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    Full Stack Vs Mean Stack vs Mern Stack Development1

    Full Stack Vs Mean Stack vs Mern Stack Development

    Amit Shukla

    Full Stack Vs Mean Stack vs Mern Stack, Apps are the best medium to get connected with the clients to provide services or products. For developing applications, the developers need to use a different stack of different technologies. With the increasing number of Internet and devices, the requirement for mobile and web applications is increasing day by day.
    Every app developer is looking for the best stack option for the development of a custom app. To have a successful software development the infrastructure needs to be robust and need to have the ability to sustain a volatile environment. It is the responsibility of every developer to choose the right stack which will offer maximum flexibility, scalability, and performance.
    We need to understand the stack and what opportunities can it bring to the development process once we deploy it to the project. But to make the correct decision every developer needs to have complete knowledge about the benefits of the stack along with features and cost-effectiveness.

    Stack – Introduction:

    We can refer to the stack as a combination of programming language and technology which is compatible. The stacks which are being used for development can be divided into 2 categories. The first one is the application stack and the second one is the technology stack. With the increasing popularity of quick development services, every enterprise needs to use its best infrastructure for technology to get complete potential. This will enable them to reach the maximum turn-off development with every project development.

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    Guide to Choose Right Stack:

    Before selecting any stack we need to consider various factors which we have listed below.

    • Requirement for agility
    • Project requirement
    • Exceeding the project requirement according to the reach for the target audience.
    • The development team of the company needs to be expert and knowledgeable in the field.
    • Scalability and flexibility of the development team.
    • The final cost of the development.

    These are the major factors that need to be properly understood and checked on before choosing an option for the development process.

    Full Stack Development – Introduction:

    The majority of the business tends to hire experienced people to ensure the high quality of the development. With the evolving procedure of the development period, the demand for different technologies is increasing. Although there is a various key competency that needs to be considered and it is included in the stack.

    . Front end:

    Front development language includes CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Angular, Ajax, TypeScript, React, etc.

    . Back end:

    Back-end development languages include ExpressJS, Python, NodeJS, Django, PHP, Middleware, Caching, GO, etc.

    . Mobile apps:

    Mobile aps are divided into two different platforms including Android and iOS.

    . Database:

    The database includes MongoDB, Postgres, SQLite, MySQL, Clusters, etc.

    . DevOps:

    Options include software development lifecycle creation, CI/CD pipelines.
    In most cases, every full-stack web developer is fully responsible for the proper management of every project design structure. It is completely depending on the project requirement which the developer can change their development roles. You also need to consider that every developer is having technical knowledge as they can easily identify all the errors and quickly offer the solutions across various web architecture streams. This is one of the major reasons for the full-stack developers being the best choice for mid-sized enterprises and small-sized enterprises.

    Benefits of Full-Stack:

    These are the major benefits that are being offered by the full-stack which we have listed below.

    • Developers can easily switch between the back end and front-end development something is according to the requirement of the project.
    • Hire a full stack developer instead of any back-end expert or front-end expert which will save the cost of development.
    • Structured during the progress work of the project on any required level during the development process.
    • Get an easy up-gradation option with the latest technology and tools.
    • Get complete flexibility by shifting from 1 task to another according to the requirement of the project.
    • This is the best option for medium and small-sized enterprises.

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    MEAN Stack Development – Introduction:

    MEAN stack is the complete assembly of JavaScript-based technologies. It is most helpful for developing complicated applications and websites with ease. It helps in making the website more responsive and progressive with modern techniques. In simple words, it will create the development process simpler and help in progressing the process in the agile factor.
    MEAN is majorly used in various industries and developers due to the high demand. Mean Stack developers are mostly choosing this stack due to the various compatibility time optimization tools and benefits for various system administration. It is also helpful in developing websites, web apps, and APIs. They can easily be deployed and solve any complex type of development challenges during the progress.

    MEAN Stack Development

    MEAN Stack Components:

    . Express.js:

    This is the back-end web application that will help in running Node.js.

    . MongoDB:

    It is document-based in a history database which is mostly used for data storage in the basic form of JSON files.

    . Node.js:

    The major JS runtime environment is needed for the implementation of the proper back-end application in JS.

    . Angular:

    This is one of the major front-end web frameworks which helpful in running the JS code in any user’s browser.

    Benefits of MEAN Stack:

    These are the major benefits that are being offered by the MEAN stack which we have listed below.

    • Support for model view controller architecture which helps in smoothly running the development process.
    • It will help in covering the entire web development cycle including backend development and front-end development.
    • Being in built-in an extensive tool testing suite for advanced functionality.
    • It helps resist redundant grunt work which will help the proper organization of web application development.
    • Get the based functionality out of Angular JS, Express JS, MongoDB, Node JS.
    • It is one of the major open-source frameworks along with the proper community support.

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    MERN Stack Development – Introduction:

    MERN stack well-known JavaScript stack mostly used for the development process. It is the perfect combination of all the latest technologies which is being used for developing premium web applications. All of the applications which are being developed by this stack will have libraries, multiple frameworks, databases, etc. It is made out of multiple open-source components including Express JS, MongoDB, Node JS, React, etc. All of these components will help the Mern Stack developers to get into framework support. MERN stack gradually gaining popularity due to its popular and powerful technology. All the technologies which are included in this stack are listed below.

    MERN Stack Development

    . MongoDB:

    It is a document-based database that is completely open-source.

    . Express.js:

    It is one of the minimalistic and fast web frameworks mostly used for Node.js.

    . React:

    It is one of the major front-end JavaScript libraries mostly used for building user interfaces in applications.

    . Node.js:

    It is completely built upon chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It is one of the important JavaScript runtimes which helps in getting connected to the server.

    Benefits of MERN Stack:

    These are the major benefits that are being offered by the MERN stack which we have listed below.

    • It gives complete support for MVC architecture but the quick and support development process.
    • It will complete the web development company cycle along with the back end and front end with JS.
    • Get the complete combination of all the best technologies including Express.js, MongoDB, Node.js, React.
    • It is integrated with all the best test tools to give extensive development experience.
    • It is also an open-source framework that is properly backed up along with massive community support.
    • Another JavaScript stack that is being used by the developers in JavaScript and JSON

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