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    GoFundMe Clone App Development

    Get the most reliable fundraising platform which will help you to reach the capital for any cause. This is one of the best crowdfunding businesses using the Next Big Technology’s GoFundMe Clone app.

    GoFundMe Clone App Development Services

    The fundraising platform is constantly in demand with amazing Next Big Technology’s GoFundMe Clone App. Give the service to those users who are looking for raising funds for various causes. Those causes can be helped with the application and website dedicated for those specific purposes. This application can be available on almost every platform due to cross-platform compatibility. This app will help to build the bridge between the donor and the campaign organizer by raising funds with complete end-to-end transparency and security. The app is equipped with various advanced tools and Technology and functionalities, which is considered as one of the best capital raising sources in the online market.

    Special Features of
    GoFundMe Clone App Development

    These are the best possible features is being offered by the Next Big Technology’s GoFundMe CloneApp to the users.
    SEO Friendly URLs
    The website which will be offered is having various SEO tools to give the best possible search engine result.
    Secured Transactions
    Various payment gateways will offer the complete secure transaction for the donors in the platform.
    Unique Web Design
    The website is completely responsive and offers the best way with amazing designs to give access to the donors.
    Payment Management
    The app is equipped with a powerful payment management system. It will allow the donors to donate via various online methods including debit cards, credit cards, e-wallet, net banking, etc.
    User Registration
    Users can easily restore to the platform by using their email id and mobile number. The app is also having the option to sign in directly using social media accounts.
    The website will also offer the campaign created for the users to post in various blogs and topics related to the fundraising cause. This will ensure you have complete transparency and the motivation for raising money for the cause with the approval of the admin.


    Why Choose Us

    Gofund Clone Development is a do it yourself crowdfunding platform where people can increase their money through crowdfunding for personalized projects like medical emergencies, educational expenses, charities, or any other non-profit initiative. It is a leading website for raising money online for personal projects. Unlike other platforms, it takes a very easy approach for goals and deadlines. It allows fundraisers to start their projects with no deadlines. It is a user- friendly and hassle free platform which implements on flexible funding models. It is one of the most innovative crowd funding clone where people can raise money for their personal requirements.

    As Gofund Clone Development is one of the innovative clone the fundraisers need to create a campaign where they can share their story, photos, setting the theme with family and friends, through multiple social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, and emails. To receive donations safely, fundraisers need to link to their account for bank transfers, or they can request a cheque. Once the donation has been received they can use it for their personal projects.

    Gofund Clone Development has the salient feature as well such as they can raise funds for their personal projects and campaigns, they don’t have any deadline, they do not have to pay any penalty of not completing goal, fundraisers can keep every donation, they can enables the creation of mobile friendly campaigns and they will get 5 minutes email support.