Top 7 Reason Why WordPress Site Need to be Mobile-Friendly?

Top 7 Reason Why WordPress Site Need to be Mobile-Friendly

Do you know, more than half of the web searches are initiated from mobile devices!!

Most of the users convey that they will not entertain a company that is not mobile-friendly. The rapid use of mobile internet has beat desktop browsing.  It means we are in the middle of a massive shift that how users are accessing the web. So, adapting this drift soon will be beneficial for your WordPress website otherwise the visitors will not show any interest in viewing your website.

 Almost 90% of the users over the age of seven will have a mobile phone by 2020.

This implies that if you do not emphasize making your website mobile and user-friendly, you will be nowhere in this competitive market.  WordPress came up with outsourcing WordPress development services that can even help you to make your website mobile-friendly.

You need to assure that your website is optimized according to mobile phones to load faster. The website can attract visitors’ attention in merely five seconds and insist they stay on your website.

But, if your website is taking a long time to load, then, surely, the visitor is not visiting your website again.

Let your website rank better in search engines like Google. 

The mobile-friendly WordPress website is the one whose elements and pages render fine on portable devices as well.

That is, optimization is not only meant for your website to look good but to be useful as well.

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Check out the below facts that will ensure you that mobile-friendly websites are critical in this period:

  • 3% of the web pages are loaded on mobile devices currently, and the mobile traffic is at its highest peak.
  • It is known that users like to spend more time on mobile devices than on laptops or desktops.
  • If you don’t optimize for mobile traffic, you might spend money because of lost conversions.

If still, you are not convinced to have a mobile-friendly website, you need to check the below points. Let’s proceed without wasting more time.

Table of Content

Reasons why you need a WordPress website

Augment the Visibility

Develop your brand to stand out

True rise of mobile usage

Remarkable user experience

Economical online presence

Website optimization with plugins

Develop your website future-ready

That a Wrap!

Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Website

You might be asking yourself is it worth creating a mobile-friendly WordPress website?

Yes, it is!

It is not hard to do so, even if it takes a lot of benefits with itself. Check out the reasons to have a mobile-friendly WordPress website.

# Augment the Visibility

The benefit of having a mobile-friendly website is that you can reach a large audience. With responsive websites, you can make online sharing easy and it can let website visitors share the social platforms. And, yes, responsiveness is a ranking symbol on Google. To stay high in Google ranking shows that WordPress website with mobile-friendliness emerges high in search results.  Better organic results will generate more leads and conversions. Don’t you want to take this opportunity?

# Develop your brand to stand out

Mobile-friendly websites look outstanding. It is not because they are responsive but because plenty of WordPress websites are awesome. These themes include responsive menus which are an important asset in making WordPress more optimized.  You can stand out with a website that has a professional look with less customization. However, if you seek something stylish and flashier, then you probably need to call up a web developer WordPress gives the authority to the user to amend the theme as per their convenience with custom WordPress theme development.

# True rise of mobile usage

The use of mobile phones is rising rapidly. Users these days prefer to access the websites via smartphone than computer or laptop.

A recent report has shown that 61% of the users regard only that website positively that has an outstanding mobile optimization. Vice-versa is also true.

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# Remarkable user experience

Who doesn’t want more user engagement?  The mobile-friendly website assures a remarkable user experience on every mobile device. Images, designs, layouts, and all other features fit perfectly into the screen size of the mobile device. A single website becomes adequate for fulfilling the user’s experience in tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. The users will not get frustrated and spare more time in navigating the website.

# Economical Online Presence

Earlier, the cost of online presence management was high. The businesses used to develop additional websites for mobile devices and desktops. But now, the responsive website designing technology has gained a higher level of success. The cost has been reduced to a great level because of its advanced developed and designed methodologies. Businesses pay less to attain more using ROI, experience, and quality.

# Website Optimization With Plugins

When your website is developed and running a theme that is not mobile-friendly, then with the WordPress plugins you can optimize the website for seamless mobile viewing. WP touch and Jetpack plugins add mobile-friendly features to your website.

# Develop Your Website Future-Ready

The business will be successful if it is adapting to the current trends and technologies. To grow in this competitive world, one should go with the flow. Responsiveness is a crucial step to adopt.  We can see that the market keeps on growing with new technologies, wearable devices, and smartphones. The websites with mobile-friendliness assure the importance of your online presence with all the current market updates. So, maintain this vision to stand out in the future.

That is a Wrap!

We know that the mobile market is regularly expanding and is massive. You can consider all the above reasons as a great opportunity to mold their online presence to boost their business to have competing benefits.  Now you have all the best reasons to make sure that your WordPress website can handle mobile users.  Take advantage of it!

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