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    Learn the cost estimation & key features of the cake & flower delivery app

    Learn the cost estimation & key features of the cake & flower delivery app

    Amit Shukla

    Flowers and Cakes are the best way of expressing your emotions to your loved ones. Be it their anniversary, birthday, some celebration, congratulations being in order. While sending them flowers and cakes, they can easily perceive your message and understands your emotions. With technological advancement, some on-demand cakes and flower delivery mobile apps have emerged in the marketplace. These apps allow the users to choose, customize, and send cake and flower arrangements to their loved ones with few clicks on their smartphone screens. The features of cake and online flower delivery mobile applications differ as per the user’s and admin’s requirements. But some of the advanced features are as follows:


    1. Social Signup/Login

    An easy and quick sign-up process boosts customer engagement. It will enable the users to sign-up for the app using any of their existing social media accounts or by simply providing their email address and contact details.

    1. Smart Search (Image, Voice)

    These days, users are getting more techno-savvy. Keeping this in mind, searching for a product via image search or voice search can become a unique selling point for your app. Therefore, including a smart search feature will help you score some extra points with customers.

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    1. Chatbot Support

    Chatbots offers exceptional customer support and helps you improve the customer experience. A machine learning chatbot can learn from user purchase patterns and behaviors and make suitable product recommendations to the customers by helping them throughout the buying journey.

    1. Push Notifications

    Push notifications will enable the service providers to inform all users and customers about the recent announcements and offers on the products and also send coupon codes to loyal customers. Besides, cart-based notifications can be sent to the users by reminding them about the items present in their cart and compelling them to purchase them.

    Learn the cost estimation

    1. Effective CRM System

    The customer relationship management system is an integral part of any online app. It basically involves providing services or selling products to customers. CRM helps businesses to address customer problems and understand customer behavior.

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    1. Real-time Dashboards & Analytics

    Real-time analytics and dashboard enable the application owner to see and review reports in real-time. They can easily track metrics like user acquisition rate, an area with the maximum deliveries, category of flowers, and gifts most loved by the users, etc. to facilitate vital business decisions.

    1. PIM Integration

    A product information management system is integrated to collect and manage all the information about the products in a single place. This information assists in analyzing and marketing certain products and selling them through various distribution channels.

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    Cost of Developing Flower & Cake Delivery App

    The cost of developing a flower and cake delivery app is based on different factors like the platform where it will be built, Front end Development and back-end development, UI/UX development, and many more. On average, it ranges from $2000 to $10,000 depending on the features and functionality. The average range varies due to added features and functionality as per the requirements and demands of the target audience and the application.

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