Sports Betting Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Sports Betting Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Sports betting applications have emerged in recent days and have changed the style of betting. Sports betting mobile app is a new technique where the gamblers can use their mobile phones and can bet in an easier way of approach.

Even in the olden days there was betting and from the year 1997 the betting concept moved ahead and it was an online methodology that is the gamblers could visit the websites and do the betting process in an online manner. Now, due to the technological advancements and improvements, the betting process became accessible from our mobiles themselves. So, technology has brought a lot of difference!

One can earn cash, points, or rewards by betting. Betting is just to have fun and to enjoy the game too. Thanks a ton, to sports betting app development.

Betting is mostly popular in western countries but in countries like India, the betting strategy is not so popular.

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Today we are going to talk about sports betting applications in this article.

We are going to look at some of the sports betting applications that turned out to be a huge hit and therefore the app owners are earning huge returns.

  1. Betfred:

Betfred was found by Peter Done and Fred in the year 1967. One can download and install the app and can bet on many sports such as Rugby, Football, Snooker, Horseracing, etc.

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  1. Ladbrokes:

Ladbrokes Coral is again another established betting organization found by Messrs in the year 1886. You can bet on many sporting games using the app such as Cricket, Basketball, Football, and so on. There are many payment gateways and the individual can pay and carry on the betting process.

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  1. William Hill:

It is also one of the most popular betting apps of the time which was found by William Hill in the year 1934. This app is accessible on Android and iOS platforms and there are around 33 sports games and the interested person can do the betting on the enlisted sports games.

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  1. Betfair:

This is also one of the betting apps and the interested ones can make use of it. There are offers and discounts provided from time to time and the users can utilize, moreover the app is also free. There are various sporting games provided and the interested persons can pick the sports of their liking and do the betting.

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  1. Bet365:

Another betting app that has become the popular and the best user-friendly application. The app holds many interesting attributes which is why the app has got a special place. The live streaming option present in the app can be made use of and live streaming of the gaming event can be enjoyed by playing it on your phone. The individuals can bet on various sporting games and can thoroughly have fun too.


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Let us now look at some of the prominent attributes of the sports betting mobile app:


  1. Sign up/Registration:

The user can enter the details and log in to the app. Social media logins would assist the user to get the details imported from the social media profiles.

Verification can be done by using the user’s email id or phone number. Sign up process must be always kept simple.

  1. Betting document guidelines:

If the user is new to betting or so the guidelines would be of great help and it is better to ensure to append this feature so as to educate the new or existing user regarding the games rules, policies, betting approaches, and so on.

  1. Live streaming:

This is one of the significant features which assists the user to view the game in a live model using the app so that the person would get to know the game status and thereby he can proceed with the betting.

  1. Information:

It is mandatory for any gambler to know the information of a specific player so that he would know if the player is all doing well or not in order to proceed with the betting.

  1. Payment integrations:

This is another important attribute. You must make sure that the user must not face any trouble while withdrawing or retaining the payments and the app’s payment feature is designed securely.

  1. Upcoming:

Through updates, the person can get to know the upcoming matches and sessions so that the person can participate in the betting process according to the mentioned date and time.

  1. Doubts/clarifications:

Through this section, the person can refer to and get to know the clarifications for the doubts.

  1. Multi-language:

You can opt for the preferred language and can proceed further in order to bet in a comfortable manner.

  1. Discounts/offers:

The regular user can make use of the discounts/offers or coupons.

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  1. Manage user account:

The admins can access the user accounts. Admins have complete control over the user accounts, they can even block or suspend the account if there is misbehavior of the user or so.

  1. Admin account:

The admins have the responsibility to update the winners and losers as soon as the game ends so that the users tend to know the status.

  1. Managing payments:

The admins have the complete authority to manage and control the payments which are received by the users and this money is distributed once the game ends to the respective winner.

  1. Winner announcement:

The admins announce the winners and respective cash/rewards/points are made.

  1. Discounts:

The admin manages to send the coupons or discounts to the users accordingly.

How do you go about building a sports betting mobile application?

You require sound front-end and back-end developers, Android and iOS developers, QA experts, and testers.

You need to choose the right technology for app development.

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Cost of building a sports betting mobile app:

The cost to build sports betting mobile app depends on a lot of factors. It varies according to the location and if you want to build the app on Android or iOS or both the platforms, marketing, etc.

On average, it would cost around 20,000$-40,000$ with the basic and prominent features and would cost much more if there are complex attributes to be incorporated.

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As discussed, hope this article would give you a brief understanding of how to build sports betting mobile app, its cost, and its features.

Sports betting app development is increasing nowadays due to the tremendous interest shown by people in betting and sports activities.

Sports betting mobile applications are one of the interesting applications that can be built for sports lovers so that they can have fun and at the same time earn points or rewards.

In case you are looking to build sports betting mobile app you can approach Next Big Technology for further information.

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