order of the products along with the proper listings.
Push Notifications
The push notification will give allowed about various new projects and interested investors available in the app.

Reason to Choose Us For
Pledgebox Clone App Development

Next Big Technology is one of the best developers’ teams for app development services. We have listed all the possible reasons to choose Next Big Technology’s Pledgebox Clone App.
100% Customization
The development of the app is completely white-labeled and can be rebranded and completely customized according to the preference of the client.
Cutting-Edge Technology
The application is completely scalable which will ensure to modify into any future evolving environment.
Gorgeous UI/UX
Our developers will creatively give the best app design with unique functionalities and user interface. Our team of experts will use the best possible tools to give you innovative user interface designs which will grab the attention of the user.
Top-Notch Quality
Our team of developers is skilled and experienced and will use all the advanced tools and technologies for backend customization and setup. Developers will customize the app according to the business model and the requirements of all the APIs integrated into the app.
The development of the app is completely white-labeled and can be rebranded according to the preference of the client.
Best Value For Money
We will be offering budget-friendly packages for the app with proper implementation of functions and scalability.

Working Process of
Pledgebox Clone App Development

These are the basic working process of Next Big Technology’s Pledgebox Clone App which will be ensured with every development.
01. Connect with Campaign
Link the app account with the campaign for any kind of crowdfunding platform for getting the best management tool.
02. Specify Products & Rewards
Give the complete description of the product along with functionalities and application and rewards to the backers.
03. Send Survey to Backers
Send remind service to the packers along with tracking the progress and the result.
04. Shipping Address Update
Backers can always update the shipping address before locking the survey.
05. AddOns Purchase
Backers will be able to buy add on at elevated prices with various payment options.
06. Upload Shipping Report
Give the complete report along with the shipping and tracking information along with the email to the backers.

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