Oracle Database Advantages Disadvantages and Features

Guide to Oracle Database Advantages, Disadvantages and Features 2023


You’ve come to learn everything there is to know about Oracle Database. It is beneficial for people to understand everything before installing it in their organization.

Now, let’s learn everything there is to know about the Oracle database before we use it. As a result, an Oracle database is a collection of data that is handled as a single entity.

The fundamental, or should I say primary, the objective of the Oracle database is to store and then retrieve all associated data.

In addition, the database server in Subway Surfer is responsible for resolving the overall information management problem. There is a big number of data in multi-user for all the different users on a single information management server, so they can simply access the data as needed.

All of Oracle database’s jobs and activities can be completed at a high level of performance. An important benefit of a database server is that it gives critical solutions for failure recovery and data security.

Oracle Database Advantages

Now you’ll learn about the major benefits of utilizing an Oracle database. You must first go through several classic reviews before using the Oracle database in your firm. These evaluations give you all of the information you need to know about how to use the Oracle database properly, as well as all of the benefits that users receive when they use it. The following are some of the primary advantages of utilizing the Oracle database: –


On the other hand, Oracle’s database is ported to more systems than any of its competitors. It is compatible with over 20 networking protocols and over 100 hardware platforms. The same thing simplifies the process of developing an Oracle application by allowing for secure changes to the operating system and hardware.

Recovery and backup

To make use of it as a backup and recovery tool for your entire Oracle online backup system is a terrific concept!. A point-in-time recovery can be completed in a short period of time with the assistance of an Oracle database. This will necessitate the use of storage space as well as archival systems.

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Exceptional performance

It follows that developing a robust Oracle database will provide you with a great deal of speed as well as the ability to handle large databases.

Presence in the market

Oracle is by far the largest manufacturer of relational database management systems, and it invests substantially more in research and development than its competitors. In terms of RDBMS market share, Oracle dominates the VMS, UNIX, and OS/2 server categories, with the largest market share in the VMS category. It’s unlikely that you will be left stranded by Oracle because of the large number of third-party APIs that are supported by Oracle. Additional support will be made available to you as a result of the availability of highly qualified staff members on site.


Using Oracle as a database is not recommended, especially when users are not technically knowledgeable and do not possess the technical abilities necessary to cope with the Oracle Database. Oracle is also not recommended if a corporation or individual is looking for a database that is simple to use and has basic features. It is not as simple as installing Oracle and getting started; rather, it is a highly complicated engine that requires specialist knowledge to set up and maintain.

Oracle Database Price

When compared to the MS SQL Server Database Solution for a mid-range solution, Oracle products can cost up to ten times more. As a result, individuals are more likely to choose other, less expensive solutions, such as installing MySQL for free or using any of multiple engines in an AWS solution for a small fee. Furthermore, there is no set price for an Oracle license because it varies over time depending on a variety of criteria such as company regulations, patches, and upgrades.

Managing Difficulty

When it comes to the management of specific tasks, Oracle is far more complex and difficult. As a result, the pro advice is to install the basic version first and then configure it with little customization. Oracle Database is only useful when huge databases are required. Oracle is not recommended for small or medium-sized businesses that require modest databases.

Oracle Database Features

Oracle Database provides the following functionalities to meet the requirements for effective database management:


It is essential for real-time applications to have a high level of data availability. When high-performance computing environments are configured, it is done in order to ensure that data is available at all times. Data availability is observed during planned and unplanned failures and outages.

Scalability and performance

The Oracle database’s scalability is improved by technologies like Portability and Real Application Clustering. Controlling data consistency and concurrency in a multiuser database, as proposed by Oracle, is required.


The most important consideration should always be security. Oracle has its own procedures for monitoring and controlling data access and usage. By establishing permission and changing user activities, you can simply prohibit illegal access and grant separate access to users.

Recovery and backup

It is designed in such a way that it can fully recover from any type of failure. IIf a loss occurs, it is critical that the database is recovered as fast as possible in order to maintain high availability. Sections of the data that have been affected are being recovered, while parts of the data that have not been affected are still available.

What You Should Know About Oracle Database

Here you will find the best and most important information relating to the Oracle database. As a result, you must first comprehend all of the items listed below before attempting to use the Oracle database —

Designing Databases

It is the most important item to understand when dealing with an Oracle database. You must understand how to use database design correctly. You should also be familiar with the notion of DBA normalization. Before using the Oracle database, it’s a good idea to conduct some practice. The primary goal of database design is to improve database access speed.

Tuning and Observation

Well, there is a slew of other difficulties that all have the same effect on the database’s performance. If you’re a new user of the Oracle database, you’ll need to learn about all of the issues that exist and then figure out how to solve them.

Configuration and Installation

You must be familiar with the Oracle database installation process on a variety of platforms, including Windows Server, Unix, Linux, and other platforms. It’s because each platform has its own set of needs. As a result, you must think about everything and then install them properly. You must also be aware of any opportunities and strike a proper deal with them.

Understanding of Series Packages

The most important thing to learn about Oracle databases is how to use the series packages. This is due to the fact that all of these packages have Oracle database core capabilities. You also won’t be able to use SQL/PL series features if you don’t know these series packages 10.

So, if you’re a first-time user of the Oracle database, you should learn and understand the full series package. After that, you must make proper use of the Oracle database by understanding its utility and functionality.

Finally, all of the above is required for you to comprehend adequately in order to make suitable use of the Oracle database and to obtain favorable results from its use.

Oracle Big Data: Big Data Database Services Have Been Improved

Oracle Big Data is a new database service from the world’s most well-known brand for managing large amounts of data. Data experts can effortlessly organize, catalog, and process raw data with Oracle’s big data. They can also use the object storage and Hadoop-based data lakes provided for data durability after the program has ended. Spark, on the other hand, solves the problem of smooth data processing, and Oracle Cloud SQL handles data analysis, as well as additional analytics tools chosen by customers for ease of analysis.

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What Are the Benefits of a Data Lake for an Organization or Industry?

Before diving into the advantages of a data lake for a company or industry, it’s important to first understand what a data lake is.

A data lake can be thought of as a repository for an organization’s structured and unstructured data, or as a means for handling vast amounts of extremely heterogeneous data from several sources.

A data lake is becoming increasingly popular as data professionals in organizations and industries seek to explore and discover huge data in a single location.

A data lake is a one-stop solution for all your structured, unstructured, or multi-structured data to create value out of your data in this digital era when there is data galore for nearly anything.

Now, learn more about the advantages of a data lake by digging a little further.

The Whole Shebang

A data lake is a one-stop-shop for all of your data management, database integration, and data science requirements. Its implementation not only makes data analysis easier for data professionals in a company, but also for customers, who may ingest data in a variety of ways, including batch, streaming, and real-time processes, and store it in data warehouses or data lakes, depending on their preferences.

Data is collected and stored in data warehouses or data lakes, then cataloged and used to perform analytics, visualizations, and machine learning models. Oracle big data does not have a data breach since security measures are consistent across data warehouses and data lakes.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Oracle big data makes use of Apache Spark Cluster, which is fully automated, serverless, and accessible via APIs, which boosts developer productivity. These Spark clusters are highly safe and shut down on their own to reduce developers’ workloads because they are automatically provisioned. Customers benefit from the ability to install fully managed Hadoop clusters of any size and form. With a single click, users may later add security and high availability.

Oracle Cloud Data Centers or Customer Data Centers Deployment Leniency

One of the most appealing features of Oracle’s big data analytics services is that they can be configured according to the data residency and latency needs of customers. Customers can use big data services on the Oracle public cloud with other Oracle cloud infrastructure services, or in customer data centers as part of an Oracle Dedicated Region [email protected] environment.

This is what Oracle big data is and what it can do for a company, industry, employees, and customers.

If you’re a business owner who wants to implement big data analytics services like Oracle but has a limited budget, You might look at companies that provide custom big data services based on your needs. Next Big Technology is a well-known IT firm that provides data services to its customers. Connect with us and discuss your needs to find the best fit for your company.

Conclusion: Oracle Database Benefits and Drawbacks

Furthermore, there are numerous other elements present that contribute to the overall theme. All of these elements must be understood in order to fully utilize the Oracle database in one’s organization. They must be familiar with wizards and the command line; they must have a thorough understanding of SQL and PL/SQL, among other things. You may receive the greatest database services with

In a nutshell, as previously stated, one should seek assistance from reviews in order to learn everything about the Oracle database, therefore you must read more and more about the same concept. It is the most effective and straightforward method of comprehending the Oracle database.