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    Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development

    Extend your business with Top Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development

    Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development Services

    We are one of the Top Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development Company, We are an experienced and skilled team of Web & App Developers. Our team is versed in providing Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development Solution as per your requirements.
    We provide high quality Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development Services, which is requirement specific and user oriented. We always provide user friendly solution which covers all needs as per current market trends. We design innovative and attractive solution which makes you stand out in competitive market.
    If you are looking for Top Notch solution for your next Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development, then you is on right page, we will full fill all your needs of Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development . We provide Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development Solution as well. We make clone of best available application in market.
    Hire Multistore E-commerce Web & App Developers with us to get done quality work on best price and on a record time. We will provide unique solution which will be fully functional, interactive and user friendly.

    Being a Top Web and App Development Company, We always focus on Work Quality, Client Specification, and Best Suggestion as per current market trends. We always hear client carefully and come up with best prototypes and ideas to get confirm all before start of work.

    What We Do

    We help all industries Worldwide to build unique solution for their brand, which help them to stand out in crowd. We build eye catching and user friendly solutions which is tested with non technical live users. We use latest and trending technologies which is best for your product in upcoming future. We always provide best suggestions and options to help you understand things.

    Analyze Customer Needs

    Our team is well experienced to under client needs, mockup and prototype them and come up with best in class solution.

    Result-Oriented Approach

    We always focus on Quality and Result Oriented solution, which is as per client specification and as per current market trends.

    Quality Control & Testing

    We always provide fully tested solution, which is fully tested in form of design and functionality, we make sure all work smooth.


    We build cross platform applications; our developers are well experienced in making perfect cross platform solutions.

    Why Choose Us

    The rapid growth in the technology is keep on changing and being shifted from one to another technologies. For Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development customers and technologies are the crucial driving factors. We provide the customer a multiple portals with unique branding, experience and the functionality. We provide a complete unique designto our customers by showing themmany products, along with pricing and information which helps to increase conversion rates, average order value, and provide brand unique experiences which keep customers happy.
    Multistore E-commerce Web & App Developmenthas various benefits such as we give multiple experiences which target different customers, easy to handle as everything gets controlled via a single dashboard, seamless integration with CRM and ERP systems, we provide advanced online marketing options within the platform and the flexibility that is net architecture for maximum versatility. We focus on the product, product details, product filtering, shopping cart, shopping options and the secured payment option.
    We also help to create unique design, menus, sitemaps, product inventory. Multistore E-commerce Web & App Development have a various features as well such as customer can find everything on the single dashboard and also get an option to write about the product in the search bar, creative store URL to make it look attractive, we give less price for the same product with the higher one on other stores, Customer can choose the nearby store location, We run special offers and discounts and also provide the coupon codes, multiple payment option, Specific shipping rates and the comment box where customer can write their reviews.

    User Panel

    We build interactive user panel, which is easy to use and easy to navigate. We make user friendly user panel, where any user can access services and products easily. We make user centric panel, where user can browse and buy, services and products easily.

    Appealing Design

     Our Graphic Designers are creative in making a user friendly, innovative and unique design which is clean, attractive and easy to navigate. We always make eye catching concept for you application, which attract users and make your service or products standout.

    Admin Panel

    We build user friendly admin panel, where from you can manage all your users, sales, orders, products, inventory, pricing, payment gateways, shipping, discounts etc. Our developed admin panel allow admin to manage all systems easily by himself.

    What We Offer

    Multistore eCommerce website and App Development Services & Features

     At Next Big Technology, we provide high-quality Multistore eCommerce App Development Services. We have an in-house team of highly talented Mobile App Developers who are well experienced in eCommerce Mobile App Development. We developed a wide range of eCommerce Apps for different industries like Fashion, Jewellery, Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, handicrafts, Books, Groceries, Food, vegetables, etc.

    Our team of App Developers are well versed in app development and have extensive experience in working with different industries and organizations all over the world. We are experienced in building different eCommerce App clones as well with unique designs and additional features. We build innovative, unique, and eye-catching Mobile Apps which is fully functional and user-friendly. We always provide requirement-specific solutions which perform highly in a competitive market.

    If you are looking to build eCommerce Applications for your brand or business. Then we will be the right choice. We will take care of all your business needs and we will provide you a quality app, which will help you to increase your business reach. As a Top Mobile App Development Company, we provide top-notch app development services. You can always Hire Mobile App Developers with us and enter into eCommerce market with a unique product. Please connect with us for more discussion about your eCommerce project needs.

    Key Features of App

    – Clean, uncluttered user interface so that users spend more time on the app and have a better user experience.
    – Simple and user-friendly interface
    – Fast, secure, reliable, scalable, flexible, robust, and high-performing app
    – Highly secured app, users’ personal and sensitive information will be secured
    – App designed keeping in mind the target audience
    – Responsive mobile app design for varying screen sizes and resolutions
    – Less keyboarding and more mobile screen touching
    – Fast loading time
    – Integration with social media accounts for better customer outreach
    – Legible and beautiful font for the text
    – Easy to navigate layout
    – Fully dynamic and interactive
    – Powerful Admin Panel that lets Admin control the website back-end in an easy way
    – Optimized code for fast app loading
    – Built on the latest development technology and according to modern app standards
    – Unique, premium, professional, and modern theme design
    – Relevant and personalized push notifications to the users- offers, discounts and promo codes, updates or reminders

    Key Features of the Website

    – Mobile-friendly site
    – Fully dynamic and interactive
    – Links to your social media pages
    – Cross-browser compatible -Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer
    – Fully Responsive site works on all screen sizes and devices – mobile, tablet, desktop.
    – Fast, secure, reliable, scalable, flexible, robust, and high-performing site
    – The highly secured site, users’ personal and sensitive information will be secured
    – Powerful Admin Panel that lets Admin control the website back-end in an easy way
    – A secured site using SSL layer to protect all the online transactions
    – On-page SEO so that the site ranks higher on the search engines
    – SEO-friendly site and code
    – Bread Crumb Navigation that helps your visitors to navigate hierarchically.
    – Contact form to capture the details of the visitors like (e-mail, phone number, etc.)
    – Optimized code for fast page loading
    – Share the website on social media platforms to increase the brand awareness
    – Built on the latest development technology and according to modern web standards



    Design Features of the Website


    – Clean and uncluttered user-interface
    – User-friendly interface and simple navigation
    – Unique, premium, modern, professional, and pixel-perfect design
    – Clean and easily readable fonts
    – Brand new Logo, to give your site and business a unique identity
    – Clear and easy to read top navigation
    – Consistent layout
    – Full-page banners/headers
    – Modern color scheme
    – Customer-centric
    – Essential business information like location, address, phone number, location map, e-mail, business hours, and working days
    – Footer menu
    – Informative header and footer
    – Footer Social Media links
    – Hamburger layout for the menu tab in the mobile version
    – White space wherever required to enhance the usability
    – Animations and hover effects to add dynamicity
    – Favicon – browser tab icon



    Front-end Key Features


    – Provides a marketplace where customers can buy/sell products
    – Unlimited number of site Users and Product Listings
    – Option to browse Product Brands & Categories
    – Provides Best Sellers, Most Viewed & Latest Products listings
    – Member Sign-up, Login & Forgot Password
    – Allow Supplier/Vendor Login
    – Discount Coupons System
    – Payment Gateway Integration
    – Post Reviews, Ratings & Comments for Products listing
    – Promotes by sharing the products on Facebook, e-mail to a friend
    – Subscribe and unsubscribe to e-mail newsletters
    – E-mail Notifications & Alerts



    Buyer Module


    – Provides an instant purchase platform for buyers
    – Option to Search products by Keywords & Categories
    – Option to Add/Save Product as Favourite
    – Products Recommendation feature/option – Portal owner/staff users can mark any product as Editor’s Pick or Recommend.
    – Ability to read/view Reviews for sellers
    – Option to Write Reviews for Products & Sellers
    – Ability to See Orders & Purchase History
    – Update Profile & Account Settings
    – Can fill forms to get relevant details
    – Ask questions regarding products, buyers, agreements, or any regarding other queries
    – The easy and hassle-free user registration system
    – User registration using e-mail and social media like Facebook, Google
    – Forgot Password for password recovery



    Seller Module


    – Allow sellers to create their own store with a personalized logo/banner
    – Manage Products listing
    – Ability to add Pictures
    – Manage Product Shipping & Taxes
    – Selling History
    – Ability to view all Orders placed by Buyers for their Products
    – Ability to manage Orders Status
    – Seller Pay-out Payment Details
    – Account Summary and Statistics of activity
    – Sales Reports
    – Sellers can sell or lease equipment
    – See top selling products and categories.
    – Auto-detect your customer’s address to make shipping and tax calculations simpler.



    Delivery Module


    – Delivery App: lets the delivery guy navigate to the nearest customer and text or call him.
    – Tracking: track products or packages and alter relevant order state
    – Give a lot of flexibility to your customers by giving a delivery schedule interval. Drag and drop the driver onto the map to schedule a brand-new delivery. View month, week, day, two days and list read of your schedule.
    – Delivery improvement by geographical supported address or area. Automates the complete delivery price ticket creation method
    – Custom routes: The driver will be sent the new route within seconds of the route is created. The dispatch operator can view the total distance of the route and the duration of time that it should take the driver to complete the route.
    – Reschedule Easy re-scheduling of deliveries by the vendor or the customer. Drag schedule item on the Scheduler to quickly re-schedule a delivery. Filter scheduler results by date range, team, and driver.
    – Track Log: track your delivery driver’s past location using our driver’s tracklog feature which will show you your driver’s location throughout the day, minute by minute.
    – Notification: create custom messages that will automatically be sent to your customers and drivers for each milestone met during the delivery process.



    Backend/Admin Key Features


    – Manage Users (Buyers & Sellers) and their Profile & Account activities
    – Manage Product Brands & Categories
    – Manage Products & Product Variations/Attributes
    – Manage Products Stock/Inventory
    – Manage Seller’s Products listing
    – Ability to Approve Products Images uploaded by Sellers
    – Product Discount Coupons Management
    – Manage Notification of all kinds of major activities of users
    – Ability to view & manage Orders placed by Buyers
    – Review and Rating Moderation
    – Manage Newsletters listing
    – Manage Shipping, Tax Zones, Countries & States
    – Purchase and daily activity log
    – Live Users Statistics & Sales Reports
    – Commissions & Revenues Statistics/Reports
    – Total Transactions Report
    – Exportable all Statistics/Reports to excel
    – Set Terms and Conditions for buying and selling
    – Ability to manage Content on the site pages
    – Image Gallery Management
    – Customer testimonials management
    – Users Permission Management:
    – Ability to add more Users as Sub-Admin on the website
    – Products & their Attributes Settings
    – Discount Coupons & other Discounts Settings



    Product Module Key Features


    – Multiple Brands & Categories listings
    – Classification of products according to the categories
    – Unlimited Products listing
    – Multiple Product Variations/Attributes
    – Top Viewed & Latest Products listings
    – Featured Products listing
    – Related Products listing
    – Products for Instant Purchase
    – Product Images
    – Products Stock/Inventory
    – User product wishlist
    – Inventory management
    – Auto-calculate shipping price for each customer.
    – Schedule product launches according to the convenience



    Search Features


    – Keyword Search
    – Product Search by Brand & Category options
    – User Search
    – Product Filter with Instant listing
    – Browse/Filter Products listing by Category



    Shopping Cart Features


    – Shopping Cart can be integrated with SSL certificates
    – Regular Checkout Process
    – Specified/Preferred Payment Methods
    – Accepts both Cash on delivery and online payment options
    – Multiple Tax Rates
    – Shipping & Delivery Methods (Shipping Options)
    – Customer self-pickup option
    – Discount Coupons & other Discount Types e.g. Qty. discount & Order value discount
    – Billing & Shipping Addresses Management
    – Orders History & Order Confirmation
    – Order Invoice & Notification Emails
    – Real-time inventory and stock updates



    Stock/Inventory Settings


    – Cart Settings
    – Payment, Tax & Shipping Settings
    – Seller Pay-out Settings
    – Admin can set & charge commission over the price of the product
    – Allow sellers not to sell more than max. number of items/products or a limited stock
    – Reviews, Comments & Messages Moderation Settings
    – Admin Common Settings, Time zone & Currency



    Reviews & Ratings and Comments Features


    – Users can Rate each other
    – Reviews & Ratings for Products
    – Product Comments and Share in Social Media
    – Suggest Best Seller according to their Review and Ratings