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    The 10 Best Rideshare Apps

    The 10 Best Rideshare Apps of 2023


    “Never ride in a vehicle with a stranger!” I’m sure you would’ve heard this from your parents as a child but does this statement still hold the same value today? We have witnessed immense change in the way we travel or commute now-a-days. Getting around in a new city without going through trouble has become easy with the help of ridesharing apps. You don’t need to search and hail for taxis for hours; you just have to click and boom! your ride would be there in few.

    Introduction : Best Ride Sharing Apps

    With the increase in smart phone technology, development of GPS, and electronic payments, ridesharing apps have gained huge popularity. Ridesharing enables two unknown people to make use of the same vehicle for the same trip, thereby reducing costs for both. It is an economical, convenient as well as environmental-friendly option. It reduces the need for having own vehicle and the individual carbon footprints on the earth.

    Ridesharing app business is expected to flourish with an expected worth of USD 242.73 billion by 2028 with CAGR of 16.3%. It has been helping in increasing employment in large metropolitan areas. It allows flexibility to the drivers, i.e., they can choose when to work as per their circumstances.

    Ridesharing includes ride-hailing and carpooling. Ride-hailing is when you request a personal driver to take you to your destination whereas carpooling is when you are willing to share the same requested vehicle with other. Multiple people ride in the same vehicle and the route has various stops according to the riders in case of carpooling.

    Here are the best ride sharing apps to get you going: –


    1. Uber


    With Uber you can book on-demand rides intra-city as well as inter-city. It provides other services such as Uber Rentals, Pre-scheduled rides, Uber Travel, and Package delivery. Uber Travel allows synchronization with your mails to plan your travel schedule automatically. If your job requires you to travel frequently, Uber Travel is the best option for you! Just link your email and let Uber be your assistant in organizing your travel schedules.

    Uber package delivery allow you to send or receive packages from anywhere in the city. From printer inks to car parts, Uber gets it delivered for you. Be it something you forgot, or something you want to gift, Uber provides you both the options, i.e., asking OTP from the receiver or from the sender. It also let you send gift vouchers. If you are a businessman, it can help you in delighting your customers with same-day delivery.

    The support team of Uber is quick and kind. In case you wrongly get charged cancellation fee or waiting fee, you can seek support and they reply within 5-10 minutes. The effortless interface and multiple payment options along with the above-mentioned features makes it one of the best ride-sharing apps.

    If you haven’t tried Uber till now, what are you waiting for? Click here to try right now.

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    1. Lyft


    Lyft offers on-demand ride-hailing as well as shared (carpooling) services. You can choose from any of the following – Lyft Lux, Lyft XL, Priority Pickup, Shared Rides, Wait & Save, and Bikes & Scooters.

    Unlike Uber, you can choose your pickup time, eg. pickup in 2 min., pickup in 5 min., etc. The later your pickup is the less you have to pay making the option more economical as it also saves you waiting charges which might be levied in case of early arrival of driver.

    Further the shared rides let you save more but is available in selected cities only. You can even tip or recontact the driver if you like the driving experience; paying additional tips is not available in many other ridesharing apps.

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    1. Ola


    Ola provides multiple travel options: Auto, Micro, Mini, Prime, Bike, Outstation, Rentals and more. It also provides multiple payment options few of them being cash, UPI, cards, and wallets. Ola also provides its own wallet called Ola Money. You can opt for the ‘ride later’ option to schedule your rides in advance. The interface is minimalistic and smooth.

    Ola has recently launched its electric scooter called ‘Ola Electric’ which is very popular and economical as it replaces the conventional fuels. Few of the options available are – Ola S1, Ola S1 Pro, and Ola S1 Air. It goes up to 1 km in just 17 paise approx. resulting in huge savings. It can accelerate from 0 to 45 km within 4 seconds. However, the maximum speed is around 90 km.

    The minimalistic and eco-friendly design of the electric scooter has made it popular in India. In addition to this, Ola provides home delivery of the scooter as well as servicing of the same making it more convenient to use.

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    1. Careem


    Like a basic ridesharing app, Careem provides cabs, bikes, and city-to-city services. Along with the usual services provided by all the apps Careem provides you with recharge and credit facilities. You can either send or receive credits and recharge your phone using this app. It even lets you use its own wallet option, Careem Pay, free of cost.

    It provides various types of plans, Careem Plus & Careem Gold being two of them. With Careem Plus, you can even enjoy your favourite dish delivered to your door, or you can send packages and gifts to your loved ones. Integrating food and packages delivery made it convenient to use as you won’t need separate apps for the mentioned purpose. Further numerous offers and reward points provided by the app makes it even exciting to use.

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    1. BlaBla Car

      BlaBla Car

    BlaBla Car is basically a carpool app which lets you find a carpool or a bus for your desired destination. If you need a companion and you got some empty seats, you can publish the same in the app and BlaBla will find the companions for you. You can select passengers by reviewing their profiles.

    Sharing saves the cost for both the publisher/ driver and the rider. The rating scale for the drivers are – “Bla” for the quiet ones, “Bla Bla” for the talkative ones, and “Bla Bla Bla” for the blabbermouths. The excellent recommendations, fun rating scale, and the user-friendly interface makes it a good choice for sharing a ride.

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    1. Curb


    Unlike other apps, Curb provides inexpensive ridesharing taxi services and not cabs. It came up with a unique feature called ‘Pair & Pay’ which require you to enter the 7-digit code from the screen in the backseat of the requested vehicle. However, this feature is only available in NYC, Miami, Las Vegas, Boston, and Philadelphia. Using the ‘Ride Later’ option you can also book your ride up to 48 hours in advance.

    The option of wheelchair accessible vehicles, contacting your favourite drivers, and the never-changing surge price makes it one of the best option in ridesharing apps.


    1. GoJek


    GoJek is the only ridesharing app which notifies you about the updates in the most creative manner. However, it is available only in 5 countries, namely Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. You can select from GoCar, GoTaxi, and Bikes. It lets you deliver foods and other goods, and helps in moving heavy items, and perform various additional tasks.

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    1. Gett


    Gett is one of the most popular and cheapest rideshare app that allows you to book a family-friendly black cab, wheelchair accessible cab, with a space for 5-6 person. It further lets you choose from Gett Electric for booking an electric black taxi as an environment-friendly option, and Gett Green to make donation of £1.99 towards plantation in urban areas.

    Gett has partnered with Juno to provide private hire vehicles to business travellers in New York. Like Lyft, you can tip the driver through the app. Booking can be done for up to 2 weeks at upfront charges. It does not charge you extra during busy hours.


    1. Via


    Using Via, you can book seats for two or one, or a private car. You can also travel with others going your way. Airport rides have been made easier as it lets you choose the terminal number. Via operates in about 14 countries through partnership and in few directly.

    Drivers can opt for ‘Rent-a-Car’ option if they don’t own a personal car. The real-time support service, excellent interface, and inexpensive rides make Via a favoured option in many countries.


    1. Bridj


    Bridj is one of the best long-distance travel ridesharing app. It modifies the route according to the dema It is an alternative to public transports as a luxurious and comfortable seat will be guaranteed, and it provides on-board WiFi and USB charging slots to the travellers.


    How to Build a Ridesharing App

    With Uber, Lyft, and other huge players present in the market, it would be tough to make a mark with your brand but it certainly is not impossible. You would need to be updated regarding this ever-evolving industry to surpass these giants and to help you with that we have provided the fundamental steps required to be followed while developing a ridesharing app.

    Step 1 – Market Research

    Market research plays a vital role in developing a solution to the market problems, i.e., developing your product/ service. Knowing the market in which you are planning to launch your product lays the foundation of your brand’s success.

    You should attempt to think from the point of view of your potential customers to know what problems they are facing and what you can do to resolve the same. Further, you should conduct a competitive analysis using the above-mentioned list of ridesharing apps.

    Step 2 – Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

    UVP is the unique feature(s) that your brand provides which helps your product distinguish from those of your competitors. Developing a clone app would be helpful in getting you started. You can add your unique feature(s) in the clone app once it is developed. User-friendly sign-up portal, easy-to-follow steps for booking a ride, hassle free report centre, information about other passengers for transparency, real-time tracking and navigation, easy plan-ups for the drivers, SOS button, safety guidelines, ability to share ride, and exciting offers are the essential features in a ridesharing app.

    Step 3 – Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    Your budget to develop a product is crucial for deciding which model you can afford. If you are low on budget, MVP is the wiser choice. MVP model let you develop a product with minimum cost and helps you in testing features before you go all in to save you from heavy losses.

    Make sure to include only the necessary features as MVP is to help you understand and develop a value proposition of your brand. You can modify the app according to the feedbacks received from customers.

    Step 4 – Evaluation & Launch

    Once you’ve developed MVP of your brand you can launch it for your target audience. Regular evaluation of the feedbacks provided by your audience is crucial to know what you might have missed or where your MVP is lacking.

    After getting enough feedbacks and modifying your MVP accordingly you can take a step ahead and develop a fully functional application for your customers and launch it on various app stores.

    Step 5 – Feedback

    The journey doesn’t end after the launch. You have to keep checking in with your customers, evaluate their reviews, and keep updating your product accordingly.

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    How Much Does Developing a Ridesharing App Costs?

    Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the trendy service for developing an app from scratch.  Developing an easy-to-use ridesharing app typically costs around $65,000 to build. Costs may even range from $10,000 to $50,000 as per your needs.

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    The advancement of technology has increased our dependency on the ridesharing apps. Giving into the hype in a smart way might help you achieve success of your brand. Developing a ridesharing app can be troublesome and thus we are here to help you build it with ease. You can choose the features you want to include and we will help you turn your ideas into reality.

    Thanks for reading our post “The 10 Best Rideshare Apps of 2023“. Please connect with us to know more about Rideshare App Development.