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    Top trending mobile applications used in the healthcare industry

    Top trending mobile applications used in the healthcare industry

    Amit Shukla

    The value of the healthcare industry is becoming $200 billion. Furthermore, the projected rate of growth is around 42%. It includes the growth of the mobile health market. The other statistical data have revealed that the mobile app market will grow and reach $11 Billion by 2025. The projection size is five times more than in the year 2017. Mobile applications are becoming useful in the healthcare sector. It is easy to use them and get the medicines with the doctors’ consultation on time. Healthcare mobile apps are helping people to live healthy lives. These apps are available on different platforms Ios, Android, and Windows. People are continuously using mobile apps. It is becoming the trending thing to use these apps to stay healthy and get information about medicines.

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    The list of the top trending mobile applications useful in the healthcare sector are as follows

    • Patient-Generated Health Data: The hospitals have to keep all the information of the patients properly. Therefore, they want such applications to store the data and get them instantly when needed. It is a mobile healthcare application known as the Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD). It includes information on treatment history, medicines, symptoms, and lifestyle habits.
    • Constant health monitoring through wearable devices: People need wearable devices that can constantly monitor their health. It includes smartwatches and other wearable devices. It records the data like heart rate, sleep quality, steps you walk, and many more. These types of devices are becoming popular in the North American and Asia-Pacific regions.
    • Communication platforms: The establishment of an effective communication channel becomes essential to improve healthcare services. People can connect with doctors using communications platforms that include messages, calls, and video calling. All these things are possible by using a single application. Providing quality services to the people becomes essential. You can improve the services by getting feedback from the customers.

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    • Telemedicine Applications: The fastest growing trend in the healthcare sector is telemedicine. Its growth has recorded 120% in the next 5 to 10 years. It involves the use of innovative technology for exchanging information regarding medicines.
    • Apps for Contact Tracing: Contact tracing is becoming essential in the corona virus pandemic. The government needs to collect the data of the people that come in contact with the infected patient. A combined mobile application is helpful in that case to do the silent tracking of the individuals properly. It gives the notification about the people infected by the corona virus. Government officials can find those people to do their treatment.
    • Data Protection: The healthcare sector’s biggest challenge is managing the patients’ data and keeping it secure. All the information is sensitive. The proper security system is essential in the apps to stop unauthorized access to the data available.

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    Healthcare mobile applications are becoming essential in the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, people use apps to get essential medical information and doctor consultation when they want to have it. It will ease the burden on the doctors and healthcare workers.

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