Developing a Logistic Mobile App? Keep These Features in Mind!

Developing a Logistic Mobile App? Keep These Features in Mind!

Mobile applications have gotten pace in 10 years, and today, we can’t envision our lives without them. Gone are the days when people used to do all the assignments physically or routinely. Those days are left a long way behind us. In present days, mobile applications have changed a few enterprises and shaken the market topsy turvy with their enormous capacities.

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Most people think that mobile apps are only for B2C sectors, but they are also of great use for B2B. Logistics app also belongs to the same category. A better includes some of the major features that the mobile app development company experts have mentioned in this article. So, have a look at it.


  1. Driver’s Log

A module is implied for keeping an everyday driver’s log. Highlights incorporate following for driver data, long periods of work, mileage, pre-investigation, post-assessment, and conveyance subtleties. Every single detail that is associated with the coordination of conveyance is consolidated into this element. Since the driver is needed to approve the examination of the whole truck, this is an efficient method to keep up the respectability of merchandise and friends’ resources.

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  1. Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Expense Tracker

This arrangement of highlights can be utilized in following non-essential distances driven for business purposes. It permits clients to choose the reason for the excursion and it computes the cost sum, in view of the organization’s reimbursable rate. It likewise can be utilized for the following purposes that are needed for charges. Fuel/gas charges can likewise be added as a component of the cost report.

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  1. Driving Route Enhancement

Would you not love it if from the solace of your administrator office you had the option to suggest a streamlined course for a specific driver and whole armada? All things considered, your Mobile application for coordination can do that too. Its profound incorporation with administrations, for example, Google Maps can give you constant data of the traffic thickness on a specific course or region so you can rapidly take preventive measures and divert your drivers to a less stuck course.

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  1. Package Tracker

Package track structure permits you to record transporter data, following, and who a bundle was conveyed to. This data can be physically transferred by the driver through this committed module or as a large portion of our customer-like, programmed refreshes that occur when the shipment arrives at the area. When the information bundle is conveyed back to the administrator, similarly analyze whether the information coordinates the underlying information gave when the undertaking was appointed to the driver.


  1. Automate Manifest Form Conveyance

As we referenced over, our customers especially appreciate the choice where the driver with simply a tick of a catch on the screen can quickly send a show conveyance structure back to the focal when the shipment is finished. The conveyance structure is attached to explicit vehicle data and the area of the shipment. This guarantees 100% believability and exactness.

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Summing Up…

These are some of the essential features that every logistic app should have. So, if you are about to building an app or looking to hire mobile app developers to build one, feel free to get in touch with NBT. We have a team of developers who can help you build such an application.