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Web and Mobile App Development seems a small sentence but it cover lot in it. Website and Mobile App is basic needs of current era. Every business, individuals, organization and government organization, in short every person in World is connected with Website and Mobile Apps. While you are reading it you are using this Website as well either using a PC or a Smart Phone. It means if you really need to promote your business or yourself means you need a Website or a Mobile App. This is best way to reach peoples these days. Now point is who will create Website or Mobile App for you. For this you need Web and Mobile App Development Firm. This is toughest work to find Best Web and Mobile App Development firm for your next Website and App Development Project. We end your search here for all your Web and App Development requirements.

At Next Big Technology We provide complete Website and Mobile App Development solution with all popular Frame work and CMS. We have experienced and highly skilled team of Website Developers and Mobile App Developers. Our Website Developers having experience in all popular CMS and Frameworks. Our Mobile App Developers having experience in Android App Development and Ios App Development including React Native App Development, Flutter App Development and Ionic App Development.

We have experienced team of Javascript Developers as well which includes. Angularjs Development, Vuejs Development, Reactjs Development and Nodejs Development etc.

Most important part of Website and App Development is their Design part. We have creative and Innovative team of Graphics Designers who is experienced in creating Unique, Clean and Eye Catching Designs for Websites and Mobile Apps. Our Designers always comes up with very nice and clean design concepts as per current market trend and as per your business needs.

We have got many Awards for our Excellence, It includes real clients reviews which is authenticate and verified by top reviewed sites who follow very tough review process. We have our portfolio of work and work cost and client reviewed attach with them. Which gives all information about us. Here are some of awards mention to give you information about us.

These are enough to tell you about Next Big Technology. It shows all work we are doing for our clients. Our real reviews, work and client feedback’s. It will give you more confidence in our work and skills.

Here are all services we are providing in as a best Web and App Development firm.

1. Web Development:

Web and Mobile App Development firm

As an expert Web and App Development firm we provide high quality Website Development and Design services. We provide superior and premium Website Development Services. We are a team of professional Web developers and Web designers who develop top notch custom web applications. Our web development portfolio includes developing enterprise Websites, eCommerce Web portals, custom web applications, large-scale websites, Small Scale business websites that fulfills your business requirements. Over the 9 years we have worked on thousand of project for different clients over the Globe. Which gives us extensive experience as working with all kind of customers all our the world.

Website application development services:

Custom Web Application:

We provide custom Web Application Development Services as per client own requirements. Custom Web Application stand mainly for completely custom solution without using any ready made system or code. It comes up as per client ideas and client ideas get implemented on the canvas. We provide complete custom Website Development as per client business needs and his thoughts. As start with we implement client ideas in form of Design mock-ups first. We share creative and innovative design ideas with client. After changes, adjustments and discussion Step by step we get desire design as client would like for his site.

As design finalize we start with development of custom web application. It can be develop using any platform which may be Php/Mysql, or some frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Nodejs, Angularjs, Reactjs, Shopify or it can be some CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal etc. We can create custom web application using any platform. It mainly depend upon client preferences, type of work and business and mainly on functionality we need to achieve. We always analyze which one will work best for us as per defined work. We create complete dynamic Web Application which makes as per proper Website standard with keeping focus on Site Speed, Responsiveness, Browser Compatibility, All SEO standards, Fully manageable from admin panel and high performance.

Ecommerce Development:

We provide Best eCommerce solution, we are well experienced in eCommerce Development, we have done lot of eCommerce Websites many of them grown very highly and having very large user base and sell. We provide complete end to end eCommerce solution. Which includes Product Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, Payment Gateway Management, User Management, Cart and Checkout function, Coupon functionality, Sharing to friend function, Affiliate function, Emailing Management etc

We can use any platform for developing eCommerce solution, it can be using Php/Mysql, or some frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Nodejs, Angularjs, Reactjs, Shopify or it can be some CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal etc. But for eCommerce proffered CMS or Frameworks are..







Backend and Api Development:

We work on developing Backend and Api for Mobile Apps. As a Web and App Development firm. We have team for Backend Developers and API Developers. Who create Backend and Api’s as per mobile app requirements. We make Admin panel as per your Mobile App functions, so you can manage all Mobile App features and functions easily from admin panel and you can update data from admin panel for app. We allow you to manage all app features and functions through admin panel which includes the configuration of push notifications, admin tools for content and data management, user management, Payment Management, Product Management, History and system management, offers and discount management etc

We create complete structure of back-end as per app functionality and flow, so all app data can be manage easily through back-end and API. Apps are linked with Backend through APIS. We create custom APIS as per data requirements, so data can be easily updated all the time in to the Mobile App smoothly. We do use third party API’s as well for implementing any specific feature.

Enterprise Website Development

We provide Website Development & Design services for Enterprise Web App Development too. We do create large custom Web Applications as per client needs. Our team is quite experienced in doing large Web Portals as per specific client needs. These kind of large web applications require a high level of security, coding standards, systematic project management and complete team – and we have all these at Next Big Technology. We start developing these kind of Web Application with proper planning, wire-frame and prototype.

We decide technology first as per complete requirements, we create proper plan and database structure as per requirements. We create wire-frame of complete flow of website and create complete design prototypes of complete steps. We have developed many web applications for large scale business using different platforms. We prefer framework for these kind of application to add extra security, speed and scale-ability.

We have experience with managing big cloud servers as well to manage these kind of application, we have experience to manage google cloud and amazon web services.

we have done many web application for job portals. multi vendor eCommerce portals, funding portals, wallet systems, marketplaces etc

Other Custom Web Development areas we are expert in as a Web and Mobile App Development firm:

Websites for Small Business
Complex Membership websites
Multi vendor Web Portal Development
Social Networking Websites
Subscription/Membership Based Websites
Customized Backend for Mobile Apps
Blog Development
Landing Page Development
Api Development
Customized Web Application
Corporate Websites
Catalog Web Development
Community Based Websites
Reporting Software’s
Web based software Development

PHP Development Services:

PHP without any doubt is the most popular server-side scripting language, Php widely used to create Powerful and customized Web Applications or websites. Php is secure, safe, easy to learn and highly customized language. It has large community, any information or functions or code can be easily find on internet. It have lot of in-build functions, libraries which makes work easy. Many of CMS and Frameworks has been build using php, these CMS and Frameworks makes work very easy and all of these CMS and Frameworks are widely used. Php runs smoothly on all platforms and its very easy to install and run.

Popular PHP CMS Platforms we have expertise:

  • WordPress — WordPress is most popular content management system, highly customized and easy to use system with user friendly backend. It have lot of plugins and addons available in market. WooCommerce is most popular plugin which provide complete eCommerce solution. We have a great team of WordPress Developers who can deliver whatever you can think in WordPress.
  • Joomla — Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS), which allow you to build small and large Websites with a systematic admin panel.
  • Drupal — Drupal is an open source platform for building amazing content based and complex websites.
  • Concrete5–An open source content management system.
  • Magento–Magento is Best eCommerce content management system. Magento offers powerful product management, user management, order management and payment management system. We have skilled team of Magento Web Developers, who is experienced with all aspects of Magento.
  • PrestaShop–PrestaShop is a eCommerce based open source e-commerce solution.

PHP Frameworks we are expert in:

PHP E-commerce CMS and Frameworks we are expertise in:

  • Woocommerce
  • Magento – Magento Go, Magento Community, Magento Enterprise
  • Opencart
  • Shopify
  • Prestashop
  • Bigcommerce
  • 3D Cart
  • OSCommerce
  • Volusion
  • Ubercart Drupal
  • ZenCart
  • XCart
  • Virtuemart Joomla

Hire Php Developers for all your website development requirements, we create all kind of websites for different industries all over the world using PHP and its CMS & Frameworks. We have experienced team of PHP developers, who is experienced in most of CMS and Frameworks. We create high performing, speedy and interactive websites using PHP/Mysql.

Laravel Development Services:

Laravel is one of the best PHP Framework, It is secure, lightweight, fast and very reliable PHP framework. It is used to create powerful custom web applications. We create high performing web applications in Laravel like custom web applications, backend and Api development for app, eCommerce web applications etc. Laravel used mostly as a backend solution with many frontend platforms like React, Angular etc. Laravel based applications are always secure, safe and perform fast and effectively.

Hire Laravel Development with us and get done all kind of complex and quality web applications as per your requirements. We create secure and responsive web applications using Laravel.

CodeIgniter Development Service

CodeIgniter is powerful and mostly used PHP Framework. Its easy to learn, lightweight and always best to create robust web applications. CodeIgniter is used as best backend solution as well with React, Angular. CodeIgniter can be use as backend for mobile apps as well. CodeIgniter can be customized as per our needs, that’s why it is always best option to create custom and complex web application.

Hire CodeIgniter developers with us to get done any kind of custom web application for your business needs. We create top notch custom web applications as per current market trends.

2. Javascript Development:

Javascript Development Services
As a Web and Mobile App Development firm we provide complete solution for Javascript and other scripts development services as well which includes..

Angular Development Services:

Angularjs is always a best option to create single page web application or creating any frontend web application, it used mostly as frontend solution with different backend platforms. It is developed by Google which makes it reliable and secure and mostly used frontend solution. Hire Angular js Developers with us to get done all kind of frontend web application as per your needs. We create high quality and speedy web applications using Angularjs.

Reactjs Development Services:

Reactjs is most advanced frontend Development Framework, if you need to create responsive, speedy and quality front end web applications means you don’t need to think twice. Reactjs is always best choice to go with for any frontend development. Hire Reactjs developers with us to cover any kind of front end web application requirements. We can use reactjs with any other backend platform easily like with php or nodejs.

Nodejs Development Services:

Nodejs is most powerful and effective backend solution, it is fast and highly performing backend solution. If you are looking to create any real time web application and complex web application Nodejs is best option to use. Hire nodejs developers to get done all your custom web application requirements.

Vuejs Development Services:

If you are looking to build responsive frontend web application vue.js is new option for you. It is lightweight, fast and high performing. Web app built using Vue.js provide high performance. Hire vuejs developers to create a fast and responsive Web Application. We can use vuejs as frontend as well with another backend platforms like Laravel, Nodejs.

Mobile App Development Services:

We are team of mobile app developers with a experience in all platforms including Native Android App Development, Ios App Development, Hybrid App Development, Ionic App Development, React Native App Development, Flutter App Development.

We work on different Mobile App Development platforms, which includes:

Android Mobile App Development

We have done many mobile application in Android for different industries and different clients all over the world. We are well experienced in Native Android App Development. Hire Android App Developers to get done all your mobile app requirements in Native Android using Android Studio and Kotlin. Native Android is always a best option for high performing and customizable App.

IPhone App Development Services

We have done lot of mobile application in IOS for different industries and different clients all over the world. We are well experienced in Native IOS App Development. Hire IOS App Developers to get done all your mobile app requirements in Native IOS using Xcode. Native ios means using all features of IOS, it make your app secure, reliable, highly performing and speedy.

Hybrid App Development Services

As a Hybrid App Development Company we design and Develop Hybrid Apps which save your cost and time. Hybrid Mobile Apps can be developed using various popular frameworks which includes ..

=>React Native Mobile App Development

Hire React Native App Developers to get done all kind of Mobile Application Development using React Native. We can covert all your requirements in to living Mobile Application using React Native.

=>Ionic Mobile App Development

We are working on Ionic Mobile Application over the years. If you have low budget and need fast delivery of Apps for both Android and IOS. Ionic is best option for you. Hire Ionic App Developers to get done all your mobile app requirements in low budget.

=>Flutter Mobile App Development

If you need high performing mobile app and need cost effective solution for both Android and IOS app development then flutter is new beast in market. It is development by google which makes it trust able and reliable. Hire flutter developers to create mobile application for your business using flutter.

=>Apache Cordova Mobile App Development
Apache Cordova or phonegap was the first popular hybrid platform used to create low budget Android and IOS apps. Now they have upgraded framework with new name and new features. If you are looking for hybrid mobile app development, it can be a good option as well. Hire Apache Cordova developers to get done your mobile application today.

To be a top Web and Mobile App Development firm We can create both IOS and Android App using these above frameworks. These frameworks make your work easy and save lot of cost and time. As you don’t need to create separate apps for android and ios. Using these frameworks means one app can be used on both platform, which saves half of your effort to create both apps separate. We can create different kind of apps for all industries worldwide using these frameworks.

Please connect with us to hire web and app developers at Next Big Technology, we are team of experts who believe in result oriented approach and long term relationship with client. We count work as our own and work as per that. We provide best rate in industry without compromising work quality. Please connect with us for all type of web and app development requirements. As a best Web and Mobile App Development firm we know our work and we know how a project take off and how it get deliver on time time and with quality testing.

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