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We at NBT, provide a high-quality solution for your needs for On Demand Staffing Solution. Current era search jobs online and job board is always the best solution to connect companies and job seekers. We build high-performing and fully functional Job boards, which provide complete staffing solutions. Job seekers can post their resumes, they can apply for jobs, companies can post their job needs, Job seekers can apply for those jobs. It connects all companies and job seekers to each other.

As a Top Web and App Development Company, we have an experienced team of Web and Mobile App Developers who are well experienced in developing On-Demand Staffing Solutions or Job Boards. We have built many similar Web & Mobile Applications for Staffing Solutions, which is running quite successfully in the market. We have developed different kinds of staffing solutions for different clients all over the World.

We develop Staffing solutions web portal and Staffing solutions Android & Ios Apps to suit client needs. Our staffing solutions provide complete end-to-end solutions for Job Board. Where we will provide complete options for companies and job seekers.

Peoples search for a job online these days, they look for online job search solution which provides them easy and fast option to find a job, and at the same time, it will make work easy for companies as well, it saves them a lot of time by posting ads on newspapers and classifieds.

Online Staffing Portal gives both companies and job seekers multiple options to choose from and to take an interview. Due to corona situations interviews are taken online as well by voice or video call, we build job portals and apps which provide online interview options as well where companies can easily interview job seekers on a video conference call or voice call.

Salient Features of the App

– Clean, uncluttered user interface so that users spend more time on the app and have a better user experience.
– User-friendly interface
– The highly scalable app, adds as many users, staff as desired without compromising the performance and speed.
– Highly secured app, users’ personal and sensitive information will be secured
– App designed keeping in mind the target audience
– Responsive mobile app design for varying screen sizes and resolutions
– Less keyboarding and more mobile screen touching
– Fast loading time and high-performance
– Integration with social media accounts for better customer outreach
– Legible and beautiful font for the text
– Easy to navigate layout
– Integration with online payment gateways

Salient features of the site

– Fully dynamic and interactive site
– Mobile-friendly site
– Responsive site that works on various devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop
– Cross-browser compatible site that works on all popular browsers available on market like ‘Chrome’, ‘Safari’, ‘Internet Explorer’, ‘Firefox’
– Links to your social media pages
– Client testimonials
– SEO-friendly site and code.
– A site that is manageable via Admin Panel
– On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the site so that it ranks higher on the search engines and reaches the target audience
– A secured site using SSL layer (optional)
– Easy to read and remember domain name (optional)
– Bread Crumb Navigation that helps your visitors to navigate hierarchically.
– Internal links to your website’s inner pages
– Contact form to capture the details of the visitors like (e-mail, phone number, etc.)
– Optimized code for fast page loading
– Fast and reliable hosting (optional)
– Integrated blogs on the site
– Strong database security
– The highly scalable site, add unlimited users, staff, media without any dent in speed and performance.

Website Design Features

– Clean and uncluttered user-interface
– User-friendly interface
– Premium and professional theme designs for the site keeping in mind the target audience, so that consumers spend more time on the website.
– Clean and easily readable fonts on the site
– Brand new Logo, to give your site and business a unique identity
– Clear and easy to read top navigation
– Essential business information like location, address, phone number
– Display the company’s physical address, phone number, and e-mail address
– List your office, business hours, working days
– Footer menu
– Informative header and footer
– Footer Social Media links
– Hamburger layout for the menu tab in the mobile-friendly design
– White space wherever required to enhance the usability
– Animations and hover effects to add dynamicity

How the platform will work?

– Freelancers, highly skilled and semi-skilled people list their name and other details like skill, experience, hourly/daily rate, etc. in the on-demand staffing app.
– Companies that need a person for a particular hourly/daily job profile can search for it in the app and select the right available person and contact him.
– The admin of the platform gets some percentage of commission for every staffing is assigned either from provider or seeker.

Worker Module

– New jobs are posted regularly on the platform
– Workers can search for active jobs nearby, a map of all the available jobs nearby
– New jobs will come to the users by push notifications and alerts
– When workers consistently work for jobs and maintain a good score, he earns badges and gets access to more jobs
– When he finds a suitable job, he will press the ‘Accept’ button to commit that he will show up and perform the task to the best of his ability
– All the necessary details will be provided in the job description like Requestor, start time, duration, wage amount, type of work, location
– When he arrives at the job, he will press the ‘Start’ button to start the work, this will also notify the requestor that he has arrived at work and is ready to begin (only in-app)
– If a worker has any questions or concerns, he can directly call or message the requestor
– When the job is completed the worker will press the ‘End/Complete’ button, to confirm that he has successfully completed the work as specified (only in-app)
– The worker will then review and rate the job experience
– He will have an option to withdraw from the work at least 12 hours from the start time
– If the worker does not show up at the specified time and location, then we will lose access to jobs and all the accepted jobs will automatically cancel
– After the completion of the work, the requestor will also rate the worker on a scale of 1 to 5
– Sort the jobs by distance, by start time, by wage amount
– ‘Refer a Friend’, ask a friend to sign up by entering the referral code and earn a bonus
– ‘Refer a Business’, ask a business to sign up by entering the referral code and earn a bonus
– Worker registration through e-mail
– Requestor registration through e-mail
– Upon registration, both will receive an e-mail confirmation
– ‘Forgot Password’ to recover lost passwords

Worker Dashboard

– Workers can see the number of active jobs
– Workers can see the number of completed jobs
– Workers can see the number of job withdrawals
– Workers can see number ratings and badges earned till the time
– Add contact information: phone number and e-mail
– Biography: to add personal details to help connect with requestors
– Add languages spoken, understood fluently
– Skills and experience to help connect with relevant requestors
– Add job preferences

A worker background check (through camera photo verification)

– Background verification through Government approved photo ID proof
– Residential address proof through the valid document
– Above 18 age proof

Job Details

– Company Name
– Company Ratings
– Job start day and time
– Total wage amount to be given to the worker
– Job requirements
– Tasks to be performed
– Estimated working hours per day that workers have to perform
– Unpaid break time during the work
– Job location and address where the worker must show up
– Location embedded on the Google Map for easy navigation
– Withdrawal policy
– Arrival instructions for the workers, what to do at the site when they arrive for work

Requestor Module

– Create new jobs
– Add job description: type of job, wage amount, start time, location, estimated time of completion
– Receive notifications when workers accept the jobs
– Receive notifications when workers arrive at the jobs
– Receive notifications when work is complete
– Rate and review workers’ performance after the task is completed
– Send requests to the admin to release payment to the worker
– See the number of posted jobs
– See the number of accepted jobs
– See the number of completed jobs
– See the number of canceled jobs

Admin Module

– Workers’ account management
– Payment gateway details management
– Requestors’ accounts management
– Assign jobs to the workers
– Release payments to workers
– Dashboard too, monitor all the vital stats like number of visitors, number of registrations, number of new jobs
– Ability to manage Content on the site pages
– Ability to manage Menus and Links of the pages
– Allow adding more Customized pages
– Option to remove Extra/Additional pages on the website
– Ability to manage Images on the pages
– Image Gallery Management
– Ability to manage FAQs Categories & FAQs Listing
– Testimonials Management
– Option to create SEO ready pages by the CMS

On-page SEO of the site

– Heading tags of all the pages
– Title tags of all the pages
– Meta description of all the pages
– Site map of the website
– Image attributes
– Optimized images
– Boosted site speed
– An exhaustive audit of the website
– w3c mark-up validation
– Mobile-friendly site
– Reduced server response time
– Reduced redirects
– Keyword tags for all the pages
– Text navigation
– SEO friendly URLs
– Register the site on ‘Google Search Console’
– Internal and outbound link
– Social Media sharing buttons
– Link the site with ‘Google Analytics’
– txt file

Rich snippets wherever applicable if you are looking to build Online Staffing Solutions or Job Portals, then you are in right place. We are well experienced and well versed in developing Online Job Portals or Online Staffing Mobile Applications which provide a smooth way of interaction between companies and job seekers. We worked a lot on similar concepts and different ideas which provide unique and user-friendly solutions for Job Portals. As a top web and App development company we build high-performing and interactive job portals and staffing solutions to match client needs and market trends. Hire Web Developers and Hire Mobile App Developers to get done your next Job portal, Please be in touch to discuss further your idea.

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