Cost and Features of Tiktok Clone Application Development

Cost and Features of Tiktok Clone Application Development

Looking for a company to create a TikTok-like app? Then we probably are your best bet for a TikTok clone app. Video sharing including customization options as well as filters is now just a tap away. Hire us for trying the mouthwatering TikTok clone app. Begin right away.

What is the difference between a TikTok clone and a Dub smash clone?

Video uploading is gradually becoming the next important hit in the social networking ecosystem. This website allows people to express themselves creatively while entertaining others.

The video-sharing industry provides attractive prospects for budding entrepreneurs, which is why an increasing number of competitors can be seen competing for a profit share. You could also expand your own user base as well as keep them amused around the clock by using TikTok Clone Script to build your own app.

Simply choose our best services and get ready to remain on the cutting-edge site with your own brand-new Smartphone as well as cutting-edge features. Our highly experienced team at NBT solutions will charge you 5000USD to 20,000USD for a single period or 15USD 20USD per hour.

Pre-packaged Features in Our TikTok Clone

Sign In/Sign Up

Your users can easily signup with the app using their mobile number, email account, or other accounts of social media. These keys can be used to access the software.

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Management of Profiles

Users can create, manage, as well as edit their profiles using information such as their username, contact information, photo, and much more.

Voice Search Management

Privacy Preferences

Users’ privacy settings may be modified to meet their specific needs. Only supporters or the general public would be able to see the posted footage.

Video Production

Users can make videos to share their skills, such as enacting iconic movie clips or perhaps even lip-syncing to famous audio files found in the application.

Viewing Videos

Users can watch videos uploaded by others on this video-sharing site. They will like it, leave comments on it, and perhaps share it with some others. The video also contains information such as the video’s location as well as other tagged participants.

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Filters for Video

Until uploading the videos mostly on user accounts, various existing filters can be added to them. Filters can improve the visual effects of the videos and otherwise make them seem more professional.

Other users will leave comments on your own video, as well as vice versa. This aids in the improvement of video quality by allowing people to learn what others think of their work.

In-app Notifications

These alerts notify consumers as new material is shared by the individuals and otherwise hashtags they follow.


Favorite sounds

Users will save fun soundtracks to their profiles and perhaps use them to create videos in the future.

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See the User Profile

This software allows you to quickly browse other users’ profiles and images. Users will also like, post, and follow accounts that they find interesting.


Users can choose from a variety of settings choices for handling their accounts, such as viewing application content, sharing their accounts with others, and so on.

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